NASA plans 45-day effort to get its Mars rover back

US space agency NASA is planning to start its effort to restore communication with the Mars rover Opportunity.

Martian skies clearing, hope for Opportunity Rover: NASA

With skies clearing over Opportunity Rover's resting spot in Mars, NASA believes that the solar-powered rover will soon receive enough sunlight to automatically initiate recovery procedures --but only

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot reveals signs of water: NASA

NASA scientists peering deep inside Jupiter's Great Red Spot -- a storm that has been raging on the planet for over 350 years -- have detected signs of water above the planet's deepest clouds.

ISRO to outsource production of PSLV, SSLV to private industries; focus on Gaganyaan

The Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO will outsource the production of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and Small Satellite Launch Vehicle to private industries.

First in 50 years, astronaut quits NASA training halfway

Astronaut candidate Robb Kulin has resigned halfway through his two years of training at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Man mission to space to have 3 crew members; will be in space for 5-7 days: ISRO chief

The Gaganyaan mission to send humans to the space will comprise three crew members and reach the lower orbit of the Earth in just 16 minutes after the launch and stay in the space for five to seven da

What is in a name? A great deal! US state is first to define what can be considered meat

What is in a name? A great deal, as far as the US state of Missouri is concerned.

Work on human space mission began in 2004, this govt took it forward, says Officials

India's space agency ISRO began work on developing critical technologies to send humans to space way back in 2004 but the project was not on the "priority list" till the Narendra Modi-led government t

World’s smallest medical robot sets Guinness record

Scientists have set a new Guinness World Record by creating the smallest medical robot - a device measuring just 120 nanometres that could assist in future cancer and Alzheimer's treatments.

Gaganyaan, India’s first manned space mission, to send 3 persons including a woman

India's first manned space flight - Gaganyaan - is expected to send three persons, including a woman, into the space for seven days and the spacecraft will be placed in a low earth orbit of 300-400 km

Work on developing critical technologies for human space mission began in 2004, says ISRO chief K Sivan

India's space agency ISRO began work on developing critical technologies to send humans to space way back in 2004 but the project was not on the "priority list", its chief K Sivan said today.

NASA working for better cancer treatments in space, says report

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are conducting a blood cell experiment which may improve treatments for cancer, the media reported.

Volunteers step forward: Belgian scientists look for poo donors

Belgian scientists are looking for people to donate their faeces to help with research into illnesses ranging from bowel disorders and allergies to neurological diseases.

Brain mechanism that makes you overeat found

Scientists have discovered a destructive brain mechanism that prevents the neurons from signalling that the stomach is full, causing one to overeat.

‘Smart paper’ can now fold or flatten itself on command

Scientists have developed a low-cost technology that allows a simple piece of paper to spring to life -- bending, folding or flattening itself on command.

New NASA app clicks selfies in ‘out of the world’ locations

NASA has rolled out a new app that allows you to take a picture of yourself in a virtual spacesuit, posing in front of gorgeous cosmic locations, like the Orion Nebula or the centre of the Milky Way g

NASA tracks monsoon rains behind Kerala floods

NASA has released a video created using satellite data that provides an estimate of the intense rainfall over India in the past week and shows the spread of the resulting severe flooding in Kerala and

Know how India’s Chandrayaan-1 helped NASA scientists confirm presence of water on Moon

In what has given hope to scientists and top space agencies of having a base set up on the Moon, US space agency NASA on Tuesday found a "definitive evidence" of water ice on the surface of the Earth'

Simple paper test detects fake antibiotics

Scientists have developed a paper-based test for antibiotics that turns a distinctive red colour on detecting fake or substandard drugs within minutes.

NASA chief excited about prospects for exploiting water on the moon

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has a vision for renewed and "sustainable" human exploration of the moon, and he cites the existence of water on the lunar surface as a key to chances for success.

NASA’s InSight completes halfway to Mars

NASA's InSight spacecraft, en route to land on Mars this November, has passed the halfway mark, covering 277 million kilometres since its launch 107 days ago.

E-cigarettes can damage DNA, up cancer risk

E-cigarettes often touted as a safer alternative to cigarette smoking may modify the DNA in the oral cells of users, potentially increasing the risk of cancer.

Chandrayaan-I data confirms presence of ice on Moon

Scientists have found frozen water deposits in the darkest and coldest parts of the Moon's polar regions using data from the Chandrayaan-I spacecraft, that was launched by India 10 years ago, NASA sai

Contact lenses contribute to microplastic pollution

Discarded contact lenses are contributing to the rising microplastic pollution in the world's water bodies and could eventually find their way to the human food supply, scientists including one of Ind

Mexican astrophysicist discovers first galaxies in universe

A Mexican astrophysicist has identified some of the first galaxies in our universe together with a team of researchers.

Indian-origin surgeon finds contact lens stuck in eye for 28 years in UK

An Indian-origin surgeon and his colleagues have found a contact lens lodged in a woman's eye for 28 years.

Winners of NASA,’s Astrobee Series include one from India

NASA and has announced three winners of the latest crowdsourcing contest Astrobee Challenges Series including Amit Biswas from India.

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