1 in 4 anganwadi kids malnourished, govt plans remedial steps

Over eight crore children aged up to six years who are enrolled in Anganwadis can now look forward to more nutritious food...

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Tyrannosaurs were violent cannibals: Study

Remains of a mutilated dinosaur victim provide strong evidence that T rex and his kin were violent animals and practiced cannibalism, scientists say.


US astronomer names asteroid after Malala

An asteroid discovered by a US astronomer has been named after Pakistan's teenage education activist and the world youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai...

Malala Yousafzai

Leaving a legacy

Chef Hemant Oberoi’s stint of four decades at the Taj group of hotels is a story of grit and determination, one which has put India on the world culinary map

IRNSS-1D’s health normal: ISRO

India's fourth navigation satellite IRNSS-1D has been positioned at its assigned orbit and is in "normal" health, Indian Space Research Organisation said today...

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Pakistani novel acquired for Bollywood adaptation

Pakistani novel "Karachi, You're Killing Me!" has been acquired for the big screen adaptation by an Indian production company...

Non-violent video games can be useful to autism: Study

Non-violent video games that capitalise on storytelling have prosocial benefits...

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Our Sun is a late ‘boomer’: Study

Astronomers found that galaxies like our Milky Way underwent a stellar "baby boom," churning out stars at a prodigious rate, about 30 times faster than today.

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Turkey urges tourism investments from India

Government of Turkey has positioned tourism as one of their priority sectors for the Indian capitalists to invest

JW Marriott opens premier luxury business hotel in Mumbai

Marriott Hotel Group opened its 28th property in India, with the launch of its mega hospitality project in Mumbai – the 585 keys JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai Sahar

Mumbai Port Trust recalls tenders floated for marina at Prince’s & Victoria Docks

Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) has recalled the tenders which were floated for the development of a marina off Prince's and Victoria Docks due to some technical issues

Dunes, ruins and cafes in India’s sandy Jaisalmer

India's city of gold derives its nickname from an imposing honey-coloured fort overlooking sandstone dwellings hemmed in by the rolling dunes of the Thar desert

Earth’s violent collision with Theia created Moon

Within the first 150 million years after our solar system formed, a giant body roughly the size of Mars struck and merged with Earth...

earth moon

New antibody shows promise in suppressing HIV infection

The first clinical trial of an experimental antibody therapy for HIV has shown that it can dramatically reduce the amount of virus present in a patient's blood...

HIV treatment

Plants are passive smokers: study

Passive smoking also affects plants which can take up nicotine from cigarette smoke and contaminated soil, according to a new study...

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MEHAIR to invest INR 100 Cr to increase fleets and geographical expansion

Maritime Energy Heli Air Services (MEHAIR) is looking to invest INR 100 crores to increase its fleets and expand to new destinations

Russian man may become first person to have head transplant

A 30-year-old Russian scientist is set to become the first person to have his head transplanted onto a healthy donor body.

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Robots helping surgeons where hands can’t reach

To remove tumours and perform surgeries where their hands cannot reach, doctors are now using 5 mm thin robotic hands...


Signs of alien life will be found by 2025: NASA scientists

Signs of alien life will be detected by 2025, while "definitive evidence" of extra-terrestrial beings may be found within the next 20 to 30 years, top NASA scientists say.

nasa mars mission

New study questions role of breast milk in obesity prevention

Scientists are not sure unsure if breast milk protects children from becoming obese, scientists say.

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Sun experiences seasonal changes: Study

The Sun undergoes a type of seasonal variability with its activity waxing and waning over the course of nearly two years...

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Indians benefiting most from Bahrain’s new visa policy

Indian businessmen and tourists have seen the greatest benefit of Bahrain’s new visa policy according to new statistics released by the Kingdom

Aliens probably weigh over 300 kgs, says a cosmologist

A cosmologist in Spain has calculated that Aliens, if they exist, weigh over a massive 300 kgs.

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Turbo-charging hormone can repair ‘broken’ heart

Researchers from University of New South Wales have successfully regenerated 45 per cent of a mouse's cardiac muscle cells by manipulating the activity of a hormone that regulates cell growth...

Broken Heart, Heart, Heart regeneration, Cardiac muscles regeneration, Turbo-charging hormone, University of New South Wales, Associate Professor Richard Harvey

Vigorous exercise may help you live longer: Australian study states

Vigorous exercise that makes you puff and sweat may be key to living longer, Australian study...

Vigorous exercise, mortality, Health, Health care, Moderate exercise, Dr Klaus Gebel, James Cook University, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention

Top health official Jagdish Prasad dismisses BJP MPs’ claims on smoking

Director General of Health Services Jagdish Prasad today rejected the suggestions made by some parliamentarians including BJP MPs that there was no scientific evidence linking smoking to cancer, sayin

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Travel around the world with Four Seasons for US$ 100,000

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai has welcomed the hotel industry's first branded private jet last weekend. The Four Seasons private jet, a Boeing- 757, completed its Indian sojourn with an exclusive visit to

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