World’s biggest Tyrannosaurus rex found in Canada

Nicknamed Scotty for a celebratory bottle of scotch consumed the night it was discovered, the T. rex was 13 meters (yards) long and probably weighed more than 8,800 kilos (19,400 pounds), making it bigger than all other carnivorous dinosaurs, the team fro
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Asteroid Bennu, a target of NASA’s sample return mission, rotating faster over time: Study

Asteroid Bennu -- a target of NASA's sample return mission -- is spinning faster over time, an observation that may help understand the evolution of asteroids and their potential threat to Earth, scie

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Antibacterial coating helps astronauts fight superbugs on ISS

Even at 12 and 19 months, a total of just 12 bacteria was recovered -- a reduction of 80 percent compared to bare steel.

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NASA spacecraft explored edges of Martian sea two decades ago

The sea bears an uncanny resemblance to the Aral Sea on Earth in that in both instances they lack distinct shoreline terraces.

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Water-resistant electronic skin with self-healing abilities created

The electronic skin is created by printing the novel material into electronic circuits.

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World’s oldest semen successfully used to impregnate sheep

The resulting live birth rate was as high as that from sperm frozen for just 12 months, researchers said.

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Solar power used to create hydrogen fuel from seawater

Previous studies attempting to split seawater for hydrogen fuel had run low amounts of electric current, because corrosion occurs at higher currents.

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UNEA adopts India’s resolutions on single-use plastic, sustainable nitrogen management

The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) has adopted two resolutions piloted by India on single-use plastics and sustainable nitrogen management.

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There is ‘No Planet B’, protect Earth! Global youth protest across globe for climate

Classrooms in capitals from Lagos to London were expected to be empty, as the ambitious organisers of the global student strike hoped to stage 1,000 demos in more than 100 countries.

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Robots could build future cities by mimicking nature, says study

Cities of the future could be built and repaired by robots and drones mimicking the tactics of nature, according to a study.

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3 astronauts on Soyuz craft successfully reach International Space Station

A Russian cosmonaut and two US astronauts arrived Friday at the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, five months after the failed launch of a rocket carrying two of the passe

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World’s oldest eggs shed new light on dinosaur evolution

The researchers analysed shell thickness, membrane, mineral content and distribution of pores, looking for clues about why these early eggs might have developed hard shells.

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Climate change vulnerability map for 12 Himalayan states developed

The need for such an exercise is due to the fact that IHR is one of the most sensitive regions to climate change and variability, the project investigators said.

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83 supermassive black holes found in early universe

This finding, published in The Astrophysical Journal, increases the number of black holes known at that epoch considerably, and reveals, for the first time, how common they are early in the universe's

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Woman for Mars! First human to land on the Red Planet likely to be of the fairer sex, reveals NASA chief

"It is also true that the first person on Mars is likely to be a woman," Bridenstine said during a recent interview on the science and technology radio talk show "Science Friday."

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NASA to study untouched Moon samples from Apollo missions for first time

"This exploration will bring with it new and unique samples into the best labs right here on Earth," Zurbuchen said in a statement.

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New species of ‘Starry dwarf frog’ found in Western Ghats

However, A kurichiyana is not only a new species to science. It is the sole member of an ancient lineage, a long branch on the frog tree of life that researchers have classified as a new subfamily, As

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ISRO’s big achievement: South American countries look towards India for low cost satellite launches

Experts have indicated to Financial Express Online that in the South American Region, India could become a strategic partner to boost its space program at low cost and the cooperation in the Space sec

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Shopping set to change forever? AI can spot potential thieves before they act

While artificial intelligence is popularly referred to in the context of self-driving cars, now it can be used to spot potential shoplifters and detect a crime before it happens.

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New optical imaging system to help find tiny tumours

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US used their imaging system, named "DOLPHIN," which relies on near-infrared light, to track a 0.1-millimetre fluorescent prob

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China’s Long March-3B rocket series complete 300 launches

The Long March carrier rocket series, developed by CASC, is responsible for about 96.4 per cent of all the launch missions in China.

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India’s manned space mission Gaganyaan: US interested in working with India, says former NASA administrator

India plans to send three astronauts to space by 2022 through mission 'Gaganyaan'.

Costly delay: NASA flags design flaws in projects contracted to Boeing and SpaceX News

Now get environment-friendly air-conditioning; India Cooling Action Plan to provide thermal comfort to citizens

The Union environment minister launched here the ICAP along with five other publications, including a report on the ministry's five years of achievements and faunal biodiversity in protected areas.

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Centre approves strategy to create carbon sink of 3 billion tonnes from forests by 2030

Union Minister Harsh Vardhan released a report on Friday which detailed the recommendations made by an expert committee formed in 2017 to frame the strategy on increasing carbon sink in the country fo

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