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As on 18 Jun 2021 04:14 PM Closed
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Today’s High 15761.50
Today’s Low 15450.90
Open 15756.50
Previous Close 15691.40
Advance 17
Decline 33
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18/06/2021 | 04:14 PM
  • Current Price15683.35
  • Open15756.50
  • High15761.50
  • Low15450.90
  • Prev. Close15691.40


Advances 446 (25.62%) 1207 (33.24%)
Declines 1264 (72.60%) 2248 (61.91%)
Unchanged 31 (1.78%) 176 (4.85%)
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Company Name From Date To Date Purpose
Ganesh Housing Corp23-Sep-202129-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Sheraton Prop & Fin23-Sep-202129-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Speedage Commercials23-Sep-202129-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Bentley Commercial23-Sep-202129-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Mercury Laboratories22-Sep-202128-Sep-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(20%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
BCL Industries22-Sep-202128-Sep-2021 Rs.5.0000 per share(50%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
GKB Ophthalmics21-Sep-202128-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
DHP India21-Sep-202127-Sep-2021 Rs.4.0000 per share(40%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Kkalpana lnds. (I)21-Sep-202127-Sep-2021 Rs.0.2000 per share(10%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Span Divergent21-Sep-202127-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Ratnamani Metals21-Sep-202127-Sep-202126/10/2021 Equity Rs.14.0000 per share(700%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Talbros Auto Compont20-Sep-202127-Sep-2021 A.G.M. 27/10/2021 & Rs.2.0000 per share(20%)Dividend
Somany Home Innovat.18-Sep-202127-Sep-2021 Rs.0.3000 per share(15%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
ADF Foods18-Sep-202124-Sep-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Mukta Arts17-Sep-202124-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
HSIL17-Sep-202124-Sep-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.4.0000 per share(200%)Dividend
ITD Cementation16-Sep-202122-Sep-2021 A.G.M. 05/10/2021 & Rs.0.1200 per share(12%)Dividend
Sayaji Industries14-Sep-202117-Sep-2021 Rs.1.0000 per share(20%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Niyogin Fintech11-Sep-202117-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Jocil11-Sep-202118-Sep-2021Jocil Limited has informed the Exchange that Register of Members & Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from 11-Sep-2021 to 18-Sep-2021 for the purpose of Dividend.
Munjal Auto Inds08-Sep-202114-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Transpek Industry08-Sep-202115-Sep-2021 Rs.7.5000 per share(75%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Victoria Mills07-Sep-202122-Sep-2021 Rs.50.0000 per share(50%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Ramkrishna Forgings04-Sep-202111-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
Kovai Medical Center04-Sep-202116-Sep-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Banna Amman Sugars03-Sep-202109-Sep-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.10.0000 per share(100%)Dividend
Hybrid Financial Ser02-Sep-202108-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
HLE Glascoat01-Sep-202103-Sep-2021 Rs.4.0000 per share(40%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Soma Textiles01-Sep-202110-Sep-2021 A.G.M.
JCT25-Aug-202131-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Lumax Auto Tech24-Aug-202131-Aug-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Lumax Industries24-Aug-202131-Aug-2021 Rs.7.0000 per share(70%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Kartik Invests.Trust23-Aug-202127-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
D-Link (India)21-Aug-202127-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.1.8000 per share(90%)Dividend
Solar Industries21-Aug-202131-Aug-2021 Rs.6.0000 per share(300%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
3M India21-Aug-202126-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
TCPL Packaging21-Aug-202127-Aug-2021 Rs.7.3500 per share(73.5%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Kovil.Lakshmi Roller21-Aug-202127-Aug-2021 Rs.1.5000 per share(15%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Privi Speciality Che20-Aug-202127-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
3P Land Holdings20-Aug-202131-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Novartis20-Aug-202127-Aug-2021 Rs.10.0000 per share(200%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Anuh Pharma19-Aug-202119-Aug-2021 Rs.1.5000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Fine Organic Inds.18-Aug-202124-Aug-202123/09/2021 Equity Rs.5.0000 per share(100%)Special Dividend & Rs.6.0000 per share(120%)Final Dividend
Indo Rama Synth18-Aug-202124-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Fervent Synergies17-Aug-202119-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Pudumjee Paper14-Aug-202121-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.0.3000 per share(30%)Dividend
Endurance Tech14-Aug-202125-Aug-202123/09/2021 Equity Rs.6.0000 per share(60%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Goldiam Internatl.14-Aug-202128-Aug-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
NGL Fine-Chem14-Aug-202120-Aug-2021 Rs.1.7500 per share(35%)Dividend & A.G.M.
