Diseases infected after policy purchase must be covered: Irdai panel

The working group has also suggested a list of 17 diseases, including chronic kidney disease, Hepatitis B, Alzheimer's, epilepsy and HIV & AIDS, which could be excluded from health insurance polices.

Flexible and customer friendly norms for life insurance: Irdai proposes structural changes in linked, non-linked policies

After five years, the insurance regulator is in the process of reviewing the structure of linked and non-linked life insurance products. It has put out a draft paper which, among other things, propose

How age plays an important role in your insurance buying decision

There are a plethora of insurance plans available in the market, and most financial experts advise that it is very important to have these insurance policies in place, at the right age.

IRDAI proposes new guidelines for life insurance policies; Here’s how they will benefit buyers

IRDAI has recently proposed new draft product guidelines for linked and non-linked life insurance policies, which are set to benefit insurance buyers substantially.

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Health insurance: Bringing mental illness under health insurance cover will help customers

The Mental Healthcare Bill 2017 was a progressive reform in the midst of growing awareness. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India’s (Irdai) directive that followed, now include

How riders add value to your life insurance plan

The basic objective of buying life insurance is to provide maximum financial security to the dependants in case of untimely death of the policyholder.

Insurance H1: Why growth is slowing and margins are peaking

Our assessment of H1 results indicates (i) Moderating new business growth, (ii) Product mix shifting towards protection & away from par-savings, (iii) Margins peaking out, as delta from protection mix

Why you should have an accident insurance cover

Payout after an accident depends upon the kind of injury one suffers: If an accident causes death, the claim payout would be 100% of the sum insured, and for permanent partial disability, it could be

Irdai proposes changes in norms for insurance products

Insurance regulator Irdai Friday proposed tweaking norms for different insurance products including those related with payment to nominees in case of death of policy holders.  

When should you review your life insurance cover? Find out

Did you know, just like your motor, health and home insurance policies, your life insurance policy also needs to be reviewed from time to time? Find out when to do it.

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5 smart tips to save money while renewing auto insurance

Most people give a lot of thought while purchasing a vehicle, but not so much while purchasing vehicle insurance. Here's how money can be saved while renewing auto insurance.

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Co-Pay in Health Insurance: What is it and who should go for it?

Understanding the concept of co-pay will help you know how much you have to pay and when you have to contribute to the medical bills.

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Beware! Your nominee may not get the insurance money after your demise; Here is why

Nomination is nothing but to ensure that in case of the demise, the insurance money gets out of the insurance company and goes to someone you trust.

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Term Insurance: Should you go for a lumpsum or staggered payout plan?

When you buy a term insurance plan, it comes with the option of receiving the total sum assured either as a lump sum or in the form of staggered payouts. Which one should you choose?

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No insurance cover to persons suffering from congenital anomalies, Delhi HC seeks IRDAI explanation

The Delhi High Court has asked the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) to "explain the reasonableness" of not granting insurance cover to people suffering from congenital anomalies.

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Pay LIC monthly, but get yearly-mode discount! How to enjoy auto-pay with extra returns on every installment

The Auto Premium Payment Service or APPS is just a system to pay premium automatically, so all the benefits of your LIC policy will remain intact.

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Auto Insurance: Disruptive technology brings changes in the sector

To reduce claim settlement time, automotive insurance customers now are empowered to self-settle the claims by documenting the damage and filing for claims through smart devices

‘Modicare scheme PMJAY to create 10 lakh jobs in health and insurance sector’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious healthcare scheme will create 10 lakh jobs in the health and insurance sector, an official said Tuesday.

Restoration Benefit in Health Insurance: How does it work and how to make the most of it?

Quite common amongst the family floater plans, restoration benefit covers all the members insured in a health insurance policy.

health insurance, Restoration Benefit in Health Insurance, medical cover, healthcare costs, Premium Cost, floater policy

Life insurance industry sees 7% premium growth

The data from Irdai also shows that first year premiums in the current fiscal of life insurance companies surged by 1.1% at Rs 93,079.03 crore as against Rs 92,065.36 crore in the corresponding period

Postal Life Insurance to cover more people: Here is what you should know about the schemes

Started in February 1884, the Postal Life Insurance (PLI) is the oldest life insurer in India, which offers six endowment insurance policies.

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Edelweiss offers new features in health insurance for benefit of customers

Features such as Zero Discharge Time, Guaranteed Bed and Zero Deposit have been incorporated in Edelweiss Health Insurance policy.

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Travel insurance for natural disasters: What does it cover and why it has become a must in today’s times

Most travel insurance plans protect you for whatever nature can unexpectedly muster up and against any type of loss that you experience during your international holiday.

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All you need to know about long-term car insurance and how it will impact the premiums

The Supreme Court has made it mandatory for all the two and four-wheeler vehicles bought on and after September 1 to be covered by long-term insurance in order to reduce the number of non-insured vehi

Travel insurance for senior citizens with pre-existing diseases

With numerous travel insurance plans available in the market, you can certainly ensure your parents’ well-being while they are travelling abroad.

Applied for Rs 1 crore cover? Insurance company may deny you! Here is why

Everybody talks about the need of adequate insurance and asks people to take maximum cover. But how big the maximum may be?

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Policyholders, your insurance company will be better regulated, here’s what IRDAI has planned

The benefit of adopting a risk-based supervisory framework will be a structured approach to help assess various risks, both internal and external.

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