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The best beers to warm your belly this winter

For those who aren’t in the mood for hard drinks or want to keep their evenings light and breezy, beer is the perfect accompaniment to friends and laughter.

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The winter is here and for sure it is the season to spend the chilly evenings with friends and colleagues to spread the warmth of togetherness. And what’s a party without great drinks? For those who aren’t in the mood for hard drinks or want to keep their evenings light and breezy, beer is the perfect accompaniment to friends and laughter. Beers with higher alcohol content are heavier and darker. It is just not as strong as alcohol, but enough to cheer up the party. Pair it with perfect foods like a plate of cheese, seafood or chocolaty dessert and let the buzz grow on you. 

Godfather Super 8

Introduced by DeVans Modern Breweries Ltd, Godfather Super 8 is the latest variant of one of the first few home-grown strong brews of India – Godfather. Touted as the strongest beer with 8% ABV, the highest allowed in India, this has attained iconic stature and has won various prestigious awards. Godfather Super 8 has notes of coriander and pale malt. A popular beer among beer guzzlers, it is made with choicest Indian malts and German bitters. Brewed over a long cycle, this one is smooth and refreshing. It is the perfect accompaniment for winter evenings along with the other variant – Godfather Legendary. 

Six Fields Blanche

This light beer is a Belgian style wheat beer, with 4.5% ABV and brewed to perfection for those who like it light. With a light golden appearance, it is made of wheat, malted barley, oats, coriander seed, sweet and bitter orange peels with German hops. A true beer connoisseur’s delight, it has passed 500 blind testings across the globe and has won hands down. It is available not just in pint and can but in 5 litre Kegs that give you the feeling of drinking directly from the tap. 

Kingfisher Ultra Max

One of the most popular beer brands in India, it stays true to its name by offering an Ultra Max beer experience. It promises not just maximum taste, but maximum life too. This strong beer has ABV between 5 and 8 percent. It is made from the finest Pilsen and to achieve the perfect taste it is brewed for days together. The elegantly packaged bottle in black golden hues speaks volumes about the fine taste of makers. 

Bira 91 White

Bira 91 is a cloudy light beer with 4.9% ABV content. It is the perfect go to partner for those who prefer their drink to be light and breezy even during winters. It has low bitterness and high aromas like citrus and coriander. The wheaty flavour with a hint of coriander and orange makes it a beer with a distinct flavour, and the medium golden hue lends it a delightful haze. 

Simba Strong

This strong beer has a high alcohol content of 8% ABV, yet does not leave a bitter after taste as it has taste notes and aromas that are not overpowering. The crisp and balanced drink has notes of malt, bread and citrus and goes well with most foods. The crisp and dark amber color is a party favourite, as it is a balanced drink. Most importantly, it does not contain any sugar. 

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First published on: 11-11-2022 at 11:51 IST