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Winter is coming: Tips you should follow to have healthy and glowing skin

Following these super easy natural tips will help you get radiant and healthy skin:

Winter is coming: Tips you should follow to have healthy and glowing skin
In ACP, your own blood platelets are used to encourage the creation of new cells, which helps to enhance your skin texture, tone, and facial volume. (File)

By Zarna Shah

Winter is right around the corner and it means it is that time of the year that makes us deal with dull, dry, and pale skin, thanks to the cold. Perfect skin is always a challenge in the winter season. Itchy, dry, and generally unhappy-looking skin can all be because of the lack of external and internal nourishment. So, especially in this chilly season, it’s essential to take extra care of our skin and stick to routines to keep our skin glowing, soft, and healthy, which we can obtain with time and effort.

Following these super easy natural tips will help you get radiant and healthy skin:

Moisturizing your skin: Moisturising is one of the most crucial stages to having a healthy glow in the winter. During winter, when you take a hot water bath, your skin tends to strip away essential oils, making your skin look rough, dry, and itchy. Therefore, it is crucial to moisturize your skin to keep it supple and moist. You can use your favourite moisturizer, classic petroleum jelly, or any hydrating oil to make your skin go from dry to healthy. Going the natural route, using buttermilk, cucumber, and coconut oil as natural hydrating ingredients is always a good option. Also, not just your face, your lips need extra care too. Taking care of lips in winter is the hardest part of the beauty routine. Apply ghee or honey every day to keep your lips away from cracking.

Keeping yourself hydrated: We tend to avoid drinking water during winter because we feel less dehydrated. Yet, we lose water from our bodies in ways that are not explainable. As a result, drinking plenty of water is essential. Healthy drinks such as fresh fruit juices, electrolyte water, or hot homemade soups are also excellent sources to stay hydrated.

Applying Sunscreen generously: Always remember to guard your skin against UV rays, even on extreme winter days or when you are lazing at home. The UV rays are intense during cold weather, which may cause severe damage to your skin. Using sunscreen in the morning and at regular intervals throughout the day will help keep your skin well-protected. It is good to use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 in winter, depending on the geographic condition. The sunscreen helps keep the skin radiant and moisturized.

Do your night-time regime: If you want healthy skin, remember to replenish it when sleeping for at least 7-8 hours which we famously know as the ‘beauty sleep’. Before you go to bed, indulge in a proper skincare regime to get hydrating and fresh skin. Due to working all day, the dust gets accumulates on the skin. Always clean your face before sleeping at night.

Use proper supplements for skin: It’s no secret that vitamin D supplements spike in demand whenever winter comes around. But as the days grow shorter, many of us would benefit from including vitamin D supplements in our daily regimen to compensate for the lack of sun exposure and reduce the risk of deficiency. 

Apart from Vitamin D, Vitamin C and zinc provide good support for the immune system to process during the winter.

Keeping a check on your diet: Winter is known for bringing on weight gain as we tend to eat more. Our eating behaviour and less exercise cause this gain. Your diet plays an essential part in your skin health. Foods high in sugar and highly processed can wreak havoc on your body. Instead of binging on junk food, replace it with a lot of seasonal fruits and veggies. The body needs a set amount of nutrients to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Add a lot of fruits, veggies, salads, and soup to keep your body nutrient efficient. 

These helpful tips may assist you in surviving the winter’s harsh impacts and achieving radiant, happy skin. Choose your cues and get the skin you’ve always desired.

(Zarna Shah is the Integrative Health Coach at Chicnutrix)

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First published on: 05-11-2022 at 01:24:39 pm
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