Mobile Phone Insurance: Digit introduces insurance for used, new smartphones

For a worry-free smartphone experience, one may consider going for mobile phone insurance.

Mobile Phone Insurance: Digit introduces insurance for used, new smartphones
The key drivers for mobile payments in India have been positive policy framework changes.

Mobile Phone Insurance in India: Smartphones have almost become an extra-limb that we humans have. No wonder, India has one of the highest numbers of smartphone users and is one of the fastest-growing smart phone markets in the world. For some, it has become an essential tool to communicate with the world of social media, for others it could be an extension of the workplace. As smartphone manufacturers continue to pack newer and more features into the same device, there’s one for every budget. No matter whether it’s an expensive smart phone or a low-budget phone, the user knows it’s a valuable piece that he or she is holding within the palm of the hands. What is troublesome is the thought of falling of the smartphone, leading to damage, especially screen damage. The costlier the phone, the higher is the repair cost. For a worry-free experience, one may consider going for mobile phone insurance.

There are several companies offering mobile phone insurance in India with a simple process to get the phone repair done at ease. Digit Insurance, a general insurance company has recently announced the introduction of its mobile insurance cover. The coverage is for new as well as old and used mobile screens with premiums starting from as low as the cost of a screen guard. The plan is primarily for those who want to insure their phones against accidental damage.

Interestingly, even if your spouse or your children have accidentally damaged the screen, the coverage will apply. The coverage is linked to the IMEI number and the device is covered no matter where you are or who uses it. One can opt for coverage either for 6-months or for 12-months.

As per the company, the mobile insurance cover is available for around 200 mobile phone models, including bestsellers, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, the Google Pixel Series and the OnePlus 7 Series. The premium, which starts from Rs 200, depending on the invoice value of the phone, covers mobile insurance from over 14 mobile phone brands including Xiaomi, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Motorola and many more.

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The mobile insurance policy can be bought in only three steps.

Step 1: A Quick Screen Test of the Phone: One needs to download Digit Insurance’s mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It is to check if there is any internal damage on the mobile screen.

Step 2: An External Video Check: One will be asked to shoot and upload a video of the phone that they wish to insure using the link that will be sent to their alternate mobile number. It will allow Digit to check for any external damage to the phone to be insured.

Step 3: Complete Payment Process: Once Step 1 and Step 2 are completed, one can make the required payment for the plan chosen. Once the screen tests are approved, Digit will send the insurance policy document via email within 48 hours.

Claim process

Once the claim is approved online, one can get their phone repaired at any service centre within 7 days of approval. Once done, they can just share a video of the repaired phone and the bills with Digit. Digit will require the GST invoice of the repaired phone from the service centre. Digit will reimburse the required amount up to the Sum Insured.

Some companies offer extended warranty on some of their models. However, under extended warranty only repairs of manufacturing defects, such as overheating, internal damage, software bugs, etc. are undertaken and such repairs are to be carried out only by the manufacturer. With insurance plans, one can get the repair done anywhere.
Before buying mobile phone insurance cover, ensure what all is included and what all are excluded in the policy. Most smartphone insurance plans include coverage against fire, burglary, mechanical or electrical breakdown, and accidental damage. Any damage to your phone screen due to fire, explosion, implosion or lightning, is also included under most of the mobile phone screen insurance cover. One can also claim coverage against damage due to riots, strikes, natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones etc. as well as other specified perils.

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