Wary of a car breakdown during a road trip? Your insurance company will help you

Published: July 15, 2019 4:10 PM

RSA or Roadside Assistance is an add-on that you can take while buying a motor insurance policy or renewing it.

Digit Insurance,car insurance, Roadside Assistance, Breakdown Assistance cover, No Claim Bonus, NCB,A handy roadside assistance number that came with your car insurance can prove to be very convenient.

Imagine this – You’re on a road trip. You race your car on a long, smooth road. Just as you feel everything is perfect, your car gets a flat tyre in the middle of the road. You manage to save yourself from any harm and bring the vehicle to the side of the road. When you check, you see that you do not have a jack or a spare tyre in your car. It’s four o’ clock in the morning, and you are on a deserted road looking for help or roadside assistance.

Scary, right?  At such an odd hour, when all the shops are closed and the mechanics are peacefully sleeping in their homes, roadside assistance with your car insurance can be of utmost help. Instead of calling everyone you know who can get you in touch with a mechanic or scanning the Internet for a towing service, a handy roadside assistance number that came with your car insurance can prove to be very convenient. Just call when you are in trouble, and your insurance company will take it from there.

What is RSA, and how can it help you on your road trips?

RSA or Roadside Assistance, aka Breakdown Assistance cover, is a magical add-on that you can take while buying a policy or renewing it. A lot of people use RSA even while travelling within the city, but it makes even more sense when you’re going for that spontaneous road trip. RSA generally covers you for a distance from 100 km to 500 km from your house, depending on the insurance policy or company.

A Roadside Assistance add-on cover is one which assists you when your car has broken down away from the main city. It covers you in case of the following occurrences:

Flat Battery: Making an alternate arrangement so that your car starts moving. If the battery needs to be changed, the car insurance company will take care of the repair costs although you need to pay for the new battery.

Spare Key: Arranging for pick-up and delivery of spare keys or providing unlocking services of a vehicle technician is provided by the car insurance company.

Flat Tyre: Getting a technician to repair/replace the tyre or arranging to take the tyre to the nearest repair facility. If the tyre needs to be changed, you will have to pay for it although the car insurance company will bear the repair costs.

Minor Repairs: Providing you with telephonic assistance for a solution or sending a technician to carry out the repairs.

Towing Service: Arranging for a towing service to the nearest repair shop, in case of irreparable breakdown or an accident is also covered in the car insurance policy.
Urgent Message Relay to Relatives: Arranging to send urgent messages to persons requested by you, through available means of communication.

Fuel Assistance: Arranging for the supply of up to five litres of fuel (the fuel is chargeable) if your car has run out of fuel or arranging for towing to the nearest garage in case of immobilisation due to contaminated fuel. Also, Taxi and Accommodation benefits are provided if you are too far from the city so that you and your family are safe.

Best part is that it does not affect your No Claim Bonus (NCB) in any way. Using your RSA is not counted as a claim. As having a flat tyre or losing your key is not an indication of your driving skills, why should it affect the NCB? The NCB is the reward you’re getting for being a good driver. It means you can use this cover and not worry about losing anything!

If you have an RSA or Breakdown Assistance cover already, you’re lucky! And if you don’t, you know you need to buy this magic cover the next time you renew your motor insurance.

(By Vivek Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, Digit Insurance)

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