Bitcoin use causes huge carbon dioxide emissions: Study

Bitcoin mining has increased rapidly in recent years. Statistics show that it quadrupled in 2018 alone. Consequently, the Bitcoin boom raises the question of whether the cryptocurrency is imposing an

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Apollo moon rocks help transform understanding of the universe

Moon rocks look rather nondescript -- they are often gray in colour -- but for NASA planetary scientist Samuel Lawrence, they are the "most precious materials on Earth."

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Womankind’s giant leap: Who will be the first female moonwalker?

So, who will she be? No one knows for sure, but it's a likely bet the candidate will be selected from among NASA's current roster of 12 female astronauts.

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Chandrayaan 2: Meet India’s ‘Rocket Women’ who are leading the country’s second moon mission!

ISRO scientist Ritu Karidhal and electronics system engineer Muthayya Vanitha, both in their 40s, will be leading the Moon Mission’s main components- project oversight as well as crucial final phase


India’s own space station: Here’s how ISRO plans to join the elite club

ISRO Chairman K Sivan had announced on Thursday that the proposed space station would weigh around 20 tonnes.

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India to set up own space station, says ISRO chairman

Isro chief Sivan added that a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the IAF to select and train astronauts.

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India to have its own space station! ISRO plans to take historic leap

ISRO has a successful record in space missions including Chandrayaan -1, Mangalyaan and launching of over hundred satellites in one go. 

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Big update on India’s next Moon mission! Chandrayaan-2 mission launch date revealed

The launch would take place at 2.51 am on board the GSLV MK-III vehicle from the spaceport of Sriharikota.

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Scientists solve Moon’s mystery! End up discovering another mysterious large mass

The crater itself is oval-shaped, as wide as 2,000 kilometres and several miles deep.

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What causes signal disruption? NASA to launch twin satellites to study from space

Like the E-TBEx CubeSats, the COSMIC-2 beacons send signals at three frequencies -- slightly different than those used by E-TBEx -- to receiving stations on the ground.

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New technology to combat climate change: Scientists develop microbes to convert CO2 into plastics, fuels

Now, exposure to even small amounts of indirect sunlight would activate the microbes' CO2 appetite, without a need for any source of energy or food to carry out the energy-intensive biochemical conver

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NASA’s Mars helicopter testing enters final phase

The Mars Helicopter returned to JPL on May 11 for further testing and finishing touches.

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Climate change may make Siberia habitable for humans: Study

They applied the collective means of January and July temperatures and annual precipitation of the two scenarios to Asian Russia to find their respective effects on three climate indices that are impo

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Want to be a space traveller? NASA to make your dream come true from next year; Here’s how

NASA said Friday it will open up the International Space Station for tourism and other business ventures as of next year, as it seeks to financially disengage from the orbiting research lab.

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Humans consume ‘tens of thousands’ of plastic pieces each year

Humans eat and breathe in tens of thousands of microplastic particles every year, according to a new analysis Wednesday that raised fresh questions over how plastic waste could directly impact our hea

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World Environment Day: High-flying balloons, quality air-sensors being used to fight air pollution

Navakanta Bhat, a professor at Indian Institute of Science, Bangaluru, has devised gas sensors with ultra-precise detection accuracies necessary for environmental monitoring.

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World Environment Day: Pollution impacting India’s growth as air quality drops in more cities

Air Pollution: While the problem is solvable and has been resolved to some extent in the developed world, there are several challenges in India in this regard.

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11 of the World’s hottest places are in India: Report

Of the 15 hottest places in the world in the past 24 hours, eight were in India with the others in neighbouring Pakistan, according to weather monitoring website El Dorado.

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1,800 exploding stars discovered! Scientists found trove of supernovae

Scientists have discovered about 1,800 new supernovae, or exploding stars, that may help measure how fast the universe is expanding.

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SpaceX reacts to Starlink’s ‘false constellation’ fears over view of space

SpaceX announced that "all 60 satellites have deployed their solar arrays successfully, generated positive power and communicated with our ground stations."

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Dabur India to collect, recycle over 3 lakh kg plastic waste

As part its mega plastic waste recycling initiative in Tamil Nadu, Dabur India has targeted to collect 3.18 lakh kg of plastic waste from all major cities in the state during this financial year, a to

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For first time, ‘forbidden’ exoplanet discovered in Neptunian Desert

Astronomers say they have discovered a rogue exoplanet with its own atmosphere in the Neptunian Desert.

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NASA Curiosity Mars rover finds clay cache on Red Planet

The rover recently drilled two samples at rock targets called "Aberlady" and "Kilmarie" in a region of Mars called the "clay-bearing unit".

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Cheating in school assignments? Novel AI to detect who really wrote it

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark have been working on ways to detect cheating on assignments through writing analysis by way of artificial intelligence have been underway for a f

The network is trained on large amounts of data to learn from representations of writing styles, which are then compared. (Representational image) News

Total Solar Eclipse 2019: Here’s how you can see the most anticipated celestial event of the year

Activities in Santiago include touring the Bellavista neighborhood, home to eclectic eateries and art galleries, and visiting the Plaza de Armas to tour the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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Pakistan launches its first ever moon-sighting website

Speaking at the launch of the website, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said that it will end the "moon-sighting controversy" in the country.

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No cars, no pollution! Study finds healthier air quality in car-free pedestrianised zone in Delhi’s Karol Bagh

Roychowdhury, executive director of research and advocacy at CSE, found that while the average "PM2.5 concentration on the Arya Samaj Road is 63.6 micrograms per cubic metre, it is 47.7 micrograms per

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