Lost memories can be restored

Researchers may be able to restore lost memories in early-stage Alzheimer's patients, suggests a new study which found that long-term...

ISRO’s unmanned crew module reaches Chennai

Three days after it was recovered from sea, ISRO's unmanned crew module was today brought to Kamarajar Port...

NASA plans airships, floating city for manned Venus mission

NASA plans to send solar-powered airships to explore Venus' atmosphere...

1.7 lakh Indians’ names on NASA’s Orion crew module

As India celebrated its success in testing an unmanned space crew module on Thursday, over 1.7 lakh Indians...

Delhi University researchers develop haemoglobin-based blood substitute

Unavailability of blood in emergency situations such as accidents or battlefield trauma will no longer be a problem...

New drug may block sun-related skin ageing

Scientists are developing a drug that could ultimately prevent the gradual ageing of the skin, which is mostly caused by sun exposure...

Innovators of intelligence

AI2 is an effort to advance artificial intelligence while simultaneously reaching back into the field’s past...

Are European museum passes worth the money?

The answer: it depends. That said, here are some things to consider if you are visiting Amsterdam, Madrid, Florence or Paris

Down the Hobbit hole in Switzerland

Tolkien fans can visit the world’s first Middle-earth museum, as long as they can stoop

How exercise changes our DNA

A run or a bike ride, a new study finds, can affect the functioning of our genes, an important step towards improved health and fitness.

Goa, Dubai top list of hotspots to usher in 2015

Travel portal TripAdvisor has come out with the ‘Top New Year Destinations’ based on the places searched from India...

Kim Kardashian criticises mother’s fashion sense

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has criticised her mother Kris Jenner's dressing sense and suggested her to wear tight, chic clothes.

Expectant dads experience hormone changes

Impending fatherhood can lower two hormones - testosterone and estradiol - in men, a new study has found.

Wild blueberries can lower bad effects of high-fat diet

Eating wild blueberries or bilberries diminishes the adverse effects of a high-fat diet, a new study...

Trickle down effect of exercise

New study finds that exercising changes the functioning of genes that affect how healthy and fit our muscles become.

Comfort food does not lift your mood

Your mood will probably improve shortly after you eat your favorite high-carb hug, but no more so than if you'd eaten a granola bar...

Treat good and bad carbs as equals

The idea that all carbohydrates are not created equal has become the foundation of many popular diets.

Where are Delhiites ringing in the New Year?

TripAdvisor reveals the top destination picks for year-end celebrations...

How human colour vision evolved found

Scientists have traced all of the evolutionary pathways, going back 90 million years, that led to human colour vision.

Blood groups A, B and AB tied to higher diabetes risk

Women with the blood group A, B and AB are at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Fast-changing genes help malaria parasite hide in body

Scientists have found that the malaria parasite has genes that create millions of new and unrecognisable surface proteins to evade human...

Ibuprofen may improve longevity: Study

A common over-the-counter drug - Ibuprofen - that tackles pain and fever may also hold key to a longer, healthier life, a new research has claimed.

Study fuels hope for compressed natural gas cars

Researchers have identified new materials that may be able to store compressed natural gas...

NASA’s Kepler mission discovers ‘super-Earth’

NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft which is carrying out a new mission has made its first exoplanet discovery.

How champagne bubbles may help address world’s energy needs

Using Japan's most powerful computer, researchers have explored how the physics of champagne bubbles may enable the design...

Ability to balance on one leg may reflect stroke risk

Struggling to stand on one leg for less than 20 seconds is linked to a higher risk of stroke...

Earth meteorite indicates water reservoir on Mars

NASA and an international team of scientists have found evidence in meteorites on Earth that indicates Mars has a distinct reservoir of water or ice near its surface.

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