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Charts suggest Nifty could move back to recent highs; two stocks that chartists are tracking

Given the momentum with which the markets have bounced back and the fact that the Nifty has bounced back from an important moving average like the 200-day SMA, there is a good possibility that the Nif

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Good time to invest in BFSIs, charts suggest once in a decade investment opportunity

The key mantra in equity investment is to invest when your margin of safety is the highest. That’s when the biggest money is made.

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Favourable land rates, skilled workers could make India a lucrative investment destination post-Covid

Foreign institutional investors are now looking to not only diversify their supply chains but also invest in well-grounded economies. India provides this platform.

With Sensex, Nifty up about 50% from March lows, where should you invest now? Here are hot sectors

Discovery of drugs and vaccines that provide relief from COVID would be a key upside trigger, but even that euphoria would eventually subside if it is not followed by strong corporate earnings

Charts suggest slightly negative uptrend for Nifty; two stock with potential upside in near-term

A reasonable negative candle was formed with a new swing high formation at 11341.40. Technically, this pattern signal negation of upside breakout attempt of previous session. 

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Investment via SIP: Volatility on cards in upcoming months; check how to sail through coronavirus

Like every crisis the current crisis is also unique: it began as a medical/humanitarian crisis and soon became an economic one.

To gauge investment worthiness, investors must look at next year earnings | INTERVIEW

Amidst the rising volatility, Vikaas M Sachdeva, CEO, Emkay Investment Managers Ltd, says that the odds are in favour of quality stocks.

Gold prices to hit Rs 55,000 per 10 gms by December; but these roadblocks may halt rally

Going forward, the overarching trend favors a sustained rally in both gold and silver prices, given the fact that global economic recovery may take long even after the COVID crisis fades away.

Earning good returns in volatile share market: These sectors set to outperform in next 5 years | INTERVIEW

For long-term investors accumulation, buying a fair amount of funds, as per the risk aversion, on a consistent basis, is the best strategy, especially in the next 6 months

Sensex, Nifty show strength amid volatility; 3 investment themes that look attractive right now

Segments which will remain under stress for a longer time are hotels, restaurants, malls, airlines, multiplexes, highly discretionary spending.

Share markets still in firm uptrend; charts suggest strong support for these two stocks

After rallying for five consecutive sessions, the Nifty corrected On Wednesday from a high of 11238. The Nifty nevertheless remains in a firm uptrend after holding above the 200-day EMA last week.

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Some sectors have been hit by the pandemic, while some stand to benefit from it | INTERVIEW

With domestic equity markets scaling higher and valuation rising, it is now time for investors to tread cautiously.

Investment and technology: Customised portfolios, SMS notifications, 24×7 tracking make investment easy

As the needs of every customer are different, technology is now making it possible to generate customized portfolios for every customer.

Growing interest in investing by millennials and how online discount brokers cater to their needs

As I always say, I find millennials to be a smart breed of investors. In fact, a recent study has indicated that around 9 of every 10 of them are looking at sustainable investing options.

Sensex, small-caps rally up to 33% since March; check how staying invested for long-term may beat COVID woes

Investors who rushed to exit citing the COVID narrative, during the March mayhem, are frustratingly waiting for better entry points after the stunning rally in much of the broader space.

Bulls may be unable to sustain higher levels; two stocks that could defy short-term market weakness

After showing sharp weakness on Tuesday, Nifty witnessed high volatility on Wednesday and closed the day on nominal gains of 10 points.

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Why investors cheering the current stock market rally need to be more cautious than before

The recent moves in the market were driven by liquidity mostly in the high-quality stocks. Since March, many growth sectors were beaten down on account of uncertainty regarding macro-economic growth.

Enough liquidity globally; here’s what will decide how much funds come to Indian stock market | INTERVIEW

Stock markets have seen some recovery after foreign institutional investors deserted India in March. However, the inflows are still far from what those used to be.

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Equity markets at crucial juncture; charts hint at positive support for these stocks in coming weeks

After rallying for five consecutive sessions, the Nifty corrected on Wednesday from a high of 10848. The Nifty failed to test the 200-day SMA, which is currently at 10885.

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4-step guide for wealth creation in stock market: Learn how to find quality stocks

Data from the last couple of decades indicates that quality stocks have always yielded higher and more sustainable returns as compared even to the broader markets

Deepak Parekh wonders why RBI should answer to court on loan moratorium, calls it unfortunate

Chairman of India’s largest mortgage lender HDFC Ltd, Deepak Parekh in his annual letter to shareholders has questioned the Supreme Court’s decision to bring the RBI to clarify on issues relating

hdfc reduces its lending rate by 20 basis points home loan becomes cheaper

Forget the Bull and the Bear phase, this market is in Kangaroo phase and it offers this opportunity

Now that the humankind is locked down, the animals are coming out gradually and claiming their territory. In the wake of the impact of COVID2019 pandemic, the equity markets have gone beyond ‘Bull P

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Loan collection improving, will be back to normal in July; moratorium no worry: Shriram Transport INTERVIEW

As the risk of worsening asset quality looms large on the head of India’s non-banking finance companies, investors are risk-averse.

These COVID-19-proof stocks may earn good returns if second coronavirus wave hits economy: INTERVIEW

Besides, rising COVID-19 cases in India, as well as the possibility of the second wave in other countries, will remain a major concern for markets. In such a scenario, the strategy would be to invest

Telecom, insurance, and private bank shares set to offer maximum returns; here’s why

Ayon Mukhopadhyay, Director at Institutional Equities at IIFL Securities, sees three sectors which have potential to pick-up.

New to stock markets? Here are lessons this market veteran learned in his first year of stock trading

Given the velocity with which people are opening accounts with brokers and trading, it will be worth my while to share my own experiences with trading / investing, whatever you call it.

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Nifty gives up four day winning streak; charts give positive signals for these two large cap stocks

After rallying for the last few sessions from a low of 9,845 and testing the 200-day EMA at 10,524 on June 24, the Nifty index has made a lower top on the 15 min intraday charts.

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