Now insurers can’t ignore insurance ombudsman decision on your policy grievance; Regulator pulls up companies

IRDAI strongly feels that non-compliance within the prescribed timeline would severely undermine the grievance redressal framework.

Tax saving: Does GST on insurance premium qualify for tax benefit u/s 80C, 80D?

Sometimes, the insurance premium receipt does not show the GST amount separately or the employer disallows the GST amount for the tax benefit.

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Car Insurance: How to protect your vehicle from monetary depreciation

While a regular car insurance policy is instrumental in safeguarding your car against possible threats, the add-ons make the policy much more comprehensive.

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On a wing and a prayer: No insurance yet for majority of Indians

41% with child’s education as their major worry have not invested in any child insurance plan, 51% have not purchased any term plan.

Checklist for Term Plans: 5 things you should do while getting life insurance cover

The purpose of taking a term insurance plan is to ensure that the dependents may maintain the same standard of living even after the early demise of the earning member.

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An ideal guide for millennials to buy life insurance

Read on to find when and how life insurance policy can provide you with financial security and how it can be a wise decision for millennials.

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Health insurance: Call for plain vanilla product to attract youngsters

The standard product, which will have to be offered by all general and health insurers, will incentivise young policyholders

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4 little known benefits that come attached with travel insurance

Travel insurance companies are now offering policies that are packed with a wide array of benefits to ensure a peaceful and memorable holiday for travellers.

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Investment deadline approaching: Do not buy life insurance just to save income tax

Tax exemptions are only incentives given to encourage people to buy life insurance in the absence of a comprehensive social security system

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Protection not a priority? Only two out of 10 Indians have term insurance

A survey reveals that women are grossly under-protected as only one-third save for future stability

Should you opt for life insurance even if you don’t have any dependent?

Anyone in your family who needs your financial support for survival can be covered through life insurance. However, what if you don’t have dependents?

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End of confusion! New guidelines from IRDAI standardise health insurance ‘mediclaim’ product; 4 things you must know

A Standard Health Plan will help consumers better understand the product and make it easier for them to compare the product with other insurers.

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Getting a motor insurance? Here are riders you should know about

Motor insurance policies can be distinguished on the idea of features such as liability coverage, collision coverage, medical payment coverage and personal injury coverage.

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How to choose between Disease-Specific and Critical Illness insurance plans

Considering the given scenario, Disease-Specific (DS) and Critical Illness (CI) insurance plans seem to be some of the best available options.

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Good news for health insurance buyers! IRDAI issues draft guidelines for a Standard Health Product

IRDAI has issued draft guidelines that will make available a Standard Health Product across the industry and it will be mandatory for all insurers to offer such a product.

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7 reasons why home insurance should be your top priority

Here are a few reasons as to why home insurance is a must-have thing and how it can help one to avoid a huge financial setback in the event of any mishap.

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Stop, not just low premium! Take buying car insurance policy seriously; 4 critical factors

With a little knowledge and understanding of car insurance, you can best optimize your insurance purchase and enjoy great benefits in the future.

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Health Insurance: 5 things to look at while choosing the right policy

There are many health insurance policies available in the market. Here are a few things you should consider while choosing the right policy for you.

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Senior citizen health insurance: Buying mediclaim for those above 60; Lesser known facts

Proper planning may be done to save the amount of premium, which is a known figure, rather than facing the uncertainty of paying high and unknown amount at the time of hospitalisation, putting all the

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First-year premiums of life insurers up 5.32 per cent in April-January

First-year premiums of life insurance companies stood at Rs 1.59 lakh crore between April and January, a rise of 5.32% compared to the previous fiscal. While private insurance companies saw a growth o

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How to choose a life insurance policy to meet your needs

With multitude life insurance policies available, both offline and online, it is critical to choose the right life insurance policy with adequate sum assured.

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Five important things for getting right life insurance cover: Read policy documents carefully

Go through your policy document carefully to understand all the terms and conditions.

5 health insurance policies to explore in 2019

Many people are still clueless about the best health insurance policies they should consider for buying. Here are some of them.

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Expect faster, better, cheaper and more convenient motor insurance in future; Here’s how

The amazing amalgamation of technology advancements, Big Data Analytics and IOT is all set to transform the motor insurance industry, especially for the customers.

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Ola becomes largest private micro-insurance platform, issues 2 crore in-trip policies each month

Metro cities like Bengaluru, Delhi and Chennai have the highest rates of adoption of the in-trip insurance, closely followed by Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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4 lesser-known types of insurance worth buying

Insurance is often understood as life, health or auto insurance. Here we are taking a look at some lesser-known insurance policies and what purposes they meet.

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Planning to buy an insurance policy? Know what leads to rejection of a claim

Sometimes, the insurance claim gets rejected, resulting in extreme financial distress to the insured or the dependent family members.

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