August Supermoon Alert! When, where and how to watch Sturgeon Supermoon, last lunar phenomenon of 2022

August Supermoon 2022: Some parts of the US will also witness what is known as Perseid meteor shower, which may steal the sheen away from the lunar phenomenon

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File photo of the moon rising above the Temple of Poseidon in Greece. (Reuters)

August Supermoon 2022: It’s a double delight for all the siblings on August 11. And no, we are not talking about Rakshabandhan only! As sisters and sisters across India celebrate their precious bond, a beaming celestial gift from the above will join the celebration.

On August 11-12, the world will witness the fourth and the final supermoon of this year. Dubbed as ‘Sturgeon Moon’, it will be visible around the globe, latest reports say.

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However, some parts of the US will also witness what is known as Perseid meteor shower, which may steal the sheen away from the lunar phenomenon.

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In India, where the full moon is known as ‘Poornima’ or ‘Pooranmasi’ is considered as an auspicious occasion. For many Hindus across India and the world, August 11 and 12 will be celebrated as Rakashabandhan. It also marks the conclusion of the Holy Amarnath Yatra. Multiple reports say that there is a forecast of clear sky in National Capital Delhi as well as adjoining areas.

In case you are interested in watching the last supermoon of 2022, just go to your terrace and look up!

What exactly is a supermoon?

Experts say that a supermoon can be defined as a full moon, which is closest to the Earth in its approach. The supermoon is a full moon that is 90 per cent of its closest approach to our planet. In simple terms, while orbiting, the full moon, which is nearest to Earth is called a supermoon. Experts say that this August 11 supermoon is bit marginal in nature.

Why the name?

Why this supermoon is called ‘Sturgeon Moon’? The answer lies in an American legend. It is said that the native Algonquin tribes called it ‘Sturgeon Moon’ after the big fish that were easily available during this period.

Beyond lunar show

This time of the year, some parts of the world will witness dazzling meteor shower. Along with Supermoon, sky-watchers will be able to see planet Saturn. It is said that around this time, Saturn will be closest to the Earth and it will appear quite close to the supermoon.

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