WATCH: NASA releases first Ultra HD 8K video from ISS, brings space closer

They can now experience fast-moving and 8k ultra high definition videos of astronauts living, working and conducting research in the International Space Station.

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NASA scientists concerned about toilet microbes on ISS

NASA is concerned over the strains of the bacterium Enterobacter, identified on the toilets of the International Space Station's (ISS), which can raise potential health implications for future mission

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TRAPPIST-1 system likely hosts Earth-like ocean world

At least one of the seven rocky planets orbiting the dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 could be an Earth-like ocean world, say scientists who created updated climate models for the exoplanets.

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New method to remove toxic mercury from water

Scientists have developed a method to efficiently clean water contaminated with toxic mercury -- one of the major causes of environmental damage and health problems worldwide.

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NASA’s InSight lander on track for Mars touchdown on November 26

NASA's InSight spacecraft is on track for a soft touchdown on the surface of the Red Planet on November 26, scientists monitoring the health and trajectory of the lander have said.

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Mars landing comes down to final 6 minutes of 6-month trip

NASA's InSight spacecraft will enter the Martian atmosphere at supersonic speed, then hit the brakes to get to a soft, safe landing on the alien red plains.

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Textile microfibres from washing machines accumulating in ocean floors

Tiny, extremely fine fibres, that come from wastewaters of washing machines, are accumulating on sea floors and may adversely affect marine life, a study warns.

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New pinwheel star system discovered

Scientists have discovered a new, massive star system in the Milky Way galaxy that challenges existing theories of how large stars eventually die.

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Rolling stones left strange grooves on Mars moon, shows Study

Strange grooves that crisscross the surface of the Martian moon Phobos were likely made by rolling boulders blasted free from an ancient asteroid impact, a study has found.

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SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk renames his big rocket Starship

SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk has announced he is changing the name of his monster rocket BFR, aimed at carrying people to the Moon and possibly one day to Mars, to "Starship."

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NASA selects landing site for Mars 2020 Rover

Jezero Crater, 45 kilometres in size, is located on the western edge of Isidis Planitia -- a giant impact basin just north of the Martian equator. 

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NASA picks ancient Martian river delta for 2020 rover touchdown

NASA has picked an ancient river delta as the landing site for its uncrewed Mars 2020 rover, to hunt for evidence of past life on Earth's neighboring planet.

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Overflowing ancient lakes carved canyons across Mars, claims study

From studying rock formations from satellite images, scientists know that hundreds of craters across the surface of Mars were once filled with water.

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Indian-origin scientist unveils new device to send electrons through vacuum

It sends electrons through narrow air gaps instead of sending them through silicon, Xinhua quoted lead author Shruti Nirantar from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology as saying.

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GSAT-29 satellite pushed higher into orbit: ISRO

India's latest communication satellite GSat-29 was successfully pushed up to its intended orbit during its third orbit raising activity, said a top official of ISRO on Saturday.

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Planet-hunting Kepler telescope put to rest with final commands

NASA's Kepler space telescope, that discovered thousands of planets outside our solar system and revealed that our galaxy contains more planets than stars, has received its final set of commands to di

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A kilo of vegetables may weigh different soon: Here’s what’s changing

Over thousands of years, Kilogramme has been defined a number of times.

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India’s GSAT-29 communication satellite pushed higher into orbit

Speakers at the AVAR 2018 international cyber security conference will discuss advanced persistent targeted attacks on governments and industries to security for smart cars in the Internet of Things (

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Cold ‘super-Earth’ exoplanet discovered orbiting nearby star

An international team of researchers have discovered a cold super-Earth exoplanet orbiting around the red dwarf Barnard -- the second closest star system to Earth.

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Humans are better at remembering names than faces, claims Study

Remembering a person's face relies on recognition, but remembering their name is a matter of recall, and it is already well-established that human beings are much better at the former than the latter.

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First unmanned mission under Gaganyaan by Dec 2020, says ISRO chief K Sivan

The Indian Space Research Organisation has set a 'target' of achieving the country's ambitious manned mission to space by 2021, with the first unmanned programme of 'Gaganyaan' planned for December 20

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GSAT-29 launch: Historic day as ISRO launches GSLV-MK-III D2 carrying GSAT-29 satellite

GSAT-29 launch: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Wednesday launched India's latest communication satellite GSAT-29 onboard the second developmental flight GSLV-MkII D2 from Satish Dhawan S

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India building three specialised labs to assess nuclear radiation damage

Scientists at INMAS are developing three new specialised laboratories which they say could boost India's nuclear preparedness and help save thousands of lives in case of an atomic war or a nuclear dis

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NASA InSight mission to Mars: When, where and how to watch spacecraft landing

As NASA's InSight spacecraft touches down on the Red Planet on November 26, people from around the world will be able to watch the event live on NASA Television, the agency's website and social media

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‘Incomparable’ pink diamond could smash record at Geneva auction

The Pink Legacy used to belong to the Oppenheimer family, which for decades ran the De Beers diamond mining company, but auction house Christie's refused to say who the current owner was.

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NASA probe beams back image of Jupiter’s swirling clouds

The image captures a several bright-white 'pop-up' clouds as well as an anticyclonic storm, known as a white oval, in Jupiter's dynamic North Temperate Belt.

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Biggest ever robot exercise in the history of the UK army gets underway

The exercise aims to test technologies in surveillance, long-range and precision targeting, enhanced mobility and the re-supply of forces, urban warfare and enhanced situational awareness.

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