SriLankan Airline’s new codeshare with Mihin Lanka to boost tourism from Kolkata

SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka has announced a code share agreement with Mihin Lanka for the operations of flights between Kolkata and Colombo. A special introductory fare to Co

‘Billiards table’ of star collision revealed

Scientists have imaged a cluster of stars, heavily obscured by material in our galaxy, where stars are so densely packed that it is likely a rare environment where stars can collide.

Scientists use graphene to create world’s thinnest light bulb

Researchers have created the world's thinnest light bulb using graphene, an atomically thin and perfectly crystalline form of carbon, as a filament.

Are black holes really arbiters of doom?

As per a physicist, the recently proposed idea that black holes have "firewalls" that destroy all they touch has a loophole, suggesting that they are not necessarily arbiters of doom.

A man’s finger length can predict if he is a good date

Ladies, if you are wondering whether to go on a date with a man, check out his fingers!

Methane in Mars meteorites hints at life on red planet

Researchers have found traces of methane in Martian meteorites, a discovery that suggests the presence of a warm, wet and chemically reactive environment on the red planet where life could thrive.


Sleep well to ensure your long-term health

If you tend to sleep less during the night's you may be putting your health at risk as a new study claims that lack in your "shut eye" time could cause long-term health issues.

Munching on ‘nuts’ can keep some types of cancer at bay

Love munching on nuts? You can happily keep doing so as a new study has found that nut consumption could reduce risk of some cancers.

Eye of Medusa: Previously unknown extreme star formation observed 100 mn light years away

Astronomers have recently observed a previously unknown extreme star formation in "Medusa merger," a luminous collision of two galaxies at more than 100 million light years from Earth.

Sushma Swaraj flags off first batch of Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday flagged off the first batch of Kailash Mansarovar Yatris from the Nathu La pass route and assured that the elderly people will also be able have a gl

Taj Mahal now a free Wifi zone

Union Minister for Communications and IT Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday inaugurated a Wifi hotspot at the Taj Mahal.

Even small thunderstorms can cause huge polar cyclones on Saturn

Astronomers have recently revealed that minor weather conditions such as thunderstorms can lead to huge cyclones on the surface of Saturn.

This life size ‘My Little Pony’ blow-up sex doll may scar you for life; price $599 apiece

A new life size 'My Little Pony' blow-up sex doll has recently been introduced in the market, which might be the most disturbing inflatable sex toy ever.

People belonging to many groups have better self-esteem than with large network of friends

A new study has revealed that group memberships boost self-esteem in people more than the friends alone.

Harsh climate kept plant-eating dinosaurs away from the equator

A harsh and unpredictable climate prevented big plant-eating dinosaurs from living around the equator some 200 million years ago, a new study has found".

Mars may have been cold, icy billions of years ago

A new study has revealed that Mars may have been cold and icy billions of years ago, which also suggests that aliens may not have existed ever on the planet.

NASA’s Cassini makes final approach to fly-by Saturn’s moon Dione on June 16

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will cruise very close to of Saturn's moon Dione on June 16.

Why India’s medical schools are plagued with fraud

India's system for training doctors is broken. It is plagued by rampant fraud and unprofessional teaching practices, exacerbating the public health challenge facing this fast-growing but still poor na

Medical system

Physicists plan to expand cosmic ray detector to seek universe’s most energetic particles

Utah scientists announced a proposed expansion for their cosmic ray observatory, to speed up studies of on a "hotspot," a mysterious source of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays.

Squid-inspired material can provide camouflage at flip of a switch

Researchers have created a thin, skin-like material that can change color and patterns like squids.

32,600 new planes worth nearly US$5 trillion in the next 20 years

In the next 20 years (2015-2034), according to Airbus’ Global Market Forecast, global passenger traffic will grow at an average 4.6 per cent a year, driving a need for some 32,600 new aircraft above

It’s official! Being ‘single’ is bad for your health

If you are loner and can't stay in relationships, you might want to change your way of life as a new study has claimed that being single can prove bad for your health.

Mystery behind dinosaurs’ absence near equator unveiled

The absence of dinosaurs at low latitudes has been one of the greatest unanswered questions about, but now, this mystery seems now on its way to being resolved.

‘UFO’ spotted in Antarctica triggers speculations of aliens on Earth

A black mark, being interpreted as a UFO, was recently spotted in Antarctica, triggering speculation that aliens might have landed on Earth.

Eating up to 100 grams of chocolate daily cuts heart diseases, stroke risks

If you miss out on chocolate thinking it's not good for you health, then there is good news for you, as a new study has claimed that eating up to 100 grams of chocolate daily cuts heart diseases and s

Cinnamon may hold key to beat colorectal cancer

Cinnamon may do more than add flavour to your food, as a new study has claimed the a component found in the spice is a potent inhibitor of colorectal cancer.

‘Nutritious’ avocados may help beat deadly leukemia

Adding to the benefits of avocados, scientists have found that the nutritious fruit may hold the key to beating deadly leukemia.

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