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New Fund Offer: Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC launches index fund with fixed maturity date, indexation benefit

Aditya Birla Sun Life Nifty SDL Plus PSU Bond Sep 2026 60:40 Index Fund: he portfolio of ABSL Nifty SDL plus PSU Bond Sep 2026 60:40 Index Fund is designed to mature on 30th September 2026 and currently offers 5 year indexation benefit for investors.
New Fund Offer

Multi Cap Funds: SEBI provides options after leaving MF players confused

Compared to current allocations, AMCs need to collectively allocate about 18 per cent more or Rs 27,000 crore in small cap companies to realign the portfolios of existing Multi Cap Funds.

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SEBI asks AMCs to restructure Multi-Cap Funds: What would be its impact on risk, return?

As per the new guideline, the minimum asset allocation in equity and equity related instruments of a Multi Cap Fund must be 75 per cent or more.

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Looking for safety & high returns? Scripbox launches Principal Protection and Growth Plan – Check details

The Plan offers risk mitigation and liquidity with the principal in liquid funds, and growth through the earnings of liquid funds invested in index funds.

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Want to Invest in Debt, Equity and Gold? Now a single investment will do it for you

The New Fund Offer (NFO) period of the scheme started on July 15, 2020 and will end on July 27, 2020 and the units will be allotted on July 31, 2020.

Another setback for debt mutual fund investors as UTI segregates portfolios of two funds

India's oldest AMC – Unit Trust of India (UTI) – has decided to segregate portfolios in respect of debt securities of Zee Learn Limited in UTI Credit Risk Fund and UTI Medium Term Fund.

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Franklin Templeton Debt Fund Freeze: Ray of hope for investors to get back their money

As debt mutual funds are less riskier than the equity funds, people often park their short-term money and even emergency funds in debt MF.

Want to buy/sell mutual fund at today’s NAV? Remember! You can’t invest/redeem up till 3 pm

The step to reduce market hours has been taken by SEBI to safeguard the people associated with equity, MF industry, as stock markets continue to function amid Covid-19 lockdown.

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Yes Bank Moratorium: AMCs give investors option to channelise payout money to other banks

Some AMCs even decide to hold the payout money on redeptions due on Friday, March 6, 2020 to allow the investors opportunity to change the bank.

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Have queries on SIP? Ask this Voice Bot for optimal answers

Entering the equity market through this periodic investments in called Systematic Investment Plan – popularly known as SIP.

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After frequent fall in debt fund NAVs, AMCs face tough questions from worried investors, distributors

As investors are not organised, distributors decide to start questioning the AMCs on their behalf as a trustee of the retail investors' money.

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Exit loads dent popularity of Liquid Funds, investors shift focus to Overnight Funds

According to AMFI data, after imposition of the exit loads, investors have started shifting their focus from Liquid Funds to Overnight Funds and other short-term funds.

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Bad News for Liquid Fund Investors! SEBI introduces exit loads in liquid schemes

Investors prefer to park their short-term and emergency funds in liquid schemes as redemption requests may be put seven days in a week.

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French energy giant Total SA to buy 37.4% stake in Adani Gas; makes its way to enter India

Total agreed to purchase a 37.4% stake in India’s Adani Gas Ltd., a distributor of the fuel that is developing import terminals and a national chain of vehicle-filling outlets.

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Rattled by debt fund crisis? SEBI’s new guidelines would restore investor confidence, say experts

In a bid to restore investor confidence on debt funds, SEBI has issued guidelines to amend investment norms for MFs on investment in Debt and Money Market Instruments.

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MOAMC blends large cap with mid cap: Should you invest in Motilal Oswal Large & Mid Cap Fund?

The investment objective of Motilal Oswal Large and Midcap Fund (MOFLM) is to provide medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in large- and mid-cap stocks.

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Essel Group pays mutual funds nearly Rs 2,000 crore

Mutual funds that had lent to the Essel Group against shares can breathe a sigh of relief as several funds have received the first tranche of the payout from the Group.

The Essel Group had entered into an agreement to sell up to 11% promoter stake in ZEEL to Invesco Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund

SEBI tightens norms to make Debt Fund investments more secure

With a series of bond defaults following the IL&FS debacle that left the trusted debt fund category shaken, market regulator SEBI has come forward to restore trust among the investors.

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Along with chatting, calling and video sharing, you may now invest in MFs through WhatsApp!

Popular messenger cum social media platform WhatsApp has become a utility tool with the introduction of mutual fund (MF) investment facility by Motilal Oswal AMC.

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With Rs 20,100 crore net outflow in Feb, mutual fund industry continues to bleed; ETFs only gainers

The ETFs saw a net inflow of Rs 5,200 crore in February, compared to a net inflow of Rs 700 crore in January, registering a growth of about 643 per cent.

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Retail equity SIP inflows negate massive FPI pullout, help markets stay afloat in January

The AMCs believe that the uptrend may continue in the coming months too as large amount of flow is expected through the SIP route that allows investors to invest in small amount periodically, instead

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MF Investor Alert! ICRA puts 6 mutual fund schemes under watch with negative implications

The rating action takes into account the deterioration in the credit quality of the underlying investments of these schemes driven by their exposure to SPV of IL&FS.

Is your money sitting idle? Let it work for you; Know how

From equity mutual funds to bank fixed deposits, investment planning needs a careful analysis of the returns and the tenor mutual funds.

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Raj Kumar joins LIC-MF as whole time director

LIC Mutual Fund today said that Raj Kumar has joined the fund house as a whole time director effective from April 28. The position was created after Sarojini Dikhale was transferred to LIC as executiv

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