Worried about Monday Blues? Here’s 5 easy tricks to beat it

Updated: June 16, 2019 12:14:06 AM

According to a 2015 global poll conducted by Monster, Sunday night blues are ‘really bad’ and 76% of those surveyed suffer sadness and angst throughout their Sunday evening.

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By Vaishali Dar

As far as Naomi remembers she has always been anxious on Sunday evenings. She rarely gets the time to relax, unwind. As opposed to finding the weekend chores less demanding, she feels the household chores to be all the more stressful on a Sunday, relatively. The 30-year-old marketing professional earnestly looks forward to spending leisure time with family over the weekends, however, the very thought of starting a rigid schedule the next day in a couple of hours on a Sunday evening makes her feel queasy—consequently making her stressed, anxious and deprived of appetite.

The reason is simple. It is very common to feel awful about Monday, the starting day of every week. This frustration aggravates on Sunday evening making one feel dreadfully low, anxious, and irritated. Sunday anxiety is natural, and many adults in the current times face this ‘phenomenon’ more often than not. According to a 2015 global poll conducted by Monster, Sunday night blues are ‘really bad’ and 76% of those surveyed suffer sadness and angst throughout their Sunday evening.

One of the biggest reasons to suffer from this feeling could be the fear of unknown—what will happen during the review meeting? Will I be able to meet my deadline? If I apply for the job interview, will I be selected or what would the doctor say when I meet him next?

“We must identify specific thoughts on Sunday and see what patterns you spot, understand the key reason for that anxiety that is building inside you,” says wellness expert, Shruti ChaturLal. She suggests, “Stay away from gadgets and practice breathing exercises like ‘bhramari’ that can give instant relief while ‘anulom vilom’ can be done for long run alleviation. Another practice which can act as a healer is meditation if combined with raagas like Ramkali, Bhairavi, Bhim Palasi, Poorvi on your playlist to quadruple the effect.”

For professionals, the biggest worry in life is the deliverables at work. However, such perplexity of mind can be avoided if following measures are taken over a period of time to combat fear.

Plan in advance: Any kind of planning helps. A detailed list of things-to-do during the week can help battle anxiety. This will help you know things in advance, make you decide on a specific time in the week when you will do it or set a reminder to finish it. Allocate a time in the week for the listed items. Do not meander over a vague plan. Jot down your task list as well as ideas that could perk up your week. For example the day your review is over, you may plan a family outing or a dinner to rejuvenate and post this you can enjoy a happy sleep at night.

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Uunleash Your Creative Genius: Regularise your post-work schedule. Be more creative with your weekday time by interacting with school-time friends. Try to spend time with a good friend who could really relate to your feelings.

Be positive: Don’t imagine what you haven’t experienced. Set aside all the “what-ifs” of the world because the moment you start visualising, your mind stops thinking about all the positives. One should focus on the positives rather than the negatives in life. This will incredibly help you fight unwanted stress during the weekend.

Health is Wealth: Try to be active during the weekend but do not indulge in unnecessary activities that could tire you. Take breaks to stretch and walk around. Instead adopt healthy habits, eat nutritious food, sleep well or go for a spa ritual. This will help you save energy for the coming week. Meditation or yoga work best as a way of relieving stress and inducing calm. Have foods that will boost your energy levels. Too much intake of alcohol over the weekend can make you suffer from a low feeling.

Sunday is funday: Make the most of your Sundays by planning a family outing or a sport activity. It is the best day to recharge the batteries. This will unbelievably help you treat Mondays like a new day in life!

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