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Winter skin care tips to keep your skin hydrated and glowing

A consistent skincare programme that incorporates the appropriate components will keep your skin healthy, soft, and supple all winter.

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List of ways to take care of your skin in winter

Isn’t it true that everyone enjoys the winter? However, it causes dry, flaky skin. Because of the drop in temperature and humidity, your skin may appear dry and undernourished. As a result, maintaining skin moisture is critical. A consistent skincare programme that incorporates the appropriate components will keep your skin healthy, soft, and supple all winter. To understand it better, we got in touch with Prakash Singh, Vice President R & D, and Operations, Nature 4 Nature. Here’s what he has to say:

1) Why is it so important to take care of your body throughout the winter?

Your skin could become rough as the seasons change. This could result in dry, itchy skin. The most uncomfortable skin conditions are dry skin, uneven skin, and the need for moisturiser on a regular basis. The air gets drier as the temperature and humidity drop, which dries out the skin. You can maintain healthy skin throughout the winter by adhering to a tight skincare regimen. Let’s look at some cutting-edge skin care techniques to assist you win the winter skincare battle.

  1. The first is hydration; drinking plenty of water keeps your body and skin hydrated all day. Remember that moist skin equals a hydrated body.
  2. Body oils are ideal for the winter since they enhance moisturization, especially if you have dry skin. Keep your skin nourished by using body oils. If you have oily skin, use dry oil.
  3. Your skin, like your body, needs moisturising. Use thick, emollient-rich moisturisers like shea butter and avocado oil.

2) Which part of your body needs the most care?

 Our bodies need the proper care; we must look after all the different body parts and make sure they are strong and functional. Cracked heels are one of the most frequent issues and top worries for people, particularly throughout the winter. Furthermore, if your feet are not taken care of properly, they could form ugly cracks and holes. One of the body parts that work the most is the foot, which makes it prone to skin issues. The skin around your feet is substantially drier than the rest of your body because it is exposed to debris and lacks oil glands. The colder weather in winter causes a lot of individuals to wake up

3)How to care for yourself properly in winter, from head to toe

In contrast to the summer, when the sun can be harmful to your skin, the winter can also be harmful to your skin, hair, and body. This can cause dryness and damage to the skin and hair. Follow these skincare regimen guidelines to protect your skin over the winter.

1. Scalp. There is skin beneath all that hair. Applying oils like grapeseed, coconut, or olive oil to your scalp can help keep it nourished. Massage a spoonful of lukewarm (not hot!) oil into your scalp every other week, then thoroughly rinse it out after about 15 minutes.

2. Eyes. Under your eyes, you have particularly sensitive and thin skin. Use an eye gel or moisturiser to keep it moisturised.

3. Lips. Nobody enjoys chapped lips. As a result, a good chapstick or lip balm is vital. It is critical to exfoliate the lips to remove any dead skin. Use honey and sugar to gently scrape away dead skin, then rinse it off and seal in the moisture with your favourite lip balm.

4 From head to toe

You take great care to moisturise your body and face, but what about your hands and feet, which are always in use? After you shower, apply a decent hand lotion and keep one in your purse to moisturise as needed during the day. Moisturize your hands and feet before going to bed, then put on socks for optimum suppleness.

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First published on: 05-02-2023 at 11:30 IST