Etihad to fly Boeing 787-9 on Mumbai-Abu Dhabi route in 2015

Etihad is all set to introduce the Boeing 787-9 in the India market in the first half of 2015.

India’s extra-terrestrial ambitions: All you need to know

What the success of the LVM3-X/CARE mission and India's new GSLV Mk-III space launcher means...

Review: ‘The Hobbit’ wraps with a Middle-earth melee

With a sum total of 1,032 minutes, Peter Jackson's six J.R.R. Tolkien films have earned more than $5 billion worldwide.

Earth may have formed with oceans in its interior

Earth may have formed with oceans in its interior and has been continuously supplying water to the surface.

Global carbon dioxide emissions at all-time high: Study

Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production reached an all-time high in 2013.

Dinosaur-killer asteroid nearly wiped out mammals too

The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago nearly killed off mammals as well, a new study has found.

Hugs help protect against stress and infection

Scientists have found the simplest way you can protect yourself against stress and infection...

ISRO’s GSLV-Mark 3 launches India’s manned mission dream, Prez Pranab Mukherjee hails feat

President Pranab Mukherjee today congratulated ISRO for its push in the direction of manned space missions with the successful launch of the GSLV-Mark 3 rocket...

Indians living longer and healthier lives: Study

First-ever journal publication of country-specific cause-of-death data for 188 countries have found people are living much longer worldwide...

Air India to have code share agreements with most Star Alliance members by March 2015

The first-ever Star Alliance Chief Executive Board (CEB) meeting was held in India recently.

Cryogenic engine for GSLV Mk-III rocket to be ready in 2 years

The cryogenic engine for the latest GSLV Mark III rocket capable of carrying heavier payloads...

Chronology: List of launches by ISRO on GSLV

With an eye on manned space missions, ISRO today successfully tested the atmospheric re-entry of a crew module after its heaviest launch vehicle, GSLV Mark-III, blasted off from here. Following is a l

India takes step towards manned space mission as GSLV Mk-III blasts off successfully

ISRO successfully tests the atmospheric re-entry of a crew module with its heaviest launch vehicle GSLV Mk-III.

Court to rule on Dec 19 if it can hear suit against Aamir Khan

A Mumbai civil court today said it will pronounce its order on December 19 on whether it has the jurisidction to hear a suit seeking a ban on the release of Aamir Khan-starrer 'PK'.

NASA’s Curiosity rover detects organic matter on Mars

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has made the first definitive detection of organic molecules.

People may inherit ‘gut’ bacteria that cause Crohn’s disease

Scientists have shown for the first time that people may inherit some of the intestinal bacteria.

An insider’s look into best airport transportation has compiled an insider’s look at the best transportation options from 29 major airports around the world

Sparks fly when egg meets sperm: Study

Sparks fly when an egg meets sperm, according to a new study which found that the fertilised mammalian egg releases from its surface billions of zinc atoms that create tiny 'zinc sparks'.

Two-minute delay in cutting umbilical cord good for babies

Delaying the cutting of the umbilical cord in newborns by two minutes leads to better development of the baby during the first days of life...

India ranks 65th on tourism competitiveness index

India ranks 11th in Asia and Pacific region and 65th amongst 140 countries in tourism competitiveness

Visa on Arrival scheme to boost tourism in Goa

The Goa airport at Dabolim has issued 357 Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) within ten days of the commencement of the facility by the Centre

Yoga as good as aerobics for reducing heart disease risk

Yoga - an ancient mind-body practice which originated in India - may work just as good as aerobic exercise...

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Skipping meals makes kids obese: Study

Children who skip meals are more likely to have excess body fat and an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease...

New NASA software to enhance flight efficiency, reduce noise

NASA researchers are testing a computer software that can improve flight efficiency, decrease noise and reduce...

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Age at first menstrual cycle tied to heart disease risk

Women who had their first menstrual cycle at age 10 or younger, or age 17 or older, may be at a higher risk of developing heart disease...

KLM aircraft apartment at Amsterdam Airport

KLM and Airbnb created a KLM aircraft apartment at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

ASI to introduce online booking for Taj

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is launching online booking of entry tickets to Taj Mahal.

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