Omega House in Rio celebrates the Olympics

From the moment guests step inside, Omega House in Rio is designed to take them on a journey. From Mediterranean shorelines to the brand’s past, the design is a masterclass in international luxury

Omega House

To find the perfect blank canvas for Omega’s exclusive members-only club at Rio 2016, the search led to a building that is renowned amongst Rio’s artists and intellectuals: Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim. Rich in bohemian history and culture, Casa De Cultura is a designed building that makes use of natural light, classic architecture and views of famous beaches. Here, beside the swaying palm trees and black and white mosaic sidewalks of Ipanema, the location has been reimagined and transformed into the setting for Omega House.

For the duration of Rio 2016, each individual room served as a celebration of the Olympic Games as well as the many chapters of Omega’s story.

First impressions

As guests are welcomed inside Omega House, the entrance hall is lined with olive trees, a reminder of the Olympic Games origins. These lead to a nine-metre waterfall, where a series of statues show the dive formation into a pool below. Along the walls, there is a golden timeline that shows the path of Omega’s history. There is also a unique artwork created from paper that showcases Omega’s classic and Olympic Games watches, as well as some of the most famous Olympic Games host city landmarks since 1932.

The patio

The main area is a spacious patio that represents the overall theme of the house. Inspired by the whitewashed luxury that one might find in Miami, Ibiza or Mykonos, the patio of Omega House is draped in drifting white curtains that hang from arched beams in between typically Grecian pillars. The natural architecture of the existing building has been used to great effect. At one end of the patio, a fountain flows while large mirrors give the area a greater sense of depth. At the other end, the bar is set below a giant screen that displays live Olympic Games action happening around Rio. To offset the white-on-white theme, a collection of black and white photography is displayed on the walls showing highlights from Omega’s history.

The swing area

For relaxation, a small section beside the patio has been set aside with large swings and modern rocking chairs. It’s an alternative spot to enjoy a drink.

Moving upstairs

At the top of the stairwell, another section of Omega House begins. This is where guests can dive into the different sides of the brand. First is a series of photographs detailing Omega’s Community Countdown with Viva Rio. Along with showing the 12 social projects, there are also three photographs taken by the students of the Viva Favela Community Correspondent Course. As part of Omega’s partnership with Viva Rio, students were invited to enter their pictures in a special competition. Capturing the theme of sport in the favelas, these are the winning entries.

The Space Room

The first of Omega’s dedicated brand areas is designed in contrast to the ground floor below. Reflecting the brand’s history in space exploration, guests can get comfortable on velvet sofas beneath a canopy of stars; a unique installation created just for the occasion. Along the walls, there is a trail of Omega Moonwatches, from vintage models that went to the moon to modern ceramic timepieces.

The Ocean Room

For people walking past on the street, the large upstairs window of Omega House will look like an aquarium of dancing revelers. This is the Ocean Room, where the theme of the sea has been brought to life. Omega’s idea for a coral reef DJ booth and ocean-inspired decoration has been crafted from special materials by the same people who build Rio’s iconic carnival floats. There are also glass balls inside the coral that showcase some of Omega’s ocean-inspired watches. At night, the room turns blue, transporting dancers to an underwater world with projections across the walls.

The Heritage Room

Celebrating 168 years of Omega watchmaking, this room takes guests into the intricate inner-workings of a timepiece – 145,000 custom-made watch parts have been layered over the walls while bell jars on the far wall display vintage Omega watches, watchmaking tools and other curiosities. A chandelier of hanging vintage bulbs illuminates the room. There is also a watchmakers table and anti-magnetic display to give an insight into Omega’s innovation.

The Women’s Room

Designed like a private make-up room, there is tailor-made furniture for relaxing, delicate glass tables and a classic dressing table complete with an aging mirror. Around the walls, some of Omega’s best vintage advertising for women is on display. Many of these were created by well-known artists such as Paul Helleu, Lim and René Gruau. Continuing around the room, Omega timepieces are set amongst white metallic roses and an arched window of the Women’s Room looks out on the water and sands of Ipanema Beach.

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First published on: 22-08-2016 at 16:55 IST