CIFCO Finance Ltd - Stock Price

  • NSE :
  • BSE : 511086
  • Industry : Finance - NBFC
  • House : Private
CIFCO Finance Ltd is not traded on BSE/NSE

Profit & Loss

Parameter MAR 05  MAR 04  YoY %Change
Operating Income0.7330.97-97.64
     Sale of Shares / UnitsNA29.90NA
     Interest income0.130.21-36.65
     Portfolio management servicesNANANA
     Dividend income0.090.03157.28
     Brokerages & commissions0.480.83-41.93
     Processing fees and other chargesNANANA
     Other Operating Income0.030.000.00
Operating Income (Net)0.7330.97-97.64
Increase/Decrease in StockNANANA
Employee Cost0.02NANA
     Salaries, Wages & BonusNANANA
     Contributions to EPF & Pension FundsNANANA
     Workmen and Staff Welfare ExpensesNANANA
     Other Employees Cost0.020.000.00
Operating & Establishment Expenses0.030.53-94.78
     Depository ChargesNANANA
     Security Transaction taxNANANA
     Software & Technical expensesNANANA
     Commission, Brokerage & DiscountsNANANA
     Rent , Rates & Taxes0.030.03-15.98
     Repairs and Maintenance0.000.00-100.00
     Electricity & PowerNANANA
     Other Operating Expenses0.000.49-100.00
Administrations & Other Expenses0.640.96-33.70
     Printing and stationery0.040.038.99
     Professional and legal fees0.450.78-41.70
     Advertisement & Sales PromotionNANANA
     Other General Expenses0.150.15-2.34
Provisions and Contingencies0.755.16-85.43
     Provisions for contingenciesNANANA
     Provisions against NPAsNANANA
     Bad debts /advances written offNANANA
     Provision for doubtful debtsNANANA
     Losson disposal of fixed assets(net)NA1.06NA
     Losson foreign exchange fluctuationsNANANA
     Losson sale of non-trade current investmentsNA0.00NA
     Other Miscellaneous Expenses0.754.09-81.64
Less: Expenses CapitalisedNANANA
Total Expenditure1.4425.21-94.30
Operating Profit (Excl OI)-0.715.77-112.23
Other Income0.091.17-91.95
     Other Interest IncomeNANANA
     Other CommissionNANANA
     Profit on sale of Fixed AssetsNANANA
     Income from investmentsNANANA
     Provision Written Back0.051.12-95.10
Operating Profit-0.616.94-108.80
     Bonds / DebenturesNANANA
     Other Interest5.796.19-6.37
Profit Before Taxation & Exceptional Items-12.50-5.97-109.30
Exceptional Income / ExpensesNANANA
Profit Before Tax-12.50-5.97-109.30
Provision for Tax0.000.70-99.68
     Current Income TaxNA0.70NA
     Deferred TaxNANANA
     Other taxes0.000.70-99.68
Profit After Tax-12.50-6.67-87.32
Extra itemsNANANA
Minority InterestNANANA
Share of AssociateNANANA
Other Consolidated ItemsNANANA
Consolidated Net Profit-12.50-6.67-87.32
Adjustments to PATNANANA
Profit Balance B/F-222.39-215.72-3.09
     General ReserveNANANA
     Proposed Equity DividendNANANA
     Corporate dividend taxNANANA
     Other Appropriation-234.90-222.39-5.62
Equity Dividend %NANANA
Earnings Per Share-2.00-1.00-100.00
Adjusted EPS-2.00-1.00-100.00

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