Travel light! How to pack luggage in a way that saves money and time

Here are a few tips to trim down your luggage weight and make space for the important items

Travel light! How to pack luggage in a way that saves money and time
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By Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

Being an avid traveller, I have realized many factors that make travelling easier and fun with kids. One of the most important learning is “Travel light”. It seemed impossible to me earlier and we end up paying extra for baggage but over the years, I have figured out the right way to pack. Traveling light does not necessarily mean you need to keep repeating your dresses. It just needs a re-scanning of the items and excluding the unwanted ones.

So, here are a few tips to trim down your luggage weight and make space for the important items:

1. Opt for a smaller suitcase. This is is the first and most important step in traveling light. No matter what size bag you take, you will fill it to the brim. So, the smart way is to pack in a smaller bag. Knowing the limited space you have, you will keep a check on the items to carry and keep aside the not-so-important ones.

2. The compact is good. Go for the small packs of toiletries like moisturizers, tubes of toothpaste, face washes, shampoo sachets, perfumes, etc.

3. Shower caps make a good and lighter alternative to the bulky shoe covers.

4. Avoid packing your colossal vanity kit. Travel wash bags make a great choice while traveling.

5. Don’t pack the heavy clothing and footwear. Wear them instead and pack the light ones.

6. Go creative and pack clothes that are color coordinated so that you can mix and match. Pack a few scarves, belts, shrugs to give a new look to the same attire.

7. Most of the hotels supply towels so you can skip packing these. If you don’t prefer using hotel supplies, then go for scarves or travel towels. Sarongs are another good option to pack in place of towels. These are the most versatile piece of cloth as you can use it as a bag, towel, skirt, and even as a light blanket.

8. Don’t pack your entire medical kit. Considering the number of days you are traveling, pack the essentials in a pill pot or a sleek pouch.

9. Empty your wallet before leaving on a vacation. You don’t need any loyalty cards during your trip.

10. You don’t need expensive items like jewelry on your trip. Wear the trendy one that goes with everything or keeps only the light weighted ones.

Traveling light means no excess baggage fees hence saving money. It gives you the liberty of traveling with only hand baggage hence no waiting at the luggage belt and saving time.

There is room to shop more if you are carrying less stuff. Quick packing and unpacking is another big advantage. Going minimalist is the key to making your travel a stress-free one.

(An HR professional, an amateur painter, a travel enthusiast, and blogger, a mother of twin girls and author of a travelogue ‘Travel My Way’, Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar is currently exploring life in another part of the world, Poland.)

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