New technology to select healthiest sperm to boost IVF

Researchers are adapting a new technology to select the healthiest and best swimming sperm from a sample of semen...

New technology to select healthiest sperm to boost IVF

Solar eclipse sweeps across Atlantic, visible only from remote islands

A solar eclipse swept across the Atlantic Ocean on Friday with the moon set to block out the sun for a few thousand sky gazers...

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UAE, Singapore, Thailand emerges as top summer destination for Indian travellers

Summer travel is the peak travel season for families in India

UAE, Singapore, Thailand emerges as top summer destination for Indian travellers

‘Missing culprit’ in heart failure identified

Scientists have identified what they describe as "the long-sought culprit" behind a cell-signalling breakdown that triggers heart failure.

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‘Golden Rice’ can curb Vitamin A-linked diseases in India: Activist

Genetically-engineered 'Golden Rice' can successfully address the problem of Vitamin-A deficiency in India...

rabi and kharif crop News

Maharashtra seeks Rs 100 cr aid to tackle swine flu

With over 294 deaths in the state due to swine flu in this year alone, Maharashtra has demanded Rs 100 crore...

Maharashtra seeks Rs 100 cr aid to tackle swine flu

Cow urine can cure cancer, says BJP member in Rajya Sabha

Cow urine is effective in curing cancer completely, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Shankarbhai N claimed in Rajya Sabha...

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Panoramic images of 31 heritage sites in India now on Google Maps, Google Cultural Institute

Google, starting today, has enabled a new feature that allows people to virtually explore over 31 more Indian heritage sites...

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Moon’s most unusual volcano more massive than thought

Scientists have produced a new map of the Moon's most unusual volcano showing that its explosive eruption 3.5 billion years ago...

Moon, Moon volcano, Moon massive volcano, moon unusual volcano, moon massive volcano News

Artificial light at night may be harmful

Inadequate exposure to natural light during the day and overexposure to artificial light at night can actually mess...

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Over million young stars found in nearby galaxy

Astronomers have discovered more than a million young stars forming in a hot, dusty cloud of molecular gases in a tiny galaxy near Milky Way.

galaxies, runaway galaxies, Astronomers, Astronomers find galaxy, Astronomers on runaway galaxies News

Green tea could help improve MRIs: Study

An Indian origin researcher and his colleagues have successfully used compounds from green tea to help image cancer tumours...

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NASA spacecraft finds mysterious dust cloud on Mars

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has observed two unexpected phenomena in the Martian atmosphere...

mars News

2015 to be observed as ‘Visit India Year’ in China

The year 2015 is being observed as the "Visit India Year" in China. Various promotional activities are being organised to showcase and promote the varied tourism destinations in India

2015 to be observed as ‘Visit India Year’ in China

Longer breastfeeding duration tied to higher IQ

Longer duration of breastfeeding is linked to higher IQ and greater earnings in adulthood, a new study has found.

breastfeeding News

Thomas Cook launches Thomas Cook Gift Card

Thomas Cook (India) has launched its latest travel solution- the 'Thomas Cook Gift Card' in association with one of the leading provider of Gift Card and stored value solutions in South Asia and the M

Lifestyle News

Future of air travel is personalisation: SITA

The ‘connected passenger’ has become a reality, with 97 per cent of airline passengers carrying at least one personal electronic device

Lifestyle News

TripAdvisor compares cost of host cities for quarter & semi finals of ICC WC 2015

With the Indian cricket team making a place in the quarter finals the fervour of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 in India is only set to rise

Lifestyle News

Diabetes drugs may trigger heart failure: Study

Sugar-lowering drugs prescribed to patients with diabetes may pose an increased risk of heart failure in these patients...

diabetes, type 2 diabetes News

Saturn-like ring system detected around minor planet Chiron

There are only 5 bodies in our solar system that are known to bear rings - Saturn and to a lesser extent, rings of gas and dust encircling Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

Saturn-like ring system detected around minor planet Chiron

Finger test may help predict schizophrenia

The ratio of the lengths of the index finger and the ring finger in men may be an effective predictor of schizophrenia, scientists have found.

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Taj Mahal emerges as top Google Street View destination

Agra's tourist attraction Taj Mahal has emerged as the most popular in Asia for global 'virtual travellers', according to Google.

Taj Mahal, Google Street, Google Street View, Google Street View destination News

Star leaving Milky Way at record speeds detected

Astronomers have identified the fastest ever star on an escape trajectory from the Milky Way - travelling at a record breaking speed of 1,200 km per second.

milky way News

Nvidia GPUs help unravel “Origami-like” behavior of human genome

Using Nvidia GPUs, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, MIT and Harvard University have for the first time mapped how the human genome...

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Experimental cholesterol drugs cut heart risk, but questions remain

Studies of a new class of experimental cholesterol-lowering drugs signal that they can reduce by half the risk of heart attack and other major cardiovascular problems compared to standard treatment al

Aurobindo Pharma News

Swine flu: Over 1,700 dead in country, threat remains positive

With 36 more deaths drove the swine flu toll past the 1700-mark while the total number of people suffering from the contagious disease reached...

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25 pct women diabetics stand chance of gestational diabetes

bout 22 to 25 per cent of women in India stand a chance of being affected with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus...

diabetes, women diabetes, diabetic patients, health news
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