India Hume Pipe14-Aug-202126-Aug-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(100%)Dividend & A.G.M.
AMJ Land Holdings14-Aug-202121-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.0.2000 per share(10%)Dividend
Voltas13-Aug-202127-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.5.0000 per share(500%)Dividend
Parsharti Investment12-Aug-202118-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Iris Business Serv.08-Aug-202114-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
The United Nilgiri07-Aug-202113-Aug-2021The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Company Limited has informed the Exchange that Register of Members & Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from 07-Aug-2021 to 13-Aug-2021 for the purpose of Dividend.
Gujarat Pipavav Port07-Aug-202113-Aug-2021 Rs.2.4000 per share(24%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Camlin Fine Sciences07-Aug-202113-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
AK Capital Services07-Aug-202114-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Dhunseri Ventures07-Aug-202113-Aug-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(25%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Indl & Prud Invts07-Aug-202113-Aug-2021 A.G.M. 31/08/2021 & Rs.25.0000 per share(250%)Dividend
Tube Investments06-Aug-202113-Aug-2021 Rs.1.5000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Godrej Agrovet06-Aug-202109-Aug-2021 Rs.8.0000 per share(80%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Pradeep Metals06-Aug-202112-Aug-2021 Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
VIP Inds.06-Aug-202113-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Amrit Corp06-Aug-202112-Aug-2021 Rs.7.5000 per share(75%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Clariant Chem.(India06-Aug-202112-Aug-2021 Rs.15.0000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Goodyear India06-Aug-202112-Aug-202110/09/2021 Equity Rs.80.0000 per share(800%)Special Dividend & Rs.18.0000 per share(180%)Final Dividend
Godrej Industries06-Aug-202113-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Esab india06-Aug-202112-Aug-2021 Rs.25.0000 per share(250%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Bata india06-Aug-202112-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.4.0000 per share(80%)Dividend
Page Industries05-Aug-202105-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Redington05-Aug-202111-Aug-202110/09/2021 Equity Rs.4.0000 per share(200%)Special Dividend 10/09/2021 & Rs.7.6000 per share(380%)Final Dividend
JK Cement05-Aug-202114-Aug-2021 Rs.15.0000 per share(150%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Punjab Chem. & Corp05-Aug-202112-Aug-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(20%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Disa India05-Aug-202112-Aug-2021 Rs.10.0000 per share(100%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Suven Life Sciences04-Aug-202106-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
ATV Projects India04-Aug-202110-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Xpro India03-Aug-202110-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Nelcast03-Aug-202109-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.0.2000 per share(10%)Dividend
Bhagiradha Chem03-Aug-202110-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Coromandel Engg. Co02-Aug-202109-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Balaji Amines02-Aug-202109-Aug-2021 Rs.4.0000 per share(200%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Saksoft01-Aug-202110-Aug-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(25%)Dividend & A.G.M.
