Earth had enough oxygen before animals appeared

It's a known fact that oxygen is crucial for the existence of animals on Earth, but did you know that an increase in oxygen level did not apparently lead to the rise of the first animals.

Element 113 on periodic table discovered in Asia

Element 113, discovered by Japan-based RIKEN group and led by scientist Kosuke Morita, has become the first element on the periodic table found in Asia.

Strong magnetic fields very common in stars: Study

Using a recently developed technique to detect magnetic fields inside stars, a team of astronomers has discovered that these are very common in stars.

Climate change altering Greenland ice sheet

Greenland's ice sheet has traditionally been pictured as a bit of sponge for glacier meltwater, but new research has found that climate change is changing its structure, thereby reducing its ability t

Emotions do affect brain’s creative network

Emotional expression affects the brain's creativity network, says a new brain-scanning study of jazz pianists, adding that “happy” and “sad” music evoked different neural patterns in their bra

Virgin births common among snakes: Study

Looking at parthenogenesis, or virgin birth, in snakes, researchers have discovered that facultative parthenogenesis, or asexual reproduction in an otherwise sexually reproducing species, appears to b

Researchers provide insights on ‘virgin birth’ in snakes

Researchers have recently provided intriguing insights on parthenogenesis or virgin birth in snakes.

‘Indian Mars orbiter still searching for methane on planet’

India's maiden spacecraft to Mars is still groping around the red planet to locate methane gas in its atmosphere, a senior space scientist said on Monday.

Fifth navigation satellite IRNSS-1E to be launched on January 20: ISRO

India will launch its fifth regional navigation satellite on January 20, a top official of the country's space agency ISRO said on Monday.

European Space Agency: Region to build Moon base by 2030

According to the European Space Agency, a man made base on the moon should turn into reality by 2030.

Earth crust heat loss: Finally, scientists solve mystery

By discovering a new type of seafloor vent system, a group of scientists has solved the mystery of heat loss from the Earths crust - a finding that can also help scientists interpret the evidence for

All-solid lithium batteries in the offing

A team of Korean scientists has discovered a new way to develop all-solid-state lithium batteries without a risk of conflagration or explosion.

‘Forbidden’ substances on super-Earths may help sustain life

"Forbidden" substances can increase heat transfer rates and strengthen magnetic fields on massive Earth-like planets that may eventually help harbour living organisms, scientists say...

Mystery of heat loss from Earth’s crust solved

Scientists have solved the mystery of heat loss from the Earth's crust by discovering a new type of hydrothermal vent system, an advance that may help interpreting the evidence for past global climate

New way to measure gravity can spot alien life

In a bid to determine whether distant stars with planets orbiting them can harbour life, a global team of astronomers has discovered a new way to measure the pull of gravity at the surface of distant

Scientists sequence first ancient Irish human genomes

A team of scientists in Ireland has sequenced the first genomes from ancient Irish humans, which is now being used to answer pivotal questions about the origins of the country's people and their cultu

How new genes emerge during evolution

The chance appearance of certain combinations of elements in the genome can lead to the generation of new genes that drive evolutionary innovation.

Electric current at room temperature without energy loss soon

A group of researchers in Japan and China has found a clue to generate electric current without energy consumption at room temperature.

New ways discovered to calculate gravity pull on ‘distant stars’ surface

A new method has been found out to measure the pull of gravity on the surface of distant stars. For distant stars with planets orbiting them, this information is key in determining whether any of thos

New dinosaur with bow-shaped hip bone identified in China

Paleontologists in east China's Shandong Province have named a new dinosaur species in the genus Leptoceratops after its unique bow-shaped hip bone.

Wish Happy New Year to rare comet today

Did you get a pair of binoculars or a telescope? If so, you can put them to the test by searching the Eastern sky for a view of a fuzzy comet on the first day of 2016.

Climate change: Unique Indian geological feature may mitigate impact through ‘Deccan Traps’

India is blessed with an extraordinary geological feature that may provide a natural solution to the problem of climate change, according to some geologists.

3D-printed super strong ceramics in the offing

Researchers have developed a novel way to create ceramics using 3D printing that results in a strong material with little tendency to crack.

Mysterious radio signals from space to efficiently test Albert Einstein’s theory of General Relativity

In a tribute to famed theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, scientists have developed a novel way to test one of the basic principles underlying Einstein's theory of General Relativity.

Human-machine super-intelligence can solve world’s most ‘wicked’ problems

Now world's most dire problems like climate change and geopolitical conflict can be solved, thanks to human-machine super-intelligence.

Freak heatwave pushes winter North Pole above freezing – 20 degrees C above norm

Temperatures at the North Pole rose above freezing point, 20 degrees Celsius above the mid- winter norm and the latest abnormality in season of extreme weather events.

Hubble clicks two galaxies merging for the first time

In a first, Hubble telescope has captured two galaxies merging located around 230 million light-years away in the constellation of Hercules.

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