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Don’t press the panic button, just rebalance portfolio, here’s what to do in such volatile times

Investors should take a stock of their portfolios and analyze their current holdings in Mutual Funds, Direct Stocks, Bonds etc. Will be a great idea to measure the Sectoral exposures through the vario

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Auto industry hits coronavirus, lockdown roadblock; here’s what will get it up to speed in two years

The speed of recovery largely depends on the government’s push towards growth. Going by the time frame in which other countries were able to pull back from this scenario, we should at least give it

Sell RIL, Hero Moto Corp shares: Markets looking tired; check what technical charts say

While the underlying short term trend remains up, the Nifty is showing some signs of tiredness as a sharp selloff was seen on Wednesday from the highs of the day.

Shares to buy amid coronavirus slump: These stocks, sectors may shine this year | Angel Broking INTERVIEW

Markets are witnessing extreme volatility and unprecedented times, that’s keeping investors on the cautious side. But at the same time, offering opportunities to those who seek them out.

Gold price surges 18% this year, may rise even more to hit new highs as investors rush to safe havens

Overall, looking at the current scenario, we are bullish on the gold for the year. We expect the MCX gold to continue to make new highs.

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How to select quality stocks for recession-proof portfolio as coronavirus knocks down share markets

The markets have historically faced such situations and more importantly recovered from it, albeit over varying time periods. Equities currently provide a good margin of safety and long term investors

Oil prices crash 56% amid coronavirus breakout, production cut may provide relief in FY21

For the year 2021, we are expecting that crude oil prices may average between $30 to $40 as COVID – 19 strips global crude oil demand.

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Nifty gave investors negative returns in FY20, outlook for the current fiscal remains muted

The equity markets have been under severe turmoil following the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has seen global markets across the board seeing a sharp and highly intensified decline from their 20

Coronavirus major reason behind rupee’s fall; but, there is more to what meets eyes | Emkay INTERVIEW

While the spread of the pandemic is a major factor behind rupee's decline, there is more to what meets the eyes. Other factors are also contributing to rupee's fall.

Lockdown doing its part to control spread of coronavirus, here’s what investors need to do

Today, the world has understood that it is a disease that can be brought under control by stringent lockdown, improvisation in health policy, development in treatment and vaccination in the future.

With Nifty mapping an upward trajectory, charts are suggesting strong support for these two stocks

After witnessing a sharp upside bounce on 7th April 2020, Nifty continued to show follow-through upmove in the better part of Wednesday’s session amidst a volatility

Economic impact of coronavirus deepens, second round of relief package for corporate India in offing

The government is all set to announce another round of relief measures for corporate India targeted at specific sectors that were worst hit by the pandemic and lockdown.

Worried about your equity portfolio being deep in red? Three steps that could help in the long run

While a lot has been written and spoken about the impact of this crisis across the socio-economic strata, the immediate visibility of the same is seen in the performance of the stock markets.

Lockdown effect: Opportunity to accumulate good quality stocks for long-term investment perspective

Tough conditions also provide an opportunity to accumulate good quality stocks for the long term. Historically, tough conditions have not lasted too long.

Gold up for sixth consecutive quarter. Investors be prepared for choppy trend in near-term

Many investors were forced to liquidate gold positions in order to raise cash to cover losing equity and to meet margin calls.

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In times of volatility and panic, don’t forget to sanitize your mutual funds portfolio

Very few good mutual funds schemes are available, and if we use proper “reference” to select mutual funds schemes, we would have been able to reduce the loss to capital.

At some point when the stock markets stabilise, your returns from gold will slow down, but your equity returns will start improving again.

With markets stuck in a range, charts are suggesting support for this stock’s recent surge

After falling sharply for several weeks and bouncing back sharply from the lows of 7511 last week, this week began on a quiet note as the Nifty traded in a range between the 8199-8679 levels. 

Don’t know if equity markets have bottom out? Three indicators that show it is a good time to buy shares

Global markets have corrected by 30-40%, crude price has halved (reaching near 20 year low) and the world is facing a global pandemic not seen in 100 years.

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Caution stock market investors! Avoid panic selling or buying of stocks amid high volatility

Amid high volatility, investors need to be extremely cautious while making trading decisions and avoid any panic selling or buying of stocks.

Rapid recovery later this year? Expert suggests picking up large-cap stocks at beaten down prices

Due to the lockdowns, India will also witness a sharp contraction in GDP forecasts. FIIs have been aggressive sellers of Indian equities and with lack of buying support stocks are falling disproportio

After a strong bounce-back from recent lows, charts suggest these two stocks could surge further

Markets continued to fall this week. A strong bounce back in the last two sessions from the lows helped to erase some of the losses seen in the early part of the week.

Scared of small-cap investing? Here’s how one can avoid landmines in small-caps

There are two ways to look at small-cap investing. One, take a very conventional view that it is a highly risky space and avoid it all-together. The other is to take a more contrarian, but an objectiv

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Time to buy shares: Accumulate big names, watch defensive sectors such as FMCG l INTERVIEW

As the share market continues to reel under the growing stress of Coronavirus, frontline shares such as Reliance Industries Ltd, HDFC Bank, L&T and TCS have stolen as much as 30-40 per cent since the

How to handle rupee volatility as coronavirus hits global market

Exporters having underlying orders which are unhedged should hedge the entire amount by forwards or options.

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Nifty may see more weakness in near term; here’s what to expect

The sharp down trended move continued in the market for the third consecutive session on Wednesday and Nifty witnessed a steep decline of 498 points.

Why protecting your money against the US Dollar is important?

The global economic slowdown triggered by the coronavirus has started hurting the global economy. The collapse in the global oil price and heavy falls in equity markets have created new uncertainty. 

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SBI Cards listing price could be muted, other sectors might be fruitful amid volatility: Vinod Nair

SBI Cards is expected to be listed in the coming week. With high volatility in the market, SBI Cards might not perform as it was expected to on the listing day but there are other sectors that investo

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