Delhi pollution levels likely to drop due to wind; air quality still ‘very poor’

Pollution levels in the national capital are expected to drop on Tuesday due to an increase in wind speed even as air quality remained in the 'very poor' category in the morning.

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Answer to plastic pollution found? Big breakthrough as Indian Oil converts plastic waste into oil

This could eventually mean the Indian Oil Corporation could put the systems at its refineries and petrochemical complexes with a solution to commercially produce oil from the plastics waste.

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Delhi air quality: Pollution levels drop marginally due to wind, but air quality remains in ‘severe’ category

Pollution levels in the national capital dropped marginally on Monday morning due to a slight increase in wind speed, but the air quality remained in the 'severe' category.

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Pollution levels in Delhi and satellite towns shoot up, air quality ‘severe plus’ at several places

In the National Capital Region (NCR), Noida (487), Ghaziabad (483) and Greater Noida (470), Gurgaon (457), breathed extremely polluted air.

The AQI at Pusa, Bawana, Anand Vihar, Ashok Vihar, Mundka, Punjabi Bagh and ITO was between 490 and 500. News

‘Chandrayaan-2 not end of story’, K Sivan reveals ISRO’s new space plans; check details

ISRO latest news, Chandrayaan 2: Asserting that IITs are the "holy grail" of technical education in India, Sivan said when he graduated from IIT Bombay more than three decades ago, the job scenario wa

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Delhi air quality: Wind brings down pollution levels in national capital, still in ‘severe’ category

In the National Capital Region (NCR), Ghaziabad and Greater Noida recorded AQIs of 459 and 452, respectively, at 10 am on Saturday.

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Delhi pollution: EPCA calls for ‘immediate stringent action’ against stubble-burning in Punjab, Haryana

Earlier in the day, the EPCA declared a public health emergency in the Delhi-NCR and banned construction activities till November 5. It also banned bursting of crackers during the winter season.

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ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 finds Argon-40 in Moon’s exosphere

CHACE-2, a neutral mass spectrometer based payload can detect lunar exosphere constituents in range of 1-300 atomic mass unit(amu). It has detected 40Ar as part of its earlier mission from the lunar e

Chandrayaan-2 , Moon, lunar exosphere, Argon 40, ISRO , orbiter, Synthetic Aperture Radar, impact craters News

Scientific breakthrough! Scientists decode how the Big Bang may have happened

The finding may have applications in faster air and space travel, and improved power generation, including reactions that generate zero emissions as all of the products used in the combustion are conv

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Ominous signs! Mumbai facing ‘wipe-out’ risk due to rise in sea-levels, says study

Produced by Climate Central, a New Jersey-based science organisation, the research paper was published in ‘Nature Communications’ journal.

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Delhi’s air quality drops to ’emergency’ category first time since January

A Central Pollution Control Board official said the AQI entered the "severe plus" or "emergency" category late Thursday night, the first time since January this year.

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Big Achievement! India beats China, Japan to rank 3rd in Asia for environmental sustainability

Companies in Hong Kong recorded the best overall performance in Asia with an average score of 70.06, followed by South Korea (64.57) and India (63.12).

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Delhi air quality: National capital remains shrouded in toxic haze for third consecutive day

According to the Ministry of Earth Sciences' air quality monitor, SAFAR, the share of stubble burning in Delhi's pollution rose to 35 per cent on Wednesday, the season's highest, and the hazardous haz

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Soon fly on ‘all-electric aircraft’! Check features of made-in-Israel Eviaton Alice

Eviaton Alice comes with low operating costs. The electrically-powered aircraft has the capacity to compete on all of the high cost factors of the operational cost of a plane, fuel as well as motor re

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Pollution soars in Delhi, air quality ‘severe’ in the national capital

On Tuesday, the overall air quality index was 414 at 8 pm, worse than Monday's AQI of 397, according to the CPCB.

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Delhi air quality plunges to ‘severe’ category in several parts of national capital

Pollution levels in the satellite towns of Ghaziabad (429), Greater Noida (418), and Noida (427) were worse.

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Should you flygskam? An anti-flying movement to reduce carbon emissions gathering momentum

As public awareness of climate change has grown, an increasing number of people are openly talking about flygskam or ‘flight shame’, and ‘flying in secret’.

In Sweden, people are swapping planes for trains as a sense of shame spreads among those concerned about climate change. News

Delhi records season’s worst air quality, EPCA likely to announce stricter steps

The recommendations include banning construction work at night in Delhi-NCR from October 26 to 30 and closure of industries that have not switched to piped natural gas.

delhi air qaulity, RPCA, delhi NCR air quality, SAFAR, delhi pollution, latest news on air pollution, air pollution News

What are the odds of an asteroid wiping out humanity from Earth? Japan’s fireball incident points to a scary scenario

Experts also believe that this asteroid could hit and collide into earth at a neck-breaking speed, and in case it hits the surface of the planet, it would likely create a crater that will be approxima

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Big breakthrough! Google unveils quantum computer; critics say wait a qubit

Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Wednesday it had achieved a breakthrough in computing research by using a quantum computer to solve in minutes a complex problem that would take today’s most

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Chandrayaan-2: NASA’s latest Moon flyby fails to locate ISRO’s Vikram lander

On September 7, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) attempted a soft landing of Vikram on the uncharted lunar south pole, before losing communication with the lander.

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TechSagar: Data Security Council launches national repository of deep-tech capabilities

The platform, TechSagar, will provide actionable insights about capabilities of various companies and startups, academia and research.

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Chandrayaan 2: Here’s is what ISRO’s first illuminated image of Moon’s surface reveal

Chandrayaan 2's IIRS took the first illuminated image of Moon's surface which covered part of the lunar farside in its northern hemisphere.

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PM Narendra Modi hails Captain Yadav whose big dream took flight with small aircraft

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stepped in to remove "regulatory hurdles" in a project to fly a small experimental aircraft build indigenously, the Prime Minister's Office said on Monday.

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Partnering in India’s space leap: Space start-ups give flight to their dreams

It is an exciting time for the Indian private industry and startups for both domestic market and to integrate into the global supply chain of space and satellite industry.

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China vs India in space! Dragon unveils new commercial carrier rockets to compete with India for global market

China has unveiled its new generation of commercial carrier rockets which could carry up to 1.5 tonne payload as it gears up to compete with India to attract the lucrative global space launch market.

China, commercial carrier rockets, commercial rockets payload, India, global space launch market News

Delhi breaths easy as favourable weather reduces pollution levels by half

Barring Dwarka Sector 8, where the air quality remained "poor" (238), most of the areas in the city recorded an AQI in the "moderate" category. 

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