Mapping success: Whether economists will be in vogue or not, economics would certainly be

While economics and political economy predate consumer economics, Alfred Marshall, with his book Principles of Economics, introduced the world to a new concept called utility.
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Preliminary report reveals why over 4,800 migratory birds died in Sambhar lake

A 70-member disaster management team is at Sambhar Lake, a key wintering area for tens of thousands of migratory birds, to dispose the carcasses so that botulism does not spread to other birds.

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3000-year-old city discovered in northwest Pakistan

The discovery of the city named Bazeera was made in Barikot Tehsil of Swat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province famous for 5,000 years old civilisation and its artifacts.

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Delhi air quality: Toxic smog engulfs national capital; drizzle delays recovery, relief by Sunday

The air quality index in the national capital stood at 463 at 4 pm, with Dwarka Sector 8 being the most-polluted area with an AQI of 495.

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Arctic ocean may be invaded by microbes from tropics, affecting ecosystems, says study

The studies, published in the journal Cell on Thursday, analysed more than 35,000 samples collected from all the world's oceans between 2009 and 2013.

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Fight against climate change: EU bank to stop funding fossil fuels in ‘landmark decision’

The European Investment Bank, the world's largest multilateral lender, had been criticised by climate groups for funding gas projects that potentially threatened the EU's commitment to the Paris clima

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Chandrayaan 3: ISRO plans another soft landing attempt on Moon, reveals date

Chandrayaan 3: The Indian Space Research Organisation had constituted a high-level committee, headed by S Somanath, to prepare a report on the proposed Chandrayaan-3.

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China to land its first mission on Mars in 2020, completes lander test

China is on track to launch its Mars mission in 2020, Zhang Kejian, head of the China National Space Administration, said on Thursday.

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Delhi air quality continues to remain severe; children write to PM Modi about pollution

Schools in the Delhi-NCR region remained closed as per the direction of the authorities Wednesday night. The closure of the schools was recommended by the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA

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Is stubble burning really the cause of Delhi-NCR’s air pollution? Here’s what SAFAR’s study says

The CPCB member secretary also stressed the need to quickly and heavily invest in public transportation to reduce vehicular emissions.

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Chandrayaan-2 sends 3D image! Captures stunning view of lunar crater

Chandrayaan 2's CHACE-2 payload detected Argon-40 gas from an altitude of approximately 100 km in the thin lunar atmospheric layer. Chandrayaan 2's DF-SAR made a colorful image of Moon's impact crater

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Delhi Air Pollution: Relief from severe pollution not likely before Friday!

It said Delhi's neighbouring states recorded only 480 incidents of stubble burning on Tuesday and the share of smoke from farm fires in Delhi's pollution is likely to decrease to 13 per cent on Thursd

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China, India and Russia doing “absolutely nothing” to clean up their smokestacks: Donald Trump

Terming climate change as a "very complex issue", Trump said he considers himself to be, “in many ways, an environmentalist, believe it or not".

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This mineral increases preservation potential of chemical signatures of life: Study

The study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, noted that the crater, named Jazero, contains a large delta deposit formed by ancient rivers that fed an ancient lake.

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Delhi Air Pollution: National Capital in “day-to-day battle” with smog as cool weather sets in

The overall air quality index (AQI) in the city was 494, according to the monitoring agency SAFAR. The index measures the levels of airborne PM 2.5 - particles that can reach deep into the lungs. Anyt

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Climate change: IEA says world needs ‘laser-like focus’ to bring down emissions

The IEA said in its World Energy Outlook 2019 report that if current policies continue, demand will rise 1.3 percent annually through to 2040, "resulting in strains across all aspects of energy market

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Rare deer-like species photographed for first time in wild

Conservationists say images of the silver-backed chevrotain, commonly called the Vietnamese mouse deer, were captured in the wild by trap cameras.

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Climate change triggering big, destructive hurricanes more than ever!

The researchers, including those from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, applied a new way of calculating the destruction caused by hurricanes, compensating for the societal change in wealth sin

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United Nations appreciates India’s gift of solar panels

The United Nations is facing a “severe liquidity crisis”, reaching its deepest deficit of the decade. Several emergency measures have been put in place by the world organisation to tide over the f

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Shocking! Thousands of migratory birds die mysteriously in Rajasthan’s Sambhar Lake

The strange episode has left villagers and people of the forest department baffled for the lack of a sensible explanation.

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How old is Nile river? Researchers find surprising answer

The study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, assessed the links between the geographical and physical features -- or topography -- of the Nile river to the flow of molten rocks in the Earth'

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Delhi air quality: Farm fires, plunging temperature push Delhi-NCR’s pollution to severe category

A dip in the wind speed and temperature makes the air cold and denser, leading to accumulation of pollutants, said Kuldeep Srivastava, head of the India Meteorological Department's regional weather fo

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Is free internet access a basic human right? Here’s what a scientific study says

Researchers from the University of Birmingham in the UK gave the example of Kerala, noting that the Indian state has declared universal internet access a human right and aims to provide it for its 35

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Mercury transits the Sun today! Here’s how and where you can see Mercury parading across the Sun

The rest of North America, Europe and Africa will catch part of the action. Asia and Australia will miss out.

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