Scientists voice opposition to weakening of US Endangered Species Act

Thousands of scientists joined on Monday to accuse the Trump administration of trying to erode the Endangered Species Act in favor of commercial interests with a plan to revamp regulations that have f

NASA’s Mars probe beams back selfie to mark four years in orbit

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has beamed back a selfie to mark its four years orbiting Mars and studying the upper atmosphere of the red planet.

Pop-up habitats developed for Moon, Mars using origami techniques

Scientists have developed pop-up space habitats for future human colonies on the Moon and Mars, using a combination of origami techniques and digital weaving processes.

Japan’s Yusaku Maezawa will be SpaceX’s first tourist to moon

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will hitch the first SpaceX ride around the moon in 2023. He plans to invite as many as eight artists to join him.

Moon mission a calculated risk: ISRO chairman K Sivan

ISRO's moon mission Chandrayaan 2, a 'calculated risk' undertaken in the knowledge that 50 per cent of such launches have failed, will land at a spot where no country has gone before,its chairman K Si

New battery may help cut carbon dioxide emissions

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new battery made partly from carbon dioxide captured from power plants.

NASA to conduct contest to name next Mars rover in 2019

NASA is on the look out for a partner to conduct a contest among students to name the agency's next rover to the Red Planet -- the Mars 2020 mission -- in the 2019 academic year.

First human oesophagus created in lab using stem cells

In a first, US scientists have used stem cells to grow human oesophagus -- known as the food pipe -- in the laboratory, an advance that will enable personalised disease diagnosis, regenerative therapi

Scientists identify earliest known animal 558 million years ago

A new study has revealed that the earliest confirmed animal in the geological record lived 558 million years ago.

Ripples from ancient cosmic encounter discovered in Milkyway

The Milky Way galaxy is still enduring the effects of a near collision that took place sometime in the past 300-900 million years and set millions of stars moving like ripples on a pond, scientists sa

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe sends back first images

Just over a month into its seven-year mission to touch the Sun, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has beamed back the first-light data from each of its four instrument suites, the US space agency said.

Robotic skins could bring your stuffed toys to life

Scientists have developed an electronic skin that can turn everyday objects -- from a stuffed animal to balls of crumpled paper -- into robots.

NASA’s new website shows how space tech impacts everyday lives

NASA has launched an interactive website that allows users to tour through buildings to discover common items that the space agency helped improve -- such as water purifiers and selfie cameras.

Feeling too lazy to hit the gym? Blame your brain, say scientists

Feeling too lazy to hit the gym? Blame your brain, say scientists who found that it is naturally wired to prefer lying on the couch.

Harvard scientists develop soft exosuit that lets you trek without getting tired

Harvard scientists have developed a soft exosuit that could assist soldiers, fire fighters and rescue workers to traverse through difficult terrains without getting too tired.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to be first tourist to Moon: SpaceX

US private space firm SpaceX has announced that the company's first private passenger to the Moon will be Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.

NASA’s Juno probe captures elusive ‘brown barge’ on Jupiter

NASA's Juno spacecraft has beamed back an image of a long, brown oval known as a "brown barge" -- an elusive atmospheric feature in Jupiter's South Equatorial Belt.

Martian dust storm clearing over Opportunity rover, says NASA

A global dust storm that enshrouded Mars -- halting operations for NASA's Opportunity rover -- continues to abate, raising scientists' hopes to hear back from the 15-year-old, solar-powered probe.

Our eyes have natural night vision mode, says study

Our eyes have in-built night vision mode, say scientists who found that to see under starlight and moonlight, the retina changes both the software and hardware of its light-sensing cells.

ISRO launches 2 foreign earth observation satellites

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) today launched the NovaSAR and S1-4 earth observation satellites of the U.K from the spaceport.

Hubble Space Telescope set to peer in to earliest galaxies: NASA

The Hubble Space Telescope has started a new mission to study six massive galaxy clusters that may help shed light on how the earliest galaxies evolved in the universe, NASA said.

NASA satellite launched to measure Earth’s ice changes

A NASA satellite designed to precisely measure changes in Earth's ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation has been launched from California.

Countdown for launch of PSLV-C42 begins

The 33-hour countdown for the launch of two earth observation satellites on-board PSLV from the space port of Sriharikota, about 110 kilometers from here, began at 1.08 PM on Saturday. The Indian Spac

India will fly its first small rocket next year, says ISRO Chairman

The Indian space agency expects to fly its first small rocket with a carrying capacity of about 500-700 kg sometime next year, according to a top official.

SpaceX to announce 1st tourist to Moon

In a step that commercialises space travel, US private space firm SpaceX on Friday announced that it will send the first private passenger to Moon and will reveal his identity on Monday.

Novel insect-inspired flying robot developed

Scientists say the have developed a novel autonomous flying robot that mimics the rapid flight of insects. Experiments with the free-flying and agile flapping-wing robot improves the understanding of

NASA satellite to measure Earth’s melting ice, says report

NASA is set to launch a satellite equipped with the most advanced laser instrument of its kind in to space, to provide critical observations of how the Earth's ice sheets, glaciers and sea ice are cha

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