Rum in summers? Try these cool Dominican Rum Cocktails

Most of the time, you’ll see people drinking rum like any other drink. In fact, by doing so, they miss that spirit and process.

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You’ve perhaps already seen, heard or even tasted one of the three B’s: Brugal, Barcelo, and Bermudez. (Image: Pixabay)

Rum, when you hear it, immediately reminds you of the last time you shared a drink with a friend or colleague at a pub or at home. That’s why we look forward to enjoying rum many times over the weekend. And, Me too!!! But generally in India people consider rum as a winter’s drink but that is a myth! Therefore, today we are taking you into the roots of rum, like the origin, history and everything else of rum and tell you how you can enjoy Dominican Rum in India summers.

History of Dominican Rum

The eminent rum originated in the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It was the oldest colonized European settlement in the Americas including a top tourist destination. But among the many famous things like warm sandy beaches and cultural sites, rum is largely exported from the country across the globe. Also, August 16th is the  International Rum Day for celebrating Rum.

Why Rum?

Rum is not ordinary alcohol! This drink represents many other things including friendship, family and celebration. You’ve perhaps already seen, heard or even tasted one of the three B’s: Brugal, Barcelo, and Bermudez. These Dominican rums are very special because they are very “smooth” due to the natural process of refining and aging. This also creates their unique taste.

Most of the time, you’ll see people drinking rum like any other drink. In fact, by doing so, they miss that spirit and process. Therefore, the next time you open a new bottle, try this process for enjoying the actual rum.

·       While Opening a Bottle of Rum: Smell the Rum First

·       When pouring into a tumbler glass, add about 2 ounces of rum

·       Rotate the glass

·       While in the process, listen to some soothing music

·       Nose & sniff the glass to the face for a good experience

·    Burning and rolling: time for a small sip, the rum will bring you strong flavor, don’t forget to hold the rum for a few seconds before swallowing

·       Magic Moment: Time to enjoy the rum and find the flavor and body

There are many rum cocktails that are also enjoyed by people in the Dominican Republic such as mamajuana, ten to one, and tamarind juice which you can enjoy in Indian summers as well: 


This drink is loved by both locals and tourists to the Dominican Republic. It is called Mamajuana, naturally made with Barcelo rum, along with local herbs, bark, twig-injected honey and red wine. It’s very tasty, but it’s also considered a medicated drink and an aphrodisiac.


This drink is made in Trinidad, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Barbados. To discover the true taste of Caribbean rum, try Ten to One, which draws its flavor profile from production on four different islands. Caribbean countries have mastered the techniques of distillation, aging and blending of rum for over two centuries. 

Ten to One’s Manhattan cocktail recipe utilizes the caramelized notes of the rum to balance the herbal flavors of bitters and vermouth in this classic drink. Rum is not just for spring break and sugary frozen drinks. Rum is extremely versatile and has the ability to uplevel any craft cocktail. Try it in your next Old Fashioned or Negroni in place of whiskey or gin. You won’t be disappointed.

Tamarind juice:

The Dominican Republic is rich in tart tamarind fruit, which adds a pleasantly tart flavor to national food and beverages. Bonus: Tamarind also helps in antioxidants and aids in ingestion. You can make your own tamarind juice or buy it from the store. Tamarind juice tastes great with your favorite cocktail. Try the Tamarind Mojito or the Tamarind Dark & Stormy with your favourite Dominican Barcelo rum and enjoy a cocktail of local flavors. Tamarind is also dazzled in a margarita or paired with your favorite cognac.

Coconut water

As is famous everywhere, coconuts are a must have anywhere within the Dominican Republic. One of the first-rate ways to refresh and re-hydrate on a hot day is to drink sparkling coconut water (out of a coconut shell) at the beach. Want to kick your coconut water up a notch? Just add Barcelo rum. Combine cacao loco with coconut cream and Dominican rum for a simple, delectable cocktail. 

Passion fruit 

As the name suggests, Passion fruit, domestically referred to as chinola, is one of the extraordinary delicacy of the Dominican Republic. The process starts with slicing in a single piece and it is smooth to peer. This juicy fruit is barely candy and barely sour, with an incomparable texture and taste. Passion fruit is scrumptious to experience on its own, in dessert or in cocktails. Try this Fruity Passion Fruit Juice at home with a Punch recipe from Dominican Cooking. Raise your punch with Dominican Barcelo rum or miss the alcohol for a kid-pleasant version. Passion fruit additionally provides a scrumptious twist to the conventional mojito or margarita.

(Drinking alcohol is injurious to health. The article is for information purpose only.)

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