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Income Tax Planning: How should the salaried plan their taxes now

The new tax proposals would touch the lives of about three crore salary earners and pensioners. Here's what has changed and how you need to plan your taxes now.

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Post office tax saving schemes for section 80C: From PPF to NSC to SSY, Full list

All the post office schemes are sovereign backed investments wherein the principal invested and the interest earned are guaranteed by the government. Know their different features.

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ELSS vs NPS vs ULIP: Quick points to decide between these three tax saving investments

Those investors who are not conservative in their investment approach and have at least ten years to achieve their goals, market-linked tax savers may serve the twin needs of tax saving and accumulati

ULIP: A tax saving gift that keeps on giving

Income Tax Department reminds individuals, HUFs to deduct and deposit TDS on rent: How to do it

The tax on total rent has to be deducted at the time of credit of rent for the last month of the financial year or the last month of tenancy, if the property is vacated during the year.

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Income Tax Challan 280: How to use it to pay tax online to avoid query from I-T Department

Additional taxes may become payable due to deduction of insufficient TDS or when interest income or income from some other sources are added to main source of income.

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8 common tax saving mistakes which may cost you dearly

Hasty investment decisions, more often than not, are error-prone and lead to regret later. Let’s look at a few common mistakes that investors make.

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Income Tax Refund status: How to check refund status in ITR on Income Tax India efiling website

The tax department starts the refund process only after the ITR is verified and the refund amount is paid if the claim of refund is accepted by the department.

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Savings in the palm of your hand: App-based tax benefits for salaried individuals

There are smartphone apps that can replace much of the cumbersome, inefficient processes of the older way of distributing, spending and claiming employee benefits.

Budget 2019-20

Budget 2019: Industry, activists give thumbs down to proposed changes to IT Act

Industry associations representing information technology (IT) companies, telecom operators as well as internet companies said many of the proposed changes are not required as the existing laws are en

Budget 2019: Tax cuts can help build long-term wealth

The Budget 2019 proposal on the income tax rebate is most beneficial for the lower and middle income group – and is estimated to put 3 crore tax payers out of the tax bracket.

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How scrapping of tax on notional rent on second house will affect individual taxpayers

The government’s move to make two self-occupied houses tax-free will especially benefit the middle-class taxpayers in India.

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Tax planning for AY2019-20: From PPF to NPS, here are best investment options for individuals

It is that time of the year when your employer would be requesting you to furnish proofs of investments made during the year to claim deduction from taxable income. Here are some of the best tax-savin

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Budget 2019: Key takeaways from Budget that will help you manage your finances better

As per market experts, the primary focus of the budget was on enhancing the disposable income in the hands of the middle class.

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Budget 2019: What’s in store for salaried taxpayers

Contrary to expectations, very few announcements were made and the best part of the interim Budget is that no negative proposal was made which could have adversely impacted the common man.

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TDS payment online: How to make it, know all about Forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ

The Income Tax Department has made it mandatory for corporate and government deductors/ collectors to furnish their TDS and TCS returns in electronic form.

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Budget 2019: Personal finance and tax implications of Interim Budget for common man

The Budget 2019 has identified highly-focused stakeholders, including the vast urban and semi-urban middle class, the farmer, MSMEs and the real estate sector at large.

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Tax benefits for the salaried class in Budget 2019

The Interim Budget has given interim relief to the middle class taxpayers. Here's all you need to know.

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Taxation of gratuity is different for govt and non-govt employees

Taxation of gratuity differs for govern-ment and non-government employees. Gratuity received by government emplo-yees is fully exempt from tax.

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Taxpayers Alert! Not only Rs 5 lakh, but Rs 10 lakh can be your tax-free income now; Here’s how

As per the Budget 2019 proposals, annual income up to Rs 5 lakh has now been made tax-free. However, if planned properly, one can now earn tax-free income up to Rs 10 lakh!

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Painless taxation: How to reduce your income tax outgo with Budget 2019 provisions

Utilising tax deductions such as investments under Section 80C, NPS contribution, medical insurance, housing loan, taxpayers with gross income up to `9.25 lakh will not have to pay any tax

Budget 2019 : Poised at bringing digitization, tax relief to the salaried class

This Budget reflects the government's commitment to create a resurgent India by simplifying tax interface, electronic assessment and verification of I-T returns within 24 hours.

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Budget 2019: Employees with annual salary of Rs 10 lakh may not pay any tax

While proposals are made to increase standard deduction from Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000, the rebate on tax payable to be increased from Rs 2,500 to Rs 12,500.

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Budget 2019: Key changes proposed in Interim Budget taxpayers should know

The proposals made in the interim budget would provide immediate relief to small taxpayers and incentivize the salaried taxpayers.

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Budget 2019: Analysis of the income impact of FM’s proposals

The budget saw several announcements being made particularly keeping in mind the salaried class and middle class. Here's an in-depth analysis of the announcements made in the budget 2019.

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Budget 2019: How much has been delivered to the middle class? Find out

The FM emphasised the importance of fast-tracking tax proposals since small taxpayers like the middle class, salaried individuals, pensioners, and senior citizens need clarity about their taxes at the

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Budget 2019: Taxpayers delight! Now expect tax refund in one day; no personal interface between taxpayers and tax officers

The long delays in the processing of the income tax returns and refunds could soon become a thing of the past.

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Budget 2019: Taxpayers Alert! 5 significant personal tax changes you need to know

India Union Budget 2019: The budget also had a lot of expectations from different strata of the society. Though there have not been many changes at the corporate tax level, quite a few significant cha

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