IFGL Refractories31-Jul-202107-Aug-202106/09/2021 Equity Rs.6.0000 per share(60%)Special Dividend & Rs.4.0000 per share(40%)Dividend
Ador Fontech31-Jul-202106-Aug-2021 Rs.2.2000 per share(110%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Wim Plast31-Jul-202107-Aug-2021 Rs.5.0000 per share(50%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Lakshmi Elect.Contl.31-Jul-202106-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.3.5000 per share(35%)Dividend
Amara Raja Batteries31-Jul-202106-Aug-2021 Rs.6.0000 per share(600%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Orient Cement30-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 Rs.1.5000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
V-Guard Inds.30-Jul-202105-Aug-202127/08/2021 Equity Rs.1.2000 per share(120%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Granules India30-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 Rs.0.7500 per share(75%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Cadila Healthcare30-Jul-202106-Aug-202110/09/2021 Equity Rs.3.5000 per share(350%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Sukhjit Starch &Chem30-Jul-202106-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Sinclairs Hotels30-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Batliboi30-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Morarka Finance30-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Wheels India29-Jul-202104-Aug-2021 Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Renaissance Global29-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Oracle Finl. Service29-Jul-202104-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Nilkamal29-Jul-202104-Aug-2021 Rs.10.0000 per share(100%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Gabriel India29-Jul-202104-Aug-2021 Rs.0.7000 per share(70%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Cholamandalam Fin.29-Jul-202104-Aug-202102/09/2021 Equity Rs.0.5500 per share(55%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
High Energy Batterie29-Jul-202107-Aug-202113/08/2021 Equity Rs.5.0000 per share(50%)Special Dividend 13/08/2021 & Rs.10.0000 per share(100%)Final Dividend
Simplex Realty29-Jul-202104-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Simplex Papers28-Jul-202103-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Simplex Mills Co28-Jul-202103-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
NOCIL28-Jul-202103-Aug-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(20%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Shankara Bldg. Prod27-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Tech Mahindra27-Jul-202130-Jul-202111/08/2021 Equity Rs.15.0000 per share(300%)Special Dividend 11/08/2021 & Rs.15.0000 per share(300%)Final Dividend
Elgi Equipments27-Jul-202102-Aug-2021 Rs.0.8000 per share(80%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Carborundum Univer.26-Jul-202102-Aug-2021 Rs.1.5000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Chola Invest & Fin.26-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 Rs.0.7000 per share(35%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
PDS Multinational24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 Rs.15.7500 per share(157.5%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Astec Lifesciences24-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 Rs.1.5000 per share(15%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
MTAR Technologies24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Agri-Tech (India)24-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
ICRA24-Jul-202128-Jul-202112/08/2021 Equity Rs.27.0000 per share(270%)Dividend & A.G.M.
National Plastic Ind24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
TechIndia Nirman24-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Sky Industries24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Dividend
ADC India Communicat24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.2.5000 per share(25%)Dividend
Gangotri Textile24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Heritage Foods24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 Rs.5.0000 per share(100%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Tata Metaliks24-Jul-202102-Aug-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.4.0000 per share(40%)Dividend
Tata Steel Long Prod24-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 Rs.5.0000 per share(50%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
HIL24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 Rs.25.0000 per share(250%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Walchand People24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Raymond24-Jul-202102-Aug-2021 A.G.M.
Mafatlal Inds24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Lyka Labs24-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Hero MotoCorp24-Jul-202104-Aug-202103/09/2021 Equity Rs.10.0000 per share(500%)Special Dividend & Rs.25.0000 per share(1250%)Final Dividend
Titan Co24-Jul-202102-Aug-2021 Rs.4.0000 per share(400%)Dividend & A.G.M.
BASF India24-Jul-202130-Jul-202105/09/2021 Equity Rs.5.0000 per share(50%)Special Dividend & Rs.5.0000 per share(50%)Final Dividend
Orient Electric23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 Rs.1.2500 per share(125%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Jyothy Labs23-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 Rs.4.0000 per share(400%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Tera Software23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Shriram City Union23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 Rs.13.0000 per share(130%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Blue Dart Express23-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 Rs.15.0000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Hitech Corporation23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
ButterflyGandhimathi23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Saint-Gobain Sekurit23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Hawkins Cookers23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
SML Isuzu23-Jul-202130-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
EIH23-Jul-202125-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Colgate Palmol. (I)23-Jul-202129-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Grindwell Norton22-Jul-202128-Jul-2021 Rs.9.5000 per share(190%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Alembic Pharma21-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 Rs.14.0000 per share(700%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Mahindra Logistics21-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(25%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Tide Water Oil Co(I)21-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 Rs.200.0000 per share(4000%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Banaras Beads21-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Abbott India21-Jul-202127-Jul-202126/08/2021 Equity Rs.155.0000 per share(1550%)Special Dividend & Rs.120.0000 per share(1200%)Final Dividend
Precision Camshafts20-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Mah & Mah Finl. Serv20-Jul-202126-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.0.8000 per share(40%)Dividend
Cera Sanitaryware20-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 Rs.13.0000 per share(260%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Swelect Energy20-Jul-202126-Jul-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
EIH Associated Hotel20-Jul-202122-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
VST Industries20-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 Rs.114.0000 per share(1140%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Thacker & Co20-Jul-202126-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Pressman Advertising20-Jul-202126-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Oriental Aromatics20-Jul-202127-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
SMC Global Sec.17-Jul-202121-Jul-2021 Rs.0.8000 per share(40%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Cheviot Company17-Jul-202123-Jul-2021 Rs.175.0000 per share(1750%)Special Dividend & A.G.M.
