NASA telescope captures 100-millionth image of Sun

A telescope aboard a prolific Sun-watching NASA spacecraft has captured its mind-boggling 100 millionth image of the Sun...

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Meteorite’s magnetic memory gives clues to Earth’s future

Scientists have studied the magnetic memory contained in ancient meteorites, offering a tantalising glimpse of what may happen to the Earth's...

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NASA, Microsoft to help scientists virtually explore Mars

NASA has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a new software that will enable scientists to work on Mars virtually using a wearable technology...


Milky Way may contain Interstellar-style space-time tunnel

An Interstellar-style space-time tunnel may exist in the Milky Way and we could even travel through it...

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SpaceX lands $1 billion from Google & Fidelity

Google likes its ambitions sky high. This time, it has gone a little further...

New system uses light to wirelessly charge phones

Imagine if you could just toss your cellphone on a table, where it is automatically charged using a beam of light...


Volcanic eruption in Tonga creates new island

A volcanic eruption in Tonga has created a new island although one scientist said today it could soon disappear.

Atlas rocket blasts off from Florida with military communications satellite

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New laser to boost imaging quality of microscopes

Researchers have developed a new semiconductor laser that can significantly improve the imaging quality of the next generation...

NASA spacecraft beams new images of dwarf planet Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has beamed back a series of new images of the dwarf planet Ceres, showing tantalising detail of the mysterious world's surface.

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Two more planets in our Solar System: Astronomers

The Solar System has at least two more planets waiting to be discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto, Spanish and British astronomers say.

New project to send seeds to Mars

The Seed team has won a contest on the best designs for experiments on Mars organised by Dutch non-profit Mars One...

New device lets deaf ‘hear’ through their tongues

Researchers are developing an electric retainer that could allow the hearing-impaired to 'listen' through their tongues.

Karishma Tanna, Upen Patel’s closeness on ‘Bigg Boss’ seems fake: Sana Khan

Model-actor Sana Khan, who has been evicted from 'Bigg Boss- Halla Bol', feels Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel's much-talked...

Two dwarf planets beyond Pluto in our solar system?

At least two unknown dwarf planets may be hiding in our solar system beyond Pluto, a new study suggests...

Biosensor to give machines human-like smelling ability

Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have developed a new biosensor which could allow machines to smell more accurately than humans...

Zebras have stripes to keep them cool

Zebras' thick, black stripes may have evolved to help them stay cool in the midday African heat, a new study has found...

X-Rays help farmers boost yields, cut pollution

Researchers are using X-rays to help farmers increase yields and cut water pollution...

Last year was Earth’s hottest on record: US scientists

The year 2014 was the warmest, ahead of 2010, undermining claims by some sceptics that global warming has stopped in recent years.

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NASA spacecraft set for first Pluto encounter

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has begun its long-awaited, historic encounter with the dwarf planet Pluto.

Exoplanets more hospitable to life than thought

Scientists have found that exoplanets - planets outside our solar system - are more likely to have liquid water...

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New ‘smart’ shoes generate power from walking

Researchers have developed new 'smart' shoes that harvest power from the simple act of walking.

NASA’s Mars rover set to drill into crystal-rich rock

Mars rover Curiosity will drill into a crystal-rich rock to detect possible salt mineral left from a drying lake on the Red planet, according to an Indian-origin NASA scientist.

DNA ‘smart glue’ may help build tissues, organs

DNA strands can act as a glue to hold together 3-D-printed materials that could someday be used to grow tissues and organs in the lab, a new study has found.

Asteroid to fly by Earth safely on January 26: NASA

An asteroid will safely pass about three times the distance of Earth to the Moon on January 26, according to NASA.

New snake robot can be reconfigured to suit user needs

Scientists have developed a new robot that moves in ways that are similar to a snake's natural undulations and it can be reconfigured to suit user needs.

ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission team wins Space Pioneer Award

ISRO's Mars Mission team has won the prestigious 2015 Space Pioneer Award in the science and engineering category in recognition of achieving the rare feat in its very first attempt.

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