Credit Cards Safety Tips: How to set limit, block international usage and keep safe from online hackers

There are simple tricks and ways to keep your credit card safe and avoid any unauthorized transactions.

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With a credit card what you have to understand is that extensive use of your credit card can land you in a debt spiral. This will ruin your budget and also eat into all of your future income until the debt is cleared.

Credit cards are prone to unauthorized transactions and, therefore, one needs to be careful while using them. Although there is a two-factor authorization on domestic transactions, the international transactions do not require OTP to complete the transaction and hence pose a bigger threat from online hackers. However, there are simple tricks and ways to keep your credit card safe and avoid any unauthorized transactions. As a safety tip, one can not only block domestic and international transactions but also can set limits on a credit card. Even if the card gets lost or there is a credit card fraud, the usage gets blocked or the loss is limited. The unauthorized transactions are generally refunded by card issuers after proper investigation.

Credit card limit setting can be done for both domestic and international transaction. One can even set daily limits or an upper limit for transactions. Credit Sub limit means the total credit limit than can be utilized on your credit cards as per the defined frequency. For example, if the credit limit on your card is Rs 1.5 lakh, you can set a transaction limit to any other amount like Rs 10,000 or Rs 30,000. Doing this, the risk is restricted.

Even if a hacker tries to initiate any unauthorized transaction, the limits will not allow the transaction to go through. Such limits can also be set separately for online transactions, point-of-sale (POS) or ATM transaction.

Most credit cards are enabled to carry out international transactions. But, if you are not a frequent traveller abroad, it is better to switch it off. You will need to block an international transaction on your credit cards.

To manage credit card limits and to block international transactions, you need to manage them by logging on to the website or from the bank’s app. Some card issuers may not provide all the facilities but one may explore by visiting their website or app.

And, just in case if there are any standing instructions, the bank initiated transactions and EMIs that goes through the card will not be impacted. It means, if you have set a lower limit, the standing instructions will be approved.

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