These wasp-inspired flying robots can haul heavy loads up to 40 times their weight, claim scientists

Scientists have developed small flying robots that can carry objects up to 40 times their weight, and even heave open closed doors, making them useful for search and rescue operations.

Cell-sized robots to help detect diseases

MIT scientists have developed a method to mass produce robots no bigger than a cell that could be used to monitor conditions inside an oil or gas pipeline, or to search out disease while floating thro

Wine too expensive? It is not taste but origin that affects its price – Here’s what study says

A wine's origin, rather than its taste, may play a larger role in determining how much a person is willng to pay for the drink, a study has found.

NASA’s hobbled Hubble telescope is near normal again

NASA's famed Hubble Space Telescope is nearly back to normal after a failed orienting tool forced engineers to put it in safe mode earlier this month, the US space agency said.

Parents, take note! Study says kids spend more time with screens than outdoors, even in rural areas

Children are spending more time in front of the screens and less time outdoors, even in rural areas, according to a study of middle-school students in the US.

Hubble Space Telescope to soon return to normal science operations, says NASA

Hubble's backup gyro, which had been off for more than 7.5 years, was incorrectly returning extremely high rotation rates, NASA said in a statement.

World’s oldest intact shipwreck, over 2,400 years old, found in Black Sea

An ancient Greek trading ship dating back more than 2,400 years has been found virtually intact at the bottom of the Black Sea, researchers said on Tuesday.

Big discovery! Liquid water on Mars may hold enough oxygen to support life, says study

In recent months, data from a European spacecraft have suggested that liquid water may lie beneath a layer of ice at Mars's south pole.

‘AI doctor’ could boost survival in sepsis patients

Scientists have created an artificial intelligence (AI) system that could help treat patients with sepsis by predicting the best treatment strategy.

Fight against TB: ‘Game changer’ tuberculosis drug cures 8 in 10

The World Health Organisation says currently only 55 percent of people with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis are successfully treated.

NASA CubeSat beams back image of Mars – tiny red dot against dark sky

The twin, low-cost MarCO CubeSats, which are sharing a ride with InSight Mars lander, were designed to find out if they could survive the journey to deep space.

Science Says: Sex and gender aren’t the same

The Trump administration purportedly is considering defining gender as determined by sex organs at birth, which if adopted could deny certain civil rights protections to an estimated 1.4 million trans

Israel discovers blood test to match treatment to lung cancer

The study, conducted by the oncology department at Soroka Hospital in southern Israel, examined the contribution of the use of "Guardant360" non-invasive liquid biopsy to match accurate treatment for

Drukair launches first direct connection between North East India and Singapore

Singapore Changi Airport has announced the launch of its 16th city link to India with the introduction of a new non-stop service between Guwahati and Singapore, operated by Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlin

Earth’s inner core is solid, softer than thought; says study

Inner core shear waves are so tiny and feeble they can't be observed directly, according to the study published in the journal Science.

NASA names gamma-ray constellations after fictional Godzilla, Hulk

The new constellations include a few characters from modern myths.

Advertisers to spend more on digital videos, TV to lose its share in upcoming time; here’s why

Advertising spends on digital video platforms are tipped to grow by about 50% this year.

Putting their best foot forward

From donning new identities to launching athleisure and premium offerings, legacy footwear brands are stepping up their game.

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Zee launches Malayalam GEC Zee Keralam is the network’s fifth channel in the South. The channel’s programming line-up includes seven fiction shows and three non-fiction shows, apart from movies. I

Pepperfry: Drawing in young shoppers

With a two-pronged campaign strategy in place, Pepperfry looks to engage young buyers this festive season.

Scientists develop sensor to detect unborn baby’s heartbeat

The technology would also greatly benefit women experiencing high-risk pregnancy factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, preeclampsia and gestational high blood pressure, who require regular m

Digital Advertising: Brands choose OTT over social media – brand safety, targeted users are key factors here

OTT is increasingly carving out a bigger slice of the digital advertising pie for itself, with targeted offerings and a brand safe environment.

Book review: Stephen Hawking’s Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Celebrity scientist Stephen Hawking does it again. In his final book—in development while he was alive and completed later—he gives us an addictive manual on our origins, our present and our possi

Book review: Amitabh Bagchi’s Half the Night is Gone

An attempt to explore India’s current schisms steers clear of any established point of view.

Book review: Adam Fisher’s Valley of Genius

From nerds to today’s billionaires, a story that traces the journeys of the founders of Silicon Valley.

With many literary awards in the offing, a reality check on how much purpose they serve

With several new literary prizes being announced in India this year, the time has never been so bright for a writer. Or is it so? A look into what these prizes have on offer and what it means for the

World Heritage Cuisine Summit and Food Festival 2018: Cultures, delicacies brought together from across the world

Cultures from around the world converged on a plate at the recently-concluded World Heritage Cuisine Summit and Food Festival 2018 in Amritsar.

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