Amazon droughts reducing forest’s carbon dioxide absorption, says NASA

A single season of drought in the Amazon rainforest can reduce its capacity to absorb carbon dioxide for years after the rains return, a NASA study has found.

Why won’t NASA’s Parker Solar Probe melt?

With NASA launching a historic Parker Solar Probe deeper into the solar atmosphere than any mission before it, the question arises: Why won't it melt?

India to launch two space missions every month, says ISRO Chairman K Sivan

India is ready to launch two space missions every month, with 31 launches slated to take place over the coming 16 months, a top official said on Sunday.

India to launch GSAT-32 in October next year to replace GSAT-6A

Indian space agency ISRO will launch GSAT-32 satellite in October 2019 to replace GSAT-6A which stopped communicating a few days after its launch on March 29.

Parker Solar Probe: Meet the Indian-American astrophysicist whose intervention made it possible

Mankind's first mission to 'touch' the Sun may have panned out differently had it not been for Indian-American astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, whose intervention made it possible for a rese

NASA launches ‘Parker Solar Probe’ to ‘touch the Sun’ – watch video

United States' space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) on Sunday launched its pioneering satellite 'Parker Solar Probe' into space.

Parker Solar Probe: World’s first mission to touch the Sun lifts off

NASA's Parker Solar Probe, mankind's first mission to 'touch' the Sun, has been launched today on a seven-year long journey to unlock the mysteries of our star's fiery outer atmosphere and its effects

Use of smartphones making us more distracted, shows study

For instance, even minor phone use during a meal with friends was enough to make the diners feel distracted and reduced their enjoyment of the experience, researchers said.

Parker Solar Probe Launch: NASA delays probe launch

NASA on Saturday scrubbed the scheduled launch of its historic small car-size probe to "touch the Sun" from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

New Artificial Intelligence technique to make cancer treatment less toxic

MIT researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have developed novel machine-learning techniques to improve the quality of life for patients by reducing toxic chemotherapy and radiotherapy dosing for

Partial solar eclipse 2018 timings in India: How to watch

Partial solar eclipse 2018 timings: In what will be the second celestial phenomenon of the month, a part of sun will appear to be covered by the Moon's shadow in the early hours of August 11. Here is

Parker Solar Probe launch: NASA to blast off first-ever spacecraft to Sun today

The first ever spacecraft to fly directly toward the Sun is poised to blast off today, on a mission to plunge into our star's sizzling atmosphere and unlock the mysteries of the centre of the solar sy

Chinese researchers develop new way to make artificial wood

Chinese scientists have developed a new strategy for large-scale fabrication of bio-inspired artificial wood that manifests lightweight and high-strength properties with the mechanical strength compar

NASA sending spacecraft straight into sun’s glittering crown

NASA is sending a spacecraft straight into the sun's glittering crown, an atmospheric region so hot and harsh any normal visitor would wither.

NASA counts down to launch of first spacecraft to ‘touch Sun’

NASA counted down today to the launch of a USD 1.5 billion spacecraft that aims to plunge into the Sun's sizzling atmosphere and become humanity's first mission to explore a star.

Big discovery! Indian telescope GMRT finds most distant radio galaxy ever

Astronomers have used an Indian telescope to discover the most distant radio galaxy ever known, located at a distance of 12 billion light-years.

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origin among six NASA picks for ‘tipping point’ space technology

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos-owned Blue Origin is among the six companies NASA has selected for developing 10 "tipping point" technologies that have the potential to significantly benefit commercial space

Olfactory excitement! Did you know? Dinosaurs too liked perfumes that we enjoy!

The flower-based compounds behind the perfumes and colognes you enjoy have been eliciting olfactory excitement since dinosaurs walked the Earth, a study has found.

Big discovery! Scientists discover forty-five new exoplanets

Scientists have discovered a trove of forty-four planets in solar systems beyond our own in one go, dwarfing the usual number of confirmations from extrasolar surveys.

New slippery packaging can cut food waste; here’s how

Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have developed super slippery packaging that lets consumers squeeze out every last drop of a product, and could significantly cut down food wastage.

New passphrase system could make online accounts more secure

Scientists have developed a new system that uses passphrases for online authentication, and found it to be more user-friendly and secure than traditional word-based passcodes.

Sunita Williams among 9 NASA astronauts to fly on Boeing, SpaceX spacecraft

Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams is among the nine astronauts named by NASA on Friday for its first human spaceflight programme from the US soil since the retirement of the space shuttle in 201

New Artificial Intelligence device identifies objects at speed of light, says report

Scientists have created a 3D printed artificial neural network - a device modelled on how the human brain works - that can analyse large volumes of data and identify objects at the speed of light.

SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft to return to Earth, says NASA

After delivering more than 5,900 pounds of science and supplies, the SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is set to depart the International Space Station (ISS) to Earth on Friday.

Chinese scientists create first single-chromosome yeast

Chinese scientists claimed to have created the first single-chromosome yeast while not affecting the majority of its functions, a breakthrough that could help in furthering research related to aging a

Bermuda Triangle mystery solved? Here is what Channel 5 documentary claims

The Bermuda Triangle is a conundrum which has baffled many great minds, as well as the commons alike, might have been solved.

Very rare! Moon will be visible even during the day, but only till August 4 – Here is why this phenomenon is taking place

Another celestial phenomenon will be keeping the space enthusiasts on the edge. The Moon will this week be visible even during the day.

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