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Solar Eclipse 2022: Year’s last Surya Grahan today; City-wise timing, when and where to watch

Solar Eclipse 2022 in India: Solar eclipses are only visible from within the area on Earth where the Moon’s shadow falls, and the closer you are to the center of the shadow’s path, the bigger the eclipse looks.

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It will begin at 16:29:10 local time when the Moon will begin moving in front of the Sun.

The world will witness the last solar eclipse of 2022 today. The Surya Grahan will be visible on October 25 in several cities in India. People from Europe, the Urals and Western Siberia, Central Asia and Western Asia, and from the northeast of Africa will be able to view the solar eclipse. A partial solar eclipse occurs in the polar regions of the Earth when the centre of the Moon’s shadow misses the Earth.


Even if it’s for a short while, a solar eclipse should not be viewed with the naked eye.

When will it end?

Most of the states in India will witness a solar eclipse. However, few states of the northeastern region won’t be able to encounter the graham. The ending of the eclipse will be in progress after sunset in India and hence not visible.


According to the website, this partial solar eclipse will be visible in New Delhi. It will begin at 16:29:10 local time when the Moon will begin moving in front of the Sun. The eclipse will be over at 18:26:03.

Watch solar eclipse here

Live Updates

Solar Eclipse Live Updates

17:41 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

#partialsolareclipse witnessed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. – ANI

17:40 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Partial solar eclipse visible from most parts of India

17:40 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

#partialsolareclipse seen in the sky of Amritsar, Punjab. The astronomical phenomenon today is visible over most of India apart from some parts in the northeast – ANI

17:39 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

#partialsolareclipse as seen in Bengaluru, Karnataka. – ANI

16:09 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

The Solar Eclipse can be safely viewed through the Livestream on the official Youtube channel of the Royal Observatory Greenwich

16:03 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

The solar eclipse is now underway and can be viewed in some European countries

14:09 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Prayagraj temple doors to remain closed due to partial solar eclipse

13:47 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Delhi | The biggest solar eclipse of this century will take place today, 'sutak' is underway right now; we should not travel, eat, sleep unnecessarily, except for children, elderlies & the sick. We should remain in our homes & be peaceful: Lal Chand Sharma, priest, Birla temple – ANI

13:08 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

It will be the 16th partial solar eclipse of the century, and the second of this year.

12:42 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

As per Drik Panchang, the start time of the eclipse is 04:28 pm and the end time is 5:42 pm whereas the maximum eclipse time will be at 5:30 pm.

12:11 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Doors of Kedarnath, Badrinath temples to remain closed today due to solar eclipse – ANI

10:29 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Sutak Kaal For Pregnant Ladies

· It is suggested that pregnant ladies shouldn't go outside of the home

· According to astrology, pregnant ladies should take bath before and after the eclipse

· It is believed that pregnant ladies should avoid using knives and other pointed items

· It is believed that pregnant ladies should avoid sleeping during the Solar Eclipse

10:29 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Sutak Kaal Surya Grahan 2022: The Sutak Kaal time or period starts generally 12 hours before the start of the Eclipse or Grahan. The Sutak Kaal, according to Drik Panchang, will start at 03:16 AM and will continue till 05:42 PM.

10:14 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Solar eclipse 2022: City-wise timings

New Delhi: 04:28 pm to 05:42 pm

Mumbai: 04:49 pm to 06:09 pm

Chennai: 05:13 pm to 05:45 pm

Kolkata: 04:51 pm to 05:04 pm

Hyderabad: 04:58 pm to 05:48 pm

Bengaluru: 05:12 pm to 05:56 pm

Bhopal: 04:42 pm to 05:47 pm

Chandigarh: 04:23 pm to 05:41 pm

Pune: 04:51 pm to 06:06 pm

10:11 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Uttar Pradesh | Due to the partial solar eclipse, temples are closed in Prayagraj today; devotees take a holy dip in the Triveni Sangam – ANI

10:10 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayers at Badrinath temple on Friday.

10:10 (IST) 25 Oct 2022

On account of the eclipse, the doors of Shri Badrinath-Kedarnath temple will remain closed on October 25 on the solar eclipse, said the temple committee.

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