Next breakthrough to come from micro venture innovation finance: President Pranab Mukherjee

Citing India's long tradition of grassroot innovations, President Pranab Mukherjee has said the next major breakthrough in the country will come via micro venture innovation finance.

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Mud may have preserved ‘oldest human brain’ for 2500 years

A human brain in the UK, believed to be the oldest ever discovered, may have been preserved for over 2,500 years by mud, archaeologists say.

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Mars had ocean with more water than Arctic

A primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth's Arctic Ocean but the Red Planet lost 87 per cent of that water to space, a new study has found.

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IIT developing bio-hydrogen fuel from waste

Aiming to generate clean fuel from waste, a large-scale bio-reactor plant for producing hydrogen on a pilot level would be ready at IIT Kharagpur...

IIT Kharagpur News

Hubble sees supernova split into four images

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have spotted for the first time a distant supernova split into four images by cosmic lens.

supernova, supernova split, supernova split images, hubble, hubble supernova News

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft creates history, reaches dwarf planet Ceres’ orbit

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has created history by becoming the first mission to achieve orbit around the dwarf planet Ceres...

Ceres, Ceres dwarf planet. NASA News

Ceres, the mysterious dwarf planet, in spotlight: 5 things to know

After a nearly eight-year journey, which included a stopover at the asteroid Vesta, NASA's Dawn spacecraft is now circling the dwarf planet Ceres on a 16-month mission.

Ceres, Ceres dwarf planet. NASA News

Astronomers view four images of a supernova, in a first

Astronomers observed four versions of a supernova thanks to the gravity of a cluster of galaxies...

Astronomers, supernova, Supernova image, science news

Massive planet with four stars found

Astronomers using a telescope, fitted with an optics system developed by Indian researchers and colleagues, have discovered a massive planet...

Planet, planet discovery, Astronomers, telescope, Earth, solar system, distant planets, exoplanets, NASA News

‘Smart’ cloth may replace batteries in wearable devices

Scientists have developed the first durable, flexible cloth that harnesses human motion to generate energy and could replace batteries in wearable devices.

‘Smart’ cloth may replace batteries in wearable devices

Why some galaxies are better at forming new stars decoded

Galactic 'rain' may explain why some galaxies are more prolific at making new stars than others, a new study has found.

galaxy, stars, astronomy, science news, latest science news, nasa, nasa news, galaxies News

MOM views Mars albedo; will help study its surface properties

India's Mars Orbiter Mission payload has viewed the albedo of Mars that will be useful to study it surface properties, Indian Space Research Organisation said today...

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First ever photograph of light as a particle and a wave

In a breakthrough, Swiss scientists have succeeded in taking the first ever photograph of light behaving both...

Light, Light photograph, light wave photograph, light particle photograph, science news

Total solar eclipse will occur on March 20

A total solar eclipse will occur on March 20, but it will not be visible in India...

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NASA spacecraft nearing its second stop – dwarf planet Ceres

A NASA spacecraft is preparing to rendezvous with the largest object in the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter...

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Soon, robot legs that ‘see’ where they are going

Researchers are developing an artificial vision system that can enable a robotic ankle to see where it is going to improve the wearer's gait.

Soon, robot legs that ‘see’ where they are going

Bright lights on dwarf planet perplex NASA as probe nears

The discovery of another bright light on the dwarf planet Ceres has NASA scientists perplexed as the US Dawn...

nasa mars mission News

NASA rover Curiosity clicks stunning selfie on Mars

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has clicked a selfie which shows the one-tonne robotic vehicle at the "Mojave" site on the Red Plane...

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Indian wisdom, spiritualism form basis of modern science: Rajnath Singh

Ancient Indian wisdom and spiritualism form the foundation of modern day science and even a lifetime spent in the country is not enough...

Rajnath Singh on Indian economic growth News

Aryabhatta knew about gravity before Newton: Former ISRO Chief G Madhavan Nair

One of the country's leading scientists and former ISRO chairman G Madhavan Nair today propounded the theory...

G Madhavan Nair, ISRO, Gravity, Newton, Science News

Antarctica: Mystery continent holds key to mankind’s future

Earth's past, present and future come together here on the northern peninsula of Antarctica, the wildest...

Antarctica, Antarctica mystery, Antarctica cold, Antarctica continent News

New ultra-sensitive, UV light sensor to detect fires

A material traditionally used in ceramics, glass and paint, can be manipulated to produce an ultra-sensitive UV light sensor...

New ultra-sensitive, UV light sensor to detect fires

NASA spacecraft spots two moons orbiting Pluto

A NASA spacecraft set to encounter Pluto this summer has spotted two small moons orbiting the icy dwarf planet...

pluto News

Coming back to life

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN gets a new purpose, while GPG, an open-source encryption programme, gets a new lease of life.

Coming back to life

NASA to send submarine to Saturn’s moon Titan

NASA is planning to send a nuclear-powered submarine to explore one of the methane seas located on Saturn's...

NASA, NASA mission, asteroid, NASA asteroid, NASA mission asteroid, science news

Now, pay $95 and get a 3-D selfie

Want to up your selfie game? You can now get a 3-D printed replica of yourself!

Selfie News

‘Cloud’ over Mars leaves scientists baffled

Amateur astronomers have spotted two strange, cloud-like plumes high over Mars, deepening the mystery...

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