Coromandel Interntl.17-Jul-202126-Jul-2021 Rs.6.0000 per share(600%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Mahindra & Mahindra17-Jul-202106-Aug-2021 Rs.8.7500 per share(175%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Atul17-Jul-202123-Jul-2021 Rs.20.0000 per share(200%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Zydus Wellness16-Jul-202123-Jul-202130/08/2021 Equity Rs.5.0000 per share(50%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Mahindra EPC Irrigat16-Jul-202122-Jul-2021 Rs.1.2000 per share(12%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Super Sales India16-Jul-202122-Jul-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(25%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Wendt India16-Jul-202123-Jul-202118/08/2021 Equity Rs.20.0000 per share(200%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Persistent Systems15-Jul-202121-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Surat Textile Mills15-Jul-202120-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Seshasayee Paper15-Jul-202124-Jul-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(125%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Lakshmi Machine Work15-Jul-202121-Jul-202109/08/2021 Equity Rs.10.0000 per share(100%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Artemis Medicare14-Jul-202120-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Punjab & Sind Bank14-Jul-202120-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Dwarikesh Sugar Inds14-Jul-202120-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.1.2500 per share(125%)Dividend
Bosch14-Jul-202105-Aug-2021 Rs.115.0000 per share(1150%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Navin Fluorine Intl13-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 Rs.6.0000 per share(300%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Trent13-Jul-202115-Jul-2021 Rs.0.6000 per share(60%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Dr. Reddys Lab13-Jul-202115-Jul-2021 Rs.25.0000 per share(500%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
HPCL12-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 Rs.22.7500 per share(227.5%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Crompt.Greaves Cons.10-Jul-202123-Jul-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(125%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
L&T Technology Serv.10-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 Rs.14.5000 per share(725%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Bajaj Finserv10-Jul-202121-Jul-202127/07/2021 Equity Rs.3.0000 per share(60%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Bajaj Auto10-Jul-202122-Jul-202127/07/2021 Equity Rs.140.0000 per share(1400%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Indian Bank10-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(20%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Shanthi Gears10-Jul-202121-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Pioneer Embroideries10-Jul-202118-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Bajaj Hold & Invest10-Jul-202122-Jul-202127/07/2021 Equity Rs.40.0000 per share(400%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Jindal Saw10-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(100%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Maharashtra Scooters10-Jul-202121-Jul-2021 A.G.M. 27/07/2021 & Rs.50.0000 per share(500%)Dividend
Bajaj Finance10-Jul-202120-Jul-202126/07/2021 Equity Rs.10.0000 per share(500%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Lloyds Steels09-Jul-202115-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Laurus Labs09-Jul-202115-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Chembond Chemicals09-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Mayur Uniquoters09-Jul-202110-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.2.0000 per share(40%)Dividend
Ridhi Synth Traders09-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Qgo Finance08-Jul-202114-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Ponni Sugars (Erode)08-Jul-202120-Jul-202126/07/2021 Equity Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Special Dividend 26/07/2021 & Rs.4.0000 per share(40%)Dividend
JMC Projects (India)08-Jul-202114-Jul-2021 Rs.0.7000 per share(35%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Century Textile &Ind08-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Dividend
Mindtree07-Jul-202113-Jul-2021 Rs.17.5000 per share(175%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
JSW Steel07-Jul-202109-Jul-2021 Rs.6.5000 per share(650%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Welcure Drugs&Pharma06-Jul-202112-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Modern Converters05-Jul-202110-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Minda Corporation05-Jul-202109-Jul-2021 Rs.0.3500 per share(17.5%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Sundaram Finance05-Jul-202122-Jul-2021 Rs.6.0000 per share(60%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
PTL Enterprises05-Jul-202115-Jul-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(125%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Modern Converters03-Jul-202110-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Smruthi Organics03-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Dividend
United Breweries03-Jul-202109-Jul-2021 A.G.M. & Rs.0.5000 per share(50%)Dividend
Subex03-Jul-202109-Jul-2021 Rs.0.2500 per share(5%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Apcotex Inds03-Jul-202108-Jul-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(100%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
TTK Prestige03-Jul-202103-Jul-2021 Rs.30.0000 per share(300%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Vishnu Chemicals03-Jul-202112-Jul-202108/08/2021 Equity Rs.1.0000 per share(10%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Federal Bank03-Jul-202109-Jul-2021 Rs.0.7000 per share(35%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Swaraj Engines03-Jul-202109-Jul-202131/07/2021 Equity Rs.19.0000 per share(190%)Special Dividend & A.G.M.
