Want to expand eco-tourism in Arunachal Pradesh, says Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism P D Sona

Responsible travellers who can contribute towards expansion of eco-tourism are welcome to the state, says Arunachal Pradesh Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism PD Sona.

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New wearable patch can detect sleep disorders

Scientists have developed a disposable, wearable patch that can record pulse rate, sleep time and body position to effectively diagnose sleeping disorders.

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Water does have taste: study

Water may not be a tasteless liquid, say scientists who have found that our tongue is able to detect a unique taste of water using its sour-sensing cells.

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Raising the bar

This is not an article about how to drink under the table. For that, please pay upfront and enrol for my practical sessions, which convene every weekend outside pre-appointed bars.

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New promising ovarian cancer treatment developed

Scientists, including one of the Indian-origin, have developed a new targeted treatment for ovarian cancer that shrinks tumours without causing any side effects.

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Chartered flight arrivals up in Goa; tourists’ spending dips

A total of 2,240 chartered flights landed at the Goa International Airport at Dabolim, registering an impressive growth of 30 per cent against 1,645 last year.

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Chinese space telescope to observe pulsars in Milky Way

China is set to launch a space telescope, the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT), to observe pulsars in the galaxy of Milky Way.

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How to tell faces apart: Cluster of neurons read, memorize features, not entire faces

Long before we learn anything, we learn to process and recognise faces. At as early as four months, a Stanford research shows, infants’ brains do this with near-adult competence.

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Russian and French astronauts land on Earth from ISS

A Soyuz MS-03 spacecraft carrying French astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy landed on the Kazakh steppe today, ending their marathon 196-day mission to the International Spa

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Tobacco use doubles death risk in HIV patients: Study

Tobacco use, including snuff, chewing and smoking, is more than twice as likely to cause death in HIV patients as the infection itself, scientists warned today.

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NASA set to launch first-ever mission to neutron-stars

NASA is set to launch the world's first mission tomorrow to study rapidly spinning neutron stars - the densest objects in the universe - nearly 50 years after they were discovered.

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Ancient Mars lake had microbe-friendly conditions: Study

An ancient Martian lake had conditions suitable for different types of microbes to survive, according to a new research that looked at findings from NASA's Curiosity rover mission's first 42 months.

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Zika: Australian plant extract can kill the virus, says study

According to USA Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there was a 20-fold increase in the number of birth defects in women infected with Zika last year, researchers said.

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Chemical cocktail found in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef turtles

Human medicines and household substances have been discovered in the blood of green turtles in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, researchers said today, highlighting the impact of man-made matter on mar

Human Medicines, Australia, Great Barrier Reef, Marine life

Better infrastructure needed for tourism boost: Goa GMs

The 'GMs Conclave' panel discussion threw light on Goa as a wedding market and what hinders its growth as a tourism destination

Poor weather halts SpaceX resupply mission to space station

The planned launch of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft for a commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station on Thursday was scrubbed due to poor weather, NASA has said.

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New app to help improve lives of dementia patients

Scientists have developed the first app of its kind in the world that can digitally assess how suitable a residence, care facility or other environment is for people living with dementia.

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Faceless fish among weird deep sea creatures found in Australia

A 'faceless' fish and other bizarre and wonderful creatures, many of them new species, have been discovered during a world-first exploration of a deep-sea abyss off Australia, scientists said today.

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NASA to launch world’s first mission to Sun in 2018

The Parker Solar Probe has been named in honour of pioneering astrophysicist Eugene Parker, who predicted the existence of the solar wind nearly 60 years ago.

NASA, The Parker Solar Probe, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, Parker Solar Probe Project

Goa Tourism Minister inaugurates 31st edition of FHW in Goa

This is the third edition of FHW's Goa edition, being held from June 1-3 at Dr S P Mukherjee Indoor Stadium in the state capital Panaji

Railways to run ‘Gandhi Darshan’ tourist train on June 17

The train, Gandhi Darshan, will leave from Ahmedabad on June 17 and return on June 26 after a 10-day journey

SpaceX taking recycling all way to orbit for NASA

SpaceX is taking recycling to a whole new realm - all the way to orbit. On this week's supply run to the International Space Station, SpaceX will launch a Dragon capsule that's already travelled there

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NASA spacecraft Solar Probe Plus, aiming Sun’s orbit, to launch in 2018

NASA has announced the launch of its spacecraft that will aim straight for the sun in 2018

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Seasonal flu may increase Parkinson’s risk: Study

Environmental factors, including infection with seasonal influenza, may increase the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, a new study suggests.

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Beyond the beaches

More known for its white sand beaches, the Sunshine State Florida is also a cultural melting pot featuring state-of-the-art museums and design districts, fine dining restaurants, high-end shopping, a

Mars had liquid water for longer than thought: Study

Mars was capable of supporting life for much longer than previously believed, say scientists who have discovered "halos" of silica-rich bedrock on the red planet.

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Soon, satellite network to take HD videos of Earth from space

Five more such platforms will follow in 2019. The train of satellites will deliver rapid, high- resolution imagery of the planet in still and video formats.

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