ISRO’s Chandrayaan 2 Landing: What’s on the Moon! Everything about Earth’s only natural satellite

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Published: September 6, 2019 9:16:14 PM

Chandrayaan 2 Landing News: ISRO will be attempting to land a rover based spacecraft in the south polar region of the Moon in the wee hours of September 7.

Chandrayaan 2, Chandrayaan 2 Landing News, ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 Landing, Moon factsChandrayaan 2: ‘Moon’ has been a centre of curiosity and interest for mankind since the beginning of time. (Image: ISRO)

Chandrayaan 2 Moon landing: The only natural satellite of the Earth, ‘Moon’ has been a centre of curiosity and interest for mankind since the beginning of time. In ancient time, people worshipped this beautiful celestial object in different ways and even today the mythological significance of the Moon in no-less. As time went by and science advanced, the celestial significance of the Moon started unfolding. In recent time, astronomers revealed the significance of the Moon for the Earth. It was in between 1960-1970, that our interest took us to the Moon, and America’s Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Being the closest cosmic body, it is the most accessible celestial target for the space agencies and scientists to make space discoveries and document it. It also serves as a testing site for demonstration of technologies which might prove useful for other deep-space and exploration missions. ISRO will be attempting to land a rover based spacecraft in the south polar region of the Moon. This region of the Moon is uncharted territory. The Indian space agency will be landing its spacecraft in this region of the Moon in the wee hours of September 7.

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Before the Vikram lander module of ISRO’s Chandryaan 2 makes a soft landing and the Pragyan Rover module rolls out to tell you a lot more about our Natural satellite here are few interesting facts about the Moon which might amaze you:

We only see one side of the Moon:

The orbit of the Moon is such that it moves in a synchronous orbit to the Earth. This results in exposure of only one of its side to us at a time. Acknowledging this fact, it is a very tough task to land a spacecraft on the ‘far side’ of the Moon, especially in the south polar region.

Moonquakes! Ever Heard of them?

Just like we experience Earthquakes, the surface of the Moon also trembles. While Earthquakes are caused due to the seismic activities at the Earth’s core, the Moonquakes are a result of the Earth’s gravitational pull. Our planet’s gravitational pull results in setting off shifts which further leads to rupture and cracks in the Moon’s surface.

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How long will it take us to reach the Moon if we fly in a commercial aircraft?

Commercial aircraft are quite fast. They drop you to your far-off destinations in a matter of hours. Even if you are a 1,000 km away from home, with a commercial aircraft it is just a matter of hours for you. But, in case if you want to travel to the Moon using such an aircraft, be prepared as it might take as many as 25 days! Yes, you read that right. If a person uses a commercial aircraft like Boeing 747, considering the average speed at 640 kmph, it would take almost a Moon to travel 384,400 km – the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Extreme temperatures:

The Moon’s surface is not a place to hover around considering its extreme temperature. The lunar surface temperature can range from a freezing minus 157-degree Celcius to a boiling 121-degree Celcius in a single day. Also, craters in the south polar region on the Moon are among the coldest places in the solar system. The hottest place on the Earth according to ISRO data is Iran’s Lut desert. On the other hand, the coldest temperature recorded on the Earth is minus 89.2-degree Celcius near Antartica’s Vostok Station.

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