5 ways to keep heart ailments away and get yourself financially secured this World Heart Day

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Updated: September 28, 2019 4:35:27 PM

According to the World Heart Federation, heart problems are the leading cause of death across the world and it's responsible for claiming 17.9 million lives each year.

World Heart Day, heart ailments, heart problem, health insurance, heart specific insurance plan, cost of hospitalisation, medical bill of private hospitals, regular healt check-up, Heart HeroIf adequate health insurance is not taken, the high cost of treatment may wrack you financially.

According to the World Heart Federation, heart problems are the leading cause of death across the world and it’s responsible for claiming 17.9 million lives each year according to the reports of 2016. In India, the condition is even more alarming with Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) being recorded as the major cause of mortality. Moreover, the cost of hospitalisation due to heart ailment in private hospitals are exorbitantly high. So, in case adequate health insurance is not taken, the high cost of treatment may wrack you financially.

Data and statistics further show that nearly 80 per cent of all premature deaths related to cardiovascular diseases are triggered through physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, lifestyle choices, consumption of tobacco and most importantly unpreparedness towards risk factors. So, along with health insurance, you have to take steps to keep your heart in proper condition, as a healthy heart is imperative for healthy living.

This World Heart Day, Ms. Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing, Digital and IT Officer, Aviva Life Insurance offers five easy ways to a protect your heart and be a Heart Hero.

  1. Get yourself financially secured: Adequate and timely financial planning is very important factor that one should consider as pivotal to attain a healthy and secured future. In simple terms, every individual needs to invest to protect oneself from medical exigencies. The skyrocketing hospital charges fall heavily on one, and in times of need the availability of funds in such scenarios can be the very thing that makes all the difference. It is suggested to be futuristic in picking investment options. One should look for comprehensive health insurance plan for all critical illness to secure oneself from emergency. There are some heart specific insurance plans that offer coverage against mild, moderate and severe cardiovascular conditions and procedures and allow lump-sum pay-out irrespective of the cost of treatment. Some of such plans even have the option to cover 2 hearts (you and your spouse) at just a small incremental increase in the premium.
  2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle: Lifestyle changes accommodate majority factors to ensure a healthier life. Regular exercise is vital for a happy mind and a healthy body. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, it is important to be conscious about one’s body requirements. Consumption of fluids, water, fibrous fruits, leafy vegetables and proper sleep are important factors to achieve a healthy heart. The right balance between work and leisure helps in stress management, which, in the 21st century has taken a superior position in determining one’s health.
  3. Eat healthy: Consumption of processed food not only impacts the changing lifestyle but also contributes in increasing the chances of heart diseases. Including healthy food and an adequate amount of nutrients in the diet can protect heart diseases. Therefore, ensure enough intake of green and leafy vegetables, fibre-rich whole grains, fatty-fish (salmon, sardines etc.), nuts, and exclude sugar and aerated drinks from the diet, and replace sweetened beverages with water. Minimise the intake of processed foods, refined flour, and red meat for a healthy heart.
  4. Better stress management: Various studies have proved that stress is one of the biggest factors leading to heart diseases. Increasing occupational pressure, hectic schedules and lack of rest increases risk factors. In today’s times, it is imperative to ensure mental peace. Picking up a passion or hobby aids in relaxation. Attaining a good work life balance helps one stay positive and focus on the larger aspects of life like leading a quality life, attainment of personal goals, and self-actualisation.
  5. Regular check-up: Getting regular health check-ups is essential in today’s world due to increasing pollution level, leading to health hazards. Start in a simple way by regularly examining the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. One way of being a Heart Hero is to check if your heart is as young as you, with the help of heart age calculator, which tells the actual age of your heart in few simple steps.

As we celebrate World Heart Day, let’s make a promise to be a Heart Hero to friends, family, and our loved ones, and pledge to keep the heart healthy and protected.

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