Season of festivities is here! Here are 10 books to read this autumn

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Updated: October 12, 2021 4:35 PM

Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals which describes mutual funds, their risk & returns, and the benefits.

Books, good reads, books to read now,'We are living in a time of great change brought about by new discoveries and breakthroughs happening continuously in nearly every field of human endeavour.'

October is the month of festivities and the readers want their share of happiness in the books they should read this time of the year. Here are 10 books to read this autumn.

1. In search of love by Robin Sharma 

In search of love is about an evolutionary story of a man in search of love. It’s about understanding the intricacies that are encountered by one in the path of love. A fantastic story of self discovery, evolution and love. The author is a man on a mission to spread awareness and strategies which would maximise the number of blissful souls all over the world, thus eventually turning this whole world into a blissful place for everyone.

2. Sonnets to Paradise by Nidra Naik 

Sonnets to Paradise is a saga about two female characters who find themselves demarcated in their ordinary mindsets and lives; their monotony and their antiquity. The two characters are not connected by blood or age but by a single piece of poetry manuscript titled, ‘Sonnets to Paradise.’This book is a contemporary story of two single women in their varied ages, searching for happiness and finally arriving at a peaceful juncture in their lives.


We are living in a time of great change brought about by new discoveries and breakthroughs happening continuously in nearly every field of human endeavour. No matter where we look, we see rapid change either already upon us, or being imminent. Never before in the history of our species have we encountered such rapid change. It is important that we understand the magnitude of the coming changes and where we are headed as a civilization and also how we may cope with the changed circumstances that the rapid changes will usher in upon us.

4. Song of the Whale by Sunil MS 

There is a whale in the city of Bangalore and only the Listeners can hear it. The Wanderer, a man suffering from dissociative amnesia, is sucked into this secret world of the Listeners and joins their search for the mysterious whale. He is unable to hear the song of the whale that beckons the Listeners every night. Filled with longing for the music, the Wanderer finds strange new friendships and love in this bizarre world of the Listeners. But the world he has built, sits on the shoulder of a lie. Caught between the impenetrable wall of his past and the promise of a future, he turns to the Song of the Whale to set him free.

5.  A place called home by Nithya Chellam 

Some of us have a longing to belong somewhere, we feel that we do not fit in anywhere and with anyone. Some of us would like to live and be in a place of joy, peace, and happiness. This book is intended to expand your space and knowledge about life. May you find “A place called home for you” that nurtures you to become who you truly are. “Home is not just a place, it is the space you can be. Be that space for yourself and everyone around. Whoever seeks your shelter, let them in.
Whoever chooses to leave, let them be. Whoever leaves and reconnects, welcome them back, You can choose this, irrespective of what anyone else

6. One Action – Towards Women’s Dreams and Ambitions by Sanya Khurana

In this book, Sanya refers to patriarchy as a bug in human minds, which starts growing at a very young age and evolves as one grows older. She talks about how Indian Media, India Film Industry, certain Indian Rituals and Customs increase the strength of the bug in the human minds; effects of Log Kya Kahenge ( what will other people think?) Syndrome on gender roles; and how unsafe cities become a psychological barrier for women. Overall, the book aims to encourage women in every part of the country to come together, join hands, and fight gender inequality in small ways in their homes, schools, and workplaces through the power of Lean In Circles.

7. You better watch out by A. Venkatasubramanian 

Are you prepared for the future? Are you clued into how future technologies are going to impact your life? Do you know change is going to hit you on many fronts and at many levels? Do you have technological situational awareness? Do you at least have an inkling of what you are going to be hit by or are you going to be caught napping? Fasten your seat belts and brace yourself for the ride.This century’s technologies are going to sweep into your life like a tsunami and turn it over, over and over again. The technologies and the pace of change are going to be like nothing you have seen before. Your entire world is going to turn topsy-turvy. So are you prepared? Are you going to be toast or are you going to raise a toast? Welcome to the brave new world where relentless change is the only constant.

8. The Elephant at the dinner table by Amit Nagpal

At the beginning of the book, Amit Nagpal poses a valid question: “Many people rise to the top in their profession, organization or department, company, and maybe, their community. But do they really know how to lead?”. It is on this poignant base that the book on experiential Leadership takes off. After all, nothing teaches more or better than experience.  Targeted at mid-level and aspiring leaders and based on Nagpal’s rich tapestry of experience in leadership positions and training activities, the book also benefits from proper research validation.

9. Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals by R.K Mohapatra 

Mutual Funds: A Powerful Investment Avenue for Individuals which describes mutual funds, their risk & returns, and the benefits. The book consists of six concise but comprehensive chapters with 172 pages, delved into Mutual Funds, Investment in shares & Debt Mutual Funds, Assessment of Risk in mutual funds investment, Evaluation of portfolio  and Prospects of Mutual Funds in India. The book offers a holistic view of wealth creation and elaborate practical advice with an in- depth analytical study of equity and mutual funds, which equip the readers with fundamental knowledge of different mutual funds and construct a balanced portfolio. This book is an excellent guide for investors and readers who are looking for a deeper understanding of mutual funds, which portrays the details of mutual funds like large-cap funds, multi-cap funds, mid-cap funds, small-cap funds, Interval funds, and hybrid mutual funds, NIFTY & SENSEX Index funds, and Debt funds.

10. Zikr by Husna 

“Zikr” is a collection of long and short verses. It is a poetic invocation of the beloved, the central muse. The muse, in the poet’s perspective, is the human experience. It exists, therefore, as much in the dew of rain as in a lover’s gaze. Every verse tells its own story, a deep love of life, longing and melancholia. It draws indomitable inspiration from the human condition.

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