How Earth got its continents discovered

Scientists have unveiled how continents were formed on Earth over 2.5 billion years ago - and how those processes have continued for the last 70 million years...

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Moon’s first settlers may live in lava tubes

The first human settlers on the Moon may live inside giant lava tubes large enough to house cities, which were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions...

earth moon

Brief total lunar eclipse coming April 4

Brief lunar eclipse should be visible at 0935 GMT, and the total eclipse begins at 1134 GMT.

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Lunar eclipse to be visible all over India on April 4

There will be a lunar eclipse on April 4 which would be visible from all over India, depending on weather conditions, an expert....

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NASA’s Saturn spacecraft returns to realm of icy moons

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has returned to equatorial orbits around Saturn after nearly two years...

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Fastest rotating man-made object ever created

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have made it to the Guinness Book of World Records after creating the fastest rotating man-made object to date...

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ISRO successfully completes IRNSS-ID orbit raising operation

The first orbit raising operation of latest navigation satellite IRNSS-1D has been successfully completed, ISR...

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It takes 38 minutes to fall through Earth!

It would only take a person 38 minutes to fall all the way through the centre of the Earth, instead of the commonly accepted 42 minutes.

Earth, continents, continents on earth, earth continents, earth continents discovery, science news

Fresh evidence for groundwater on Mars

Investigation says, such conditions in a similar Earth environment would have been conducive for microbial colonisation...


India launches IRNSS-1D; set to operationalise navigational system

India is set to operationalise its own navigational system with the succesful launch of IRNSS-1D...

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ISRO to launch IRNSS-1D today from Sriharikota, countdown progressing smoothly

The stage is set for the launch of India's satellite IRNSS-1D today from Sriharikota onboard workhorse PSLV-C27 that would...

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Bacteria may prove potential to clean environmental pollution by creating ‘natural battery’

Bacteria can use tiny magnetic particles to effectively create a 'natural battery'

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Straw, sawdust, other agricultural waste may power future cars

Agricultural by-products, such as straw, sawdust and corncobs, can be used to create environment friendly biofuel to power cars, scientists say.

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Doctors develop ‘App’ that tells heart’s health status

A team of doctors here have developed a mobile application through which the health status of heart could be monitored at any time of the day by calculating the risks...

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India to witness total lunar eclipse on Apr 4

In a visual treat for celestial gazers, a total lunar eclipse will be witnessed in India on April 4.

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Ancient lake on Mars had fresh water

An ancient lake on Mars' Jezero Crater may have once been filled with fairly fresh water...

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NASA mission to pluck a boulder off asteroid

US space agency NASA is planning to launch a robotic spacecraft to pick up a boulder about 10 feet in diameter from the surface of an asteroid and relocate it into an orbit around the Moon.

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It’s a short day on Saturn

A day on Saturn is 10 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds long, said a study Wednesday that further demystifies the ringed gas giant.

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Quality of science in India ‘lousy’, improve quality: CNR Rao

Eminent scientist CNR Rao today said the quality of science in India was 'lousy'...

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Huge asteroid to zoom past Earth at 37,000 kph

A massive 1,000-metre wide asteroid capable of wiping out an entire country is set to narrowly miss Earth...

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Mars mission completes 6 months, life extended by 6 months more

The country's low-cost Mars mission, that completed six months of rendezvous with the red planet...

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Wandering Jupiter changed our solar system

Jupiter may have swept through the early solar system like a wrecking ball, destroying any newly-formed super-Earths...

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Stars may produce sound!

A team of Indian and UK scientists has found experimental evidence that stars may generate sound...

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Gold in feces worth millions: Study

Human feces contains gold, silver and other metals which could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, say scientists...

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World’s largest asteroid impact zone discovered in Australia

Scientists have discovered a 400 km-wide impact zone from a huge meteorite in central Australia which is the largest asteroid impact zone ever found on Earth.

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Chinese airline completes cooking oil fuel flight

Chinese airline today completed the country's first commercial flight using biofuel, made from waste cooking oil...

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Solar eclipse sweeps across Atlantic, visible only from remote islands

A solar eclipse swept across the Atlantic Ocean on Friday with the moon set to block out the sun for a few thousand sky gazers...

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