Future of jobs: Demand for these roles will potentially rise by 2022

In its 2018 report titled ‘Future of Jobs’, World Economic Forum has predicted nine jobs which will be trending by the year 2022.

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To succeed in this digital age, companies across industries need to transform, and in particular the IT/tech function.

In its 2018 report titled ‘Future of Jobs’, World Economic Forum has predicted nine jobs which will be trending by the year 2022. While some of them including Data Analysts and Scientists are stable job profiles, many of these job titles are new roles. The report takes into consideration the phenomenon called the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is catalysed by the penetration of technology in day to day life.

Here are the 9 emerging roles of 2022:

Data Analysts and Scientists

Job Profile: Data analysts help businesses develop well-informed strategies by creating charts and prepare visual presentations. Also, examining large data and identifying trends are the expected roles of a data analyst. Data scientists construct and develop new processes for data modelling and primarily use prototypes, algorithms, predictive models and custom analysis.

Chief skills: Python coding, Hadoop Platform, R programming, SQL Database/Coding, Apache spark, Machine learning and AI, Data Visualisation

AI and Machine learning specialists

Job profile: Developing algorithms that can learn from or adapt to the data and make predictions.

Job skills: Programming Languages like Python/C++/R/Java, Probability and Statistics, Data Modeling & Evaluation, Machine Learning Algorithms, Distributed Computing, Advanced Signal Processing Techniques

General and Operations Manager

Job Profile: To formulate policies, manage the daily operations of a company, planning the effective use of human capital resources and materials

Job skills: Technical and Functional Expertise, Understanding the Business, Achieving Results, Serving the Customer, Teamwork, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

Software and Applications Developers and Analysts

Job Profile: Cater to the needs of the users by analysing, designing, testing and developing software. Also, recommend software updates to the existing clients.

Job skills: Android programming, C++, SQL, Java and Javascript, User interface/user experience, writing and maintaining software, knowledge of XML and web services

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Job Profile: Sell products to potential customers and conduct market research. Also undertakes planning and creating ideas that will work in the present market environment.

Job skills: Strong communication skills, technology enthusiast, in-depth market knowledge, persuasion

Big Data Specialists

Job Profile: Utilise data analysis to evaluate the technical performance of an organisation. Also provides recommendations on system enhancements.

Job skills: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, NoSQL, Machine learning and Data Mining, Statistical and Quantitative Analysis, SQL, Data Visualization, General Purpose Programming language

Digital Transformation Specialists

Job Profile: Work in enhancing a company’s technical performance. They analyse the company’s infrastructure and the gaps in service.

Job skills: Technical aptitude, critical thinking abilities, excellent communication skills, adaptability, SQL, C++, HTML, CSS

Organisational Specialists

Job Profile: Create and develop programs that connect employees with the business goals. Also, connect with leadership and management to recognize business processes. They also work in the evaluation of business initiatives to meet company goals.

Job skills: Use diagnostic tools, ability to work outside of the politics of the organization, ability to engage and influence people

Information Technology and New Technology Specialists

Job Profile: Their work is generally to design, operate or maintain technology products. They can also work with businesses, agencies and organisations that require technology to maintain data.

Job skills: Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum said that even though the opportunities pertaining to economic prosperity, societal progress and individual flourishing are enormous, there is a need to reform education and training system, labour market policies, business approaches to developing skills, employment arrangements and existing social contracts.

Considering the emerging demands of the workplaces, reskilling and upskilling will be the buzz words in the employment world with a focus on making employees technology able.

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First published on: 29-01-2019 at 13:36 IST