Zodiac signs and what they feel about romance

We all are born in love and with the idea of love. Each person has their own way of expression. Do we know what we need or what we look for? Let’s explore that.  

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We all are born in love and with the idea of love. (Photo source: Pixabay)

By Sidhharrth S Kumaar

“One word that frees us of all the weight and pain of life: the word is love.”

We all are born in love and with the idea of love. Each person has their own way of expression. Do we know what we need or what we look for? Let’s explore that.  


Aries is spontaneous and so at the very moment when getting attracted to someone, will fall in love. They are adventurous in love. They are the ones who always care about their partners and believe in the expression of love for their partners. For example, they may go out of the way to please their partner. They are fiery and fun. Newness is what they look for in their love relationship. The Aries are adventurous in nature and outgoing in nature. So, they love planning spontaneous excursions with their partners. They like to dominate in a love relationship and desire a submissive partner. You avoid playing games in love. They like to be pampered and cared for by their partners, and this is what they demand in love. 


Taurus is a lover of luxury but is a loyal partner. They do not easily feel the physical pull toward someone so quickly. They like to be loved by someone, and for them, the person should be the one with whom they can settle down. They want to have a physical attraction at the start of the relationship. They are the ones who, for their partners, can go up to any extent and adopt new ways to spark romance and love in their partner. They are the ones who like appreciation and spending quality time with their partner. Very possessive of their partners in the case of love. They are very particular about their time with their partners in love or their relationships. 


Gemini is an explorer and does not easily fall in love. Being the person who gets bored quickly doesn’t let them fall easily in love. But when they fall in love, they do it to the fullest. They are the ones who are fun-loving and social. They love dating in such a pattern that they can be entertained and engaged. So, an active time with their partner in which they can actively participate and use their brains is what they look for. They enjoy moving around, and at this time, they require a partner who can accompany them. They are the ones who look for spontaneity, change, and excitement in their love life. So, surprising dates and new explorations are what they enjoy in their love life. 


Cancer is sensitive and does not easily fall in love, but they have a lot of love to give when they fall in love. They need a partner who understands them. When they get such a partner, they are ready to devote themselves entirely to their partner. They are prepared to give everything in love, but expectations from the partner are significantly less. They are good at love and require romance, making them attractive and mysterious. They like to have a well-organized decorated date at the seashore or at home with home-cooked food to accompany a wine to set for a perfect surprise for their partner. One of the most loyal zodiac signs. They are the ones who can give their whole life to the relationship and are 100% loyal to their partners. They are emotional and intense, profound and shy. 


People who are easy to commit to and accept their relationship with all hardships and difficulties. When their egos get filled up, they are quick decision takers and can easily fall in love with such a partner. They are very bold people and leave no step unturned in expressing their love for their partner. They like when importance is given to them by their partner, and they like to express their feelings. They are always the ones who can go on the wrong side if their partner favours the wrong side. Their loyalty helps them to make a strong relationship with their partner. They are the ones who crave independence and want their feelings to be respected. Appreciation and playing with their partners are what they look for in their partners. 


They are the ones who do not easily fall in love. They want the things in the right place. The person who can appreciate their egos and has ethics can be their partners. If the goals and plans are clear, that can impress them, and they can fall in love—however, their sign shows that they are practical and grounded. When they fall in love, they expect love and give love to their partner. They prefer to learn new things with their partner, accompanied by a cup of wine. Apart from that, they even prefer a mature partner. They love to be near their partner, including in the kitchen- where they are cooking together. They love stability and loyalty in their relationship. Because of this, they prove themselves to be the best loyal partners. Virgos are the people who are caring and sturdy in their love.  


Wanderers for the real romantic match describe them. Libra is a love sign, a true romantic at heart. They expect their partners to be true at heart. They fall in love with those who are equally committed to their relationship and are ready to invest in the relationship. They are openly affectionate and romantic. Beauty for themes in all forms matters for them. They give full attention to their partners and leave them fascinated. They like to spend time with their partners shopping for them. They love full attention or the preference of their partner. For them, spontaneous shopping trips mean moments of love with their partners. 


Scorpios in love need a deep, emotional, and magnetic connection. They love romance and passions, including all-night fights. Scorpions believe in doing everything to the fullest. Leaving anything halfway, either their love or their fights, is not acceptable to them. They remain for a long time in their relationship when they fall in love. They are the ones who search for a twin flame among their partners. Passion and intensity mark this sign. They are the ones who don’t want to rush into love, so they prefer such time in love with their partner away from the hustle and bustle of life. So, they prefer to go camping or lie on the grass and look at the stars with their partner. They even like to be wild and enjoy the rides at the amusement parks with their partners. They are 100% true in their emotion.  


Sagittarians look for exploration in their partner. They are not the ones who express their emotions with love. They are not demonstrators but are true lovers. Sagittarians are the signs that look for excitement and exploration in love. They are the ones who see love as an adventure- that too emotional, physical, and overall intellectual. So, maybe mountain climbing, trekking, and attending all adventurous sports are what they like on their dates. Water games such as rafting are also the ones that they enjoy with their partner. Some kind of wine on all these tracks or a long drive that take you on a safari ride or horseback riding. They like to learn about new experiences after exploring things practically with their partners and tend to make it interesting for their partners. 


Capricorns are very romantic but calculative and avoid taking risks. They first see the person and determine whether it is worth investing time in the person. They move at a slow and steady pace. They do not easily settle, but they are ready to do everything for their partner when they settle. They are luxury-lovers and live practical, disciplined, and hardworking lives. They expect respect but never dominate their partners. Their love for their partner includes a long discussion with their partner, an exchange of emotions, and physical satisfaction. Love is very important to them; they are often not very expressive and revealing. The love moments with their partner can be in a good dining hall, accompanied by candlelight. A candlelit dinner with expensive wine and delicious food, and long talks is the perfect time of love for them. They are the ones who prove to be the best partners and are always loyal and expect the same from their partners.  


They look for people who express their unique and individual selves. They are more social but below in the heart and are searching for someone who can come to settle their needs. Their love is uncommon and different. When they love, they love deeply. The Aquarians often may befriend someone but may later on fall in love with the same friend. Aquarians are the ones who enjoy a day with their partner at the nearby strange museum or the shopping festival or the film festival or some kind of festival where they would like to enjoy the time with their partner. They are loyal lovers and look for a partner who can give answers to their odd questions and respect their independence. 


The people of this sign are the most passionate ones. They are very sensitive and sympathetic people searching for an affinity with their partners. This togetherness is not only physical but also mental for them. They are the people who live in the imagination, and when getting a person who cares about their emotional aspect, they easily fall in love with them. They search for the emotional side. They are dreamers and are very imaginative. For them, a day of love would either be on the paddle boat at night or with some light music playing behind while enjoying the ride and having wine. They are very passionate and emotional lovers, for they accept the love and give it to their partners. They need people who can respect their romantic urges. Very caring and unselfish in their act of love towards their partner.

(The author, Sidhharrth S Kumaar is Founder of NumroVani, and Astro Numerologist, Spiritual Business & Personalized Wellness Coach. He is a renowned name in Astro numerology. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the Financial Express Online.)

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