Vaibhav Global02-Jul-202102-Jul-2021 Rs.1.5000 per share(75%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Bank Of Baroda02-Jul-202108-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Haryana Finanl. Corp02-Jul-202112-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Greenpanel Inds.01-Jul-202107-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Happiest Minds Tech.01-Jul-202107-Jul-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Sundaram Fin. Hold01-Jul-202114-Jul-2021Sundaram Finance Holdings Limited has informed the Exchange that Register of Members & Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from 01-Jul-2021 to 14-Jul-2021 for the purpose of Dividend & Annual General Meeting. Rea
Sagarsoft (India)01-Jul-202107-Jul-2021 Rs.2.5000 per share(25%)Dividend & A.G.M.
HDFC Asset Mngt. Co01-Jul-202116-Jul-2021 Rs.34.0000 per share(680%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Neuland Laboratories01-Jul-202107-Jul-202103/08/2021 Equity Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Khaitan Chem & Fert.01-Jul-202107-Jul-2021 Rs.0.1500 per share(15%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Shriram Pistons & Rings30-Jun-202106-Jul-2021Shriram Pistons & Rings Limited has informed the Exchange that Register of Members & Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from 30-Jun-2021 to 06-Jul-2021 for the purpose of Meeting.
GM Breweries30-Jun-202106-Jul-2021 Rs.4.0000 per share(40%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Deccan Bearings30-Jun-202106-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Vimta Labs29-Jun-202105-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Otco International29-Jun-202106-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Supreme Petrochem29-Jun-202101-Jul-2021 Rs.12.5000 per share(125%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Vinati Organics26-Jun-202103-Jul-2021 Rs.6.0000 per share(600%)Dividend & A.G.M.
IIFL Securities24-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
IIFL Finance24-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
MPS24-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Nihar Info Global24-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Kedia Construction24-Jun-202128-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Kemp & Company24-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Bhansali Engg. Poly.24-Jun-202130-Jun-202125/07/2021 Equity Rs.1.0000 per share(100%)Dividend & A.G.M.
JSW Holdings23-Jun-202124-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Supreme Industries23-Jun-202129-Jun-2021 Rs.17.0000 per share(850%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Jonjua Overseas22-Jun-202101-Jul-2021 A.G.M.
Megasoft22-Jun-202128-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Kansal Fibres22-Jun-202129-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Orchid Pharma22-Jun-202129-Jun-2021 E.G.M.
Bombay Dyeing Mfg.22-Jun-202128-Jun-2021 A.G.M. (Cancelled)
Quint Digital Media19-Jun-202125-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Thyrocare Tech.19-Jun-202126-Jun-2021 Rs.15.0000 per share(150%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Suraj19-Jun-202124-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Havells India19-Jun-202123-Jun-2021 Rs.3.5000 per share(350%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Tata Communications19-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 Rs.14.0000 per share(140%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Tata Steel19-Jun-202130-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Tata Elxsi19-Jun-202125-Jun-202125/07/2021 Equity Rs.24.0000 per share(240%)Special Dividend & Rs.24.0000 per share(240%)Final Dividend
Tata Power19-Jun-202105-Jul-2021 Rs.1.5500 per share(155%)Dividend & A.G.M.
Kansai Nerolac Paint19-Jun-202125-Jun-202125/07/2021 Equity Rs.2.0000 per share(200%)Special Dividend & Rs.2.0000 per share(200%)Final Dividend
Tejas Networks18-Jun-202125-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
ICICI Prudential18-Jun-202125-Jun-2021 Rs.2.0000 per share(20%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Bank of Maharashtra18-Jun-202124-Jun-2021 A.G.M.
Linde India18-Jun-202124-Jun-2021 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Shriram Trans. Fin18-Jun-202124-Jun-2021 Rs.6.0000 per share(60%)Final Dividend & A.G.M.
Tata Invest Corp18-Jun-202128-Jun-2021 Rs.24.0000 per share(240%)Dividend & A.G.M.

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