Investing in a home? Here’s why amenities are a crucial point to consider

When a potential home buyer first approaches a project, he comes across a series of pictorial representations on brochures that list out the benefits of the investment.

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Quality luxury projects today come well equipped with the latest state of the art gyms.

By Sanjay Shenoy

As generations new and old accumulate quantity, quality seems to be dripping dry. That exquisite piece of jewellery spotted at the store or the second car in the garage demands a certain price. Not just in terms of currency but with depleting levels of energy, stamina, family time, and social life. The need to bring down the intangible cost factor of these much-deserved luxuries led to the concept of ‘Luxury Amenities’ by the real estate sector.

When a potential home buyer first approaches a project, he comes across a series of pictorial representations on brochures that list out the benefits of the investment. On the first look, this may come across as something that just helps build a more premium lifestyle image in your social circle. But what most fail to realize is the hidden potential of these amenities to infuse your life with the much-needed nourishment of quality time spent conducting activities that boost mental and physical health. Not just for you, but also for your family and friends.

Health is fast becoming the most ignored aspect of our daily life. One of the key reasons an active lifestyle is difficult to pursue in cities like Bangalore is lack of time and easy access to infrastructure that aids in taking up a physical activity on a daily basis. The hours wasted being stuck in traffic just to reach that well-equipped gym or sports centre that is 5 km away from home, is factor enough not to follow up on health goals on a daily basis. But what if one could completely cut off the hassle of having to drive that extra 5-km every day?

Quality luxury projects today come well equipped with the latest state of the art gyms. Not only is this just a few floors away, but is more hygienic and personalized for use. Well thought out luxury projects also aim to design the architecture on a low rise concept with minimal number of units that facilitate lesser crowds in these amenities.

Having a badminton, tennis or a basketball court within the walls of the project not only encourages physical fitness, but is the perfect excuse to spend some more time with the spouse and kids. When was the last time you played and lost against the kids?

The concept of ‘Date nights’ are difficult to apply to the Indian scenario considering the apprehensions parents have with the idea of leaving their kids ‘home alone’. But if you are invested with a project that helps you out with the highest levels of security and the right luxury amenities, spending quality time with the spouse can turn out to be the most looked forward to moments of the week. Movie night at the presidential box, sipping on cool mocktails by the lounge chairs of the temperature controlled outdoor infinity pool or a few stolen relaxing moments by yourself at the spa, are just a few examples.

There are still families amongst us who remain rooted to the ‘big Indian family’ way. As much as they enjoy having the grandparents around the kids, it is still difficult to allocate time to ensure they don’t feel left out. Their security is also top priority. This is where the sense of community that a well-constructed luxury project brings in, plays a major role. With perimeter protection systems, CCTV surveillance, digital door locking systems and video intercom, the senior management of the household can stress free take a stroll in the park or play an indoor sport in the clubhouse as they laugh and cheer with the grand kids and neighbours.

The most thoughtfully-designed luxury projects also come fitted with ‘Imperial serviced suites’ that accommodate valued guests. So the next time you have a wedding in the family or you want to celebrate Diwali with much vigour, not only will you save mental bandwidth on hours of planning and accommodating, but your guests will leave feeling pampered.

It is the luxury in these little details that leave the maximum impact. With serviced suites dedicated to your guests, one would want to have their family and friends over more often. A party hall right in the premise saves the burnout on having to figure out a venue each time you have a cause for celebration. The 24-hour power backup facility just adds to the charm of satisfaction that comes with knowing that your family is well taken care of.

Luxuries are earned rewards for the hard work put in day in and day out. You don’t deserve to be charged premium on them with added stress, lack of health and compromised memories. A simple step of investing with the bigger picture in mind can make all the difference.

(The author is Joint Managing Director, Legacy Global Projects)

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First published on: 04-09-2017 at 18:46 IST