Digilocker account is a must; here are 9 reasons why you must get one too

Published: December 19, 2017 12:39 PM

Digilocker is a cloud-based government initiative which stores your important documents at one place and provides access to them online when you need.

Digilocker, cloud-based government initiative, store documents, access documents online, Digilocker Keeps Documents Safe, easy access, reduces fraud, Free of CostDigilocker is a safe storage space which does not enable leaks of your important and confidential documents.

Suppose you are on way to get admitted to a reputed institute for higher education and you lose your bag carrying important documents. You meet all the criteria, but due to lack of important documents you don’t get admission. You would have not landed in this dreadful situation had you used a Digilocker to store your documents. Digilocker is a cloud-based government initiative, which stores your important documents at one place and provides access to them online when you need. It has collaborated with various educational institutions and ministries to provide authentic and verified documents.

Benefits of Digilocker

1. Opening an Account is Convenient

Opening a Digilocker account is very convenient and can be done by going to their website DigiLocker.gov.in or can be accessed through their Android app store. The service is not available on the iOS platform presently, but the work is underway. The OTP for verification comes on your registered mobile number. One of the most important feature of Digilocker is that the documents are shared from issuer to requester only after an approval to ensure safety. After opening an account, the full list of 36 issuers and 15 requesters (presently) can be seen by clicking on the respective heads.

2. Easy Access To Your Documents

The primary aim of Digilocker is to provide ready access to your documents when you need them. Whether you want to transact online or furnish your documents, you can use Digilocker and access your documents instantly.

3. Digilocker Keeps Your Documents Safe

With the help of Digilocker you don’t have to carry your documents in physical form. This reduces the chance of theft or loss of your documents. Thus, Digilocker keeps your actual documents safe.

4. Eases The Turnaround Time For Various Financial Services

If you apply for a PAN card, driving license or a passport, you have to submit your documents which are verified and then you get the PAN card, license or passport. Even in case of making investments, you have to submit your documents before your investments are processed and approved. You might delay the task of submitting physical documents which increases the turnaround time for availing services. Through Digilocker you can instantly furnish the required documents online. As the documents are submitted instantly, the turnaround time reduces and you can enjoy quick services.

5. E-signature

E-signatures have become the trend today using which you can easily self-attest your documents and submit them for any online transactions. E-signatures further help in expediting your applications and transactions. Through Digilocker you can access your documents, e-sign them and submit them for quick settlements.

6. Chances of Fraud Reduces

Documents can be forged or imitated when they are submitted in physical forms. Through Digilocker, where documents are stored in soft copies, the chances of forgeries and imitations are nullified. Only authentic documents are stored on Digilocker which reduces frauds. Financial institutions also get the security that the documents being furnished from Digilocker are authentic and genuine.

7. Reduces Administrative Costs

The hassle associated with handling and storing physical documents is eliminated. This cuts down on administrative costs of such institutions. Also, important documents like school certificates and degrees can be directly issued in your account. Since they are directly provided by the issuing authority, they don’t require further verification.

8. Privacy And Security

Digilocker is a safe storage space which does not enable leaks of your important and confidential documents. Moreover, since you can access your Digilocker through a unique user id and password or through your Aadhaar number, your documents are safe. No one else can tamper or peruse your important documents stored in a Digilocker.

9. Free of Cost

The last but not the least benefit of a Digilocker is that it is free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything to open a locker for yourself and store your documents. Moreover, accessing your documents and sharing it with other agencies is also cost-free.

Digilocker is, thus, a safe place to hold and access your documents whenever you want. It is safe, free of cost and can be opened if you have Aadhaar.

(By Parag Mathur, General Counsel and Head of Compliance, Bankbazaar)

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