Czech Republic, the Promised Land of Spas

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One of the most frequent reasons for visiting the country is to stay in a spa. The Czech spa tradition is one of the oldest in Europe

There are countless places in the Czech Republic attracting the interest of foreign tourists. One of the most frequent reasons for visiting the country is to stay in a spa. The Czech spa tradition is one of the oldest in Europe.

Karlovy Vary

In the breakthtaking valley of the River Tepla cutting deeply into the forested hills of the Slavkovsky les Protected Landscape Area, dwells a fairy-tale like town. The most famous Czech spa, Karlovy Vary. Hot mineral springs were known in this piece of land as early as the Middle Ages. Today there are 15 warm mineral springs producing water with properties especially suitable for drinking, bathing and irrigation. They are of a similar composition, but owning to the varied temperature and CO2 content their healing effects are quite different.Water from the springs can be tasted from the traditional Karlovy Vary cup, which you can keep as a souvenir.

Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne is also a town of little cafes, sweetshops and stylish pubs, where content locals who won’t her a bad world said against their hometown welcome spa guests from all over the world with open arms. Over the years the spa has been visited by a long list of famous personalities – such as English king Edward VII, Goethe, Chopin and many others, many giants in their fields – Edison, Freud, Kafka, Nobel, Nietzche, Tolstoy. In the environs of the town and Maranske Lazne itself there are almost 100 mineral springs. The spa treatments are mainly based on 6 of them. Interestingly, these are not thermal springs, but cold acidulous waters with a high content of iron and mineral salt. Reaching a mere 7-10 C, they rank among the coldest in the Czech Republic. The properties of individual springs differ quite considerably despite often being located close to each other – this is one of the greatest balneological curiosities of Maranske Lazne.

Lazne Kynzvart

The small town of Lazne Kynzvart is situated under the impressive massif of the Slavkov Forest Highlands, Owing to its location in a wide valley at an altitude over 700 metres above sea level, in an area with a high and particularly constant air humidity, along with crystal clear air free of pollutants – Lazne Kynzvart is one of only four resorts in the Czech Republic officially recognised as a climatic spa. Historically and on a long-term basis Lazne Kynzvart has been specialising in the treatment and recuperation processes of children starting from the age of one and a half years. Its operation is ideally adapted to these type of clients. However, the spa has recently included services for adults, making it a truly family spa resort.

Frantiskovy Lazne

In 1793 Austrian Emperor Franz I founded the world’s first peat spa in this area. At that time the local spring water was sold not only in the Czech land but also throughout the whole of Germany where it soon became the best-selling mineral water. Currently, Frantskovy Lazne has 20 curative springs used for drinking, irrigation and bathing. Another important natural resource found locally is peat, which thanks to being rich in minerals and h humic acids can be fully exploited in wraps and bathing.


Surrounded by picturesque scenery, Jachymov, the oldest radon spa in the world, is situated at an altitude of 673 m, making it the highest located spa in the Czech Republic. From time immemorial it was a place associated with ore mining. All that changed two years before the end of the 19th century, when it was discovered that the local water contained the until-then unknown element, radium. Entirely new possibilities opened up for the town and Jachymov’s new and long-lasting future in the spa trade commenced, giving rise to the first radon spa in the world. People from all over the world started coming to Jachymov for treatment – and still do.


For more than seven hundred years the town of Teplice has dwelled at the foot of the forested Krusne Mountains, in the wide basin at the edge of the volcanic Ceske stredoori range. Its name in Czech is derived from the world warm (in Czech teply). However, the discovery and first use of the springs date back much further than the town itself – the healing power of the local water has been known for two thousand years. Lazne Teplic proudly holds the title of the oldest spa in Central Europe.

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