‘UFO’ spotted in Antarctica triggers speculations of aliens on Earth

A black mark, being interpreted as a UFO, was recently spotted in Antarctica, triggering speculation that aliens might have landed on Earth.

Eating up to 100 grams of chocolate daily cuts heart diseases, stroke risks

If you miss out on chocolate thinking it's not good for you health, then there is good news for you, as a new study has claimed that eating up to 100 grams of chocolate daily cuts heart diseases and s

Cinnamon may hold key to beat colorectal cancer

Cinnamon may do more than add flavour to your food, as a new study has claimed the a component found in the spice is a potent inhibitor of colorectal cancer.

‘Nutritious’ avocados may help beat deadly leukemia

Adding to the benefits of avocados, scientists have found that the nutritious fruit may hold the key to beating deadly leukemia.

‘Polluted air’ can reduce white matter in our brains; older women significantly affected

In a new study, scientist have claimed that air pollution could cut down the white matter in our brains. For the study, a research team took brain MRIs of 1403 women who were 71 to 89 years old and us

NACO observes ‘World Blood Donors Day’

The National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, observed the 'World Blood Donors Day' under the aegis of the National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC) at Connaugh

Different taste in TV shows can kill your relationship

Can having a different taste in TV be a real issue in a relationship? A new study supports the debate as the study has showed that it can be a bit of a letdown.

Poor sleep may double risk of heart attack, stroke in men

Men with sleeping disorders may have double the risk of having a heart attack and face up to four times the risk of suffering a stroke than males without a sleeping disorder, a new study has warned.

How organisms distinguish between real sugar, artificial sweetener

A new study has provided a deeper insight into how organisms distinguish between real sugar and artificial sweetener.

‘Staying true’ will release you from the guilt of ‘impurity’: Kellogg School of Management

There is an old saying that "one should be true to himself" and a new study has backed it. A research conducted by the Kellogg School of Management suggests that this drive for authenticity that is li

Stephen Hawking feels lonely with impatient people around him

Stephen Hawking has revealed that he often feels lonely as people are too scared to talk to him and even Nelson Mandela sat in silence and could not stop staring him.

Now, smart bikini that stops you from getting sunburned; price starts 149 euros

A smart bikini that measures exposure to ultraviolet radiation and alerts wearers when they are at risk of getting sunburned has been developed by a French company.

New model may explain massive heat in Sun’s corona

A trio of researchers has created a computer model that may solve the mystery of why there is so much heat in the Sun's corona".

sun corona

‘Sleepless nights’ could pose heart disease risks equivalent to smoking

In a new study, scientist have found that a bad night's sleep could trigger health risks equivalent to that of smoking.

Mini breast grown in petri dish to aid in cancer research

In a biomedical first, researchers have grown a mini-breast in Petri dish that could provide a new tool for cancer research.

Best outlets for the ‘tastiest vegetarian dish in the world’

Misal Pav has been declared the ‘tastiest vegetarian dish in the world’ by the Foodie Hub Global Awards in London recently.

Fish oil may restore nerve damage in Diabetic neuropathy patients

In a new study, scientists have found that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil may restore nerve damage in patients suffering from Diabetic neuropathy.

Queen’s Brian May helps raise funds to save world from ‘Earth-killing’ asteroids

Sir Brian May is among a band of scientists and astronomers who are highlighting the threat to humanity by asteroids, and they have named June 30 as "Asteroid Day" to help raise funds for building orb

‘Ageing’ not the only factor behind difficulty in conceiving

Did you know that ageing is not the only reason that poses difficulty in conceiving? It might be true with the decline in fertility at the age of 30-35...

Govt to launch blood bank app soon

The government has launched a new mobile application, which will allow the public to know about the nearest blood banks.

Heart failure: New drug candidate improves failing heart’s function

A new study has revealed about an experimental drug that improves the ability of heart muscle cells damaged by heart failure to pump blood.

This ‘miracle’ drug offers new hope to many skin condition Psoriasis sufferers

A new study has revealed that a new drug can provide hope to thousands of sufferers of the skin condition psoriasis.

Here’s how sleep affects memory

A new study has integrated neuroscience and psychological research to reveal how sleep is more complex than previously imagined.

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Rosetta’s lander Philae ‘speaks’ after 7 months in hibernation on surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

After spending 7 long months in hibernation on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, Rosetta's lander Philae woke up and "spoke" with its team on ground for 85 seconds.

Mers death toll rises to 16 in South Korea

The death toll from the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers) that has hit South Korea has risen to 16.

Historic Nepal sites set to reopen after earthquake

Nepal is set to reopen all the heritage sites in the earthquake-hit Kathmandu Valley to the public in a bid to attract tourists.

45,000-year-old Jordan stone tools show earliest division of labour in humans

Thousands of stone tools unearthed from a cave in Jordan have revealed the first bosses emerged 45,000 years ago.

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