ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 Moon Landing: Timeline of Vikram’s soft-landing and Pragyan roll-out

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Updated: September 6, 2019 10:47:19 PM

Chandrayaan 2 Landing News: The soft landing which is the most crucial and critical phase of ISRO's lunar mission will be conducted in two phases.

Chandrayaan 2, Chandrayaan 2 Landing News, ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 Landing, Moon factsChandrayaan 2: The soft landing procedure will be almost a 1-hours long process, in which 15-minutes of powered descent will be very critical. (Image: ISRO)

Chandrayaan 2 Moon landing: Hours ahead of the final and decisive moments of the lunar landing of ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2, a detailed minute-to-minute operation schedule was released by the agency. The schedule includes details of the whole soft-landing process in chronological order. The soft-landing, which is the most crucial and critical phase of ISRO’s lunar mission, will be conducted in two phases. The first phase, which is the powered descent, includes the rough braking of the Vikaram lander to slow down its orbital speed and make it hover over the predefined landing location, the second phase which includes the Vikram lander’s lunar touchdown process will be conducted by the vertical and parabolic movement of the spacecraft. The soft landing procedure will be almost a 1-hour long process, in which 15-minutes of powered descent will be very critical.

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Here is a minute to minute description of the soft landing procedures of Vikram lander and rolling-out of Pragyan Rover:

  • 0138 hours IST: The rough braking procedure will be initiated on the Vikram Lander. This will begin at a height of almost 30 kilometres above the Moon’s surface.
  • 0140 hours IST: The powered descent phase will begin and the orbital velocity of the Vikram lander will be decreased.
  • 0148 hours IST: The fine braking process will start. This process will be conducted at a height of approximately 7.4 kilometres above the lunar surface.
  • 0150 hours IST: The local navigation system will start and scan the lunar surface to identify the exact landing location.
  • 0152 hours IST: The Vikram lander will send the first close distance image of the Moon’s surface using the onboard cameras.
  • 0153 hours IST: After a parabolic descent at a height of just 10-meter above the lunar surface, ISRO will ignite the central engine and perform the lunar touch down.
  • 0155 hours IST: Vikram Lander will touch down the surface of the Moon. This will a historic moment for India.

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There will be approximately two hours of a no-action window. This might be a precaution against the lunar dust. Once everything around it settles then the further process will begin.

  • 0353 hours IST: The ramp to make way for Pragyan Rover which is housed inside the Vikram lander will be deployed.
  • 0423 hours IST: The Pragyan Rover will be Powered ON.
  • 0503 hours IST: The solar panel of Pragyan will be deployed.
  • 0519 hours IST: The rover will start rolling down the ramp towards the lunar surface.
  • 0529 hours IST: Pragyan will become the first rover in history to touch the surface of the Moon in the totally uncharted south polar region.
  • 0530 hours IST: Pragyan Rover will start moving at a speed of 1 centimetre per second.
  • 0545 hours IST: Vikram Lander’s imaging by Pragyaan Rover will be done.

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