1. The kings of summer

The kings of summer

Men’s fashion has undergone a major upheaval in recent times.

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Men’s fashion has undergone a major upheaval in recent times. From embracing vivid colours like fuchsia and lavender, to opting for specialised prints and customised accessories, the experimental male today is getting bolder and bolder in his sartorial choices. We spoke to a few top fashion designers in the country to find out the latest trends in men’s fashion. Compiled by Namrata Rao.

Varun Bahl

Designer Varun Bahl’s collection this season is focused on comfort, while keeping it stylish. “The collection is very relaxed and in tune with Indian summers,” says Bahl, adding, “Colours used are subtle with tone-on-tone shades and detailing. The colour palette ranges from ivories, pale pinks, sky blues, blush pink and indigo, the ‘in’ colour of the season. Our Karan Johar + Varun Bahl collection for the season is focused on comfort, yet keeping it stylish. So we have loose pants for men, short kurtas, bundi jackets in lightweight silks and breathable cottons.”

What’s trending

What’s really trending in men’s fashion is a hint of pop or contrast detailing in the outfit—contrasting colours being used in jacket lapels, collars, cuffs.

A bright pair of socks or pocket squares.

Experimenting with cooler tones like sky blues, pastels, blush pink and indigo.

Indian men are increasingly becoming more conscious and paying a lot more attention to detailing.

Quick tips

Some of the must-haves for men are sporty elements like sneakers, jerseys and sports-inspired garments.

Distress denims and a white crew-neck T-shirt are must-haves.

Accessories like bags, backpacks, sunglasses and bucket hats top the list of must-haves. A pair of well-fitted dress shoes is an absolute must—go for Oxfords and brogues.

Play with colours and experiment with styles.

Best-dressed men in India

There are many. I feel a person’s attitude, confidence and a well-fitted outfit that compliments their body make all the difference.


For their latest collection, the designer duo of Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna took inspiration from the ocean blue colours and sea breeze of the city of Mykonos in Greece. “We were thinking of the spring/summer collection during our recent travel to the city of Mykonos, Greece,” says designer Rahul Khanna, adding, “Ocean blue colours and the sea breeze were inspirations behind our menswear collection, which uses fresh colours and lightweight fabrics.”

What’s trending

Layering, lightweight fabrics, voile and linen combine to give easy and comfortable clothing.

All colours inspired by the ocean, deep blue, blunt orange, pale pink.

Quick tips

A well-fitted black bandhgala should always be ready for any occasion.

Don’t wear ill-fitted clothes. Wear your size and what suits your personality.

Shoes should match your belt.

Don’t wear socks with sandals.

Best-dressed men in India

Arjun Rampal for his personal style statement and Ranveer Singh for his experimental and quirky sense of fashion.


Ashish Soni is known for his refined and simple sense of aesthetics. His signature lines are characterised by simplicity, flawless lines, immaculate cuts and a perfect finish. This season’s collection, too, is derived with the same thought process, says the designer.

What’s trending

As one of the easiest patterns to pull off, it’s hardly surprising that stripes continue to cement their place within the modern gent’s wardrobe year after year. It is simply the biggest top trend for menswear this season, which has seen both luxury designers and high-street giants putting all-new slants on stripes. From vivid block-stripe knits to wide-striped tailoring, this timeless motif has been re-imagined for the coming months.

Quick tips

One of the best things about menswear is that you can do a lot with a little, especially when it comes to colours. Blue, grey and white make for a safe colour palette. Throw in a subtle plaid, an accent of colour with your pocket square and a killer pair of shoes, and you’re ready to go to office, around town or out on a date.

A well-groomed hairstyle and an exquisite watch to dress up the entire look are musts.

If in a fun mood, try a quirky pair of socks.

Most men in India are good at the uptight smart formal look, but sometimes end up looking stuffy in it. Jackets and blazers have long been viewed as formal options, but even though I agree that they look fantastic in that setting, it’s a very limiting approach to the garment. I would suggest sometimes loosen the tie and wear the jacket or blazer just like you would wear a casual garment, pairing it with jeans or corduroys.

Best-dressed men in India

Saif Ali Khan, Rahul Bose and Rahul Khanna.


The designer duo of Shantanu & Nikhil based their menswear collection around the inner emotions of a man, aiming to bring a bit of softness to the man. “In menswear this season, for the first time we have taken references from womenswear and have introduced new colour palettes and silhouettes for men,” says designer Nikhil Mehra, adding, “So there are subtle embroideries, colours like lavender… a sense of drape that has come about in the kurtas. It’s about the inner emotions of a man who is very much in touch with himself and also very balanced and in sync with who he is and what his emotions are. The colour palette is strong and yet there is a sense of softness to it. There is lavender, taupe, which is a beige but has a slight lush to it, a subtle rose colour, and, of course, classic blacks.”

What’s trending

Looking inwards and finding and clinching that inner emotion.

Drapes for men.

Subtle colour palettes like taupe and lavender.

Going back to organics would be a textural trend in terms of fabrics, where you opt for tussar, raw silk, brocade.

Handmade button details.

Quick tips

Being able to accessorise well is necessary. Buttons, eyewear and slip-on shoes are must-haves, as also are pocket squares.

A waistcoat, or a bundi, is a must-have in today’s wardrobe.

Go for more fitted silhouettes, crisper and cleaner looks.

One short kurta is another must-have, to be worn with breeches or slim trousers.

Best-dressed men in India

Arjun Rampal balances the way he looks and the way he wears his clothes beautifully. He is the epitome of style—never overdone or underplayed.


The designer’s collection was inspired by the works of the UK-based painter duo, the Singh Twins. “We used exquisite artworks by the twins to create prints on fabrics juxtaposed perfectly with our signature drapes and cuts,” says Tahiliani, adding, “We collaborated with them and used their wonderful body of work, which we stripped down and made wonderful collages of prints for our new collection, which is inspired by their colours, motifs and forms. And this found its way into the menswear collection resulting in fun, relaxed shirts, cravats, linings and other details.”

What’s trending

The top trends for the season are comfort,

classicism, better luxury, fit, and impeccably-styled but toned down fashion. Gone are the days of over-ornate wannabe fashion.

Quick tips

Be masculine and comfortable in your own skin, wear what suits you and define your own style.

Indian men tend to wear things that are over-fitted and a little too jazzy.

The biggest oversight is trying to be over-western one day and over-Indian the next. You’ve got to have your own style.

Best-dressed men in India

Gautam Thapar is a very well-dressed man in corporate India, very elegant, very understated and beautifully dressed in a very toned down fashion. Arjun Rampal is the best-dressed in Bollywood with a really chic style, very contemporary. There are many more. Actor Rahul Khanna is very well-dressed too.

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