To lose weight, work out on an empty stomach

If you are trying to figure out a best time of day to work out to lose weight, you might want to consider exercising before breakfast.

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Canister-based Agni-V likely to be test fired on January 31

The first canister-based trial of the 5,000 km-plus nuclear capable Agni-V long range ballistic missil...

Canister-based Agni-V likely to be test fired on January 31

Scientists slow down speed of light

A team of Scottish scientists has for the first time managed to slow down the speed of light as it travels through air...

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NASA helicopter to scout for future Mars rovers

NASA is working on a small helicopter that could fly ahead of future Mars rovers, checking out various possible points...

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Cheating on field worse than cheating on spouse: Study

Why did fans and sponsors drop Lance Armstrong but stayed loyal to Tiger Woods? Probably because the former's doping scandal...

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NASA telescope captures 100-millionth image of Sun

A telescope aboard a prolific Sun-watching NASA spacecraft has captured its mind-boggling 100 millionth image of the Sun...

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Too much salt intake changes key brain circuits

Excessive salt intake "reprogrammes" the brain, interfering with a natural safety mechanism that normally prevents the body's...

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Messenger of God row: Hearing petition on screening deferred

The Punjab and Haryana High Court today deferred till January 27 hearing on a petition...

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Stay home and watch TV to curb swine flu spread

How can you avoid catching swine flu? It may be as simple as staying at home and watching TV, scientists say...

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Gut bacteria affects brain health

The hundred trillion bacteria living in your gut have a significant impact on your behaviour...

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Building Resistance

Stanford University research proves the immune system is a product of one’s environment, not genes

Building Resistance

Meteorite’s magnetic memory gives clues to Earth’s future

Scientists have studied the magnetic memory contained in ancient meteorites, offering a tantalising glimpse of what may happen to the Earth's...

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Antibiotic use by travellers may cause global superbug spread

Taking antibiotics for diarrhoea may put travellers visiting developing world at higher risk of contracting superbugs...

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NASA, Microsoft to help scientists virtually explore Mars

NASA has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a new software that will enable scientists to work on Mars virtually using a wearable technology...

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Milky Way may contain Interstellar-style space-time tunnel

An Interstellar-style space-time tunnel may exist in the Milky Way and we could even travel through it...

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Hospitality industry gives thumbs up to FHW Mumbai 2015

The 24th edition of Food Hospitality World (FHW) 2015 exhibition kickstarted today at MMRDA grounds at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai...

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10 new antibodies found against cancer

Scientists have developed 10 new antibodies that starve tumours of oxygen and can help in the battle against cancer"...

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Sugar-free gum may help in preventing erosive tooth wear and dentine hypersensitivity

Recent research has documented the oral health benefits of chewing sugar-free gum.

Sugar-free gum may help in preventing erosive tooth wear and dentine hypersensitivity

Twitter can predict rates of heart disease

Twitter can accurately predict a community's rate of coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death worldwide...

Twitter can predict rates of heart disease

Eating walnuts daily may boost memory: Study

Eating a handful of walnuts daily as a snack, or as part of a meal, can help improve your memory, a new study has claimed.

Eating walnuts daily may boost memory: Study

Productive Assessment

The real significance of the govt’s time-use survey will lie in granular interpretation of the data

Productive Assessment

SpaceX lands $1 billion from Google & Fidelity

Google likes its ambitions sky high. This time, it has gone a little further...

SpaceX lands $1 billion from Google & Fidelity

Alcohol TV ads linked with underage drinking: study

Watching alcohol advertisements on TV may prompt drinking, binge drinking and hazardous drinking among underage youth, according to a new study...

Alcohol, Alcohol Ads, Alcohol drinking, Alcohol TV Ads News

Caesarean section may affect sex life

Women who undergo caesarean section can experience pain during or after sexual intercourse for up to 18 months following childbirth...

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New system uses light to wirelessly charge phones

Imagine if you could just toss your cellphone on a table, where it is automatically charged using a beam of light...

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Secret to long life is avoiding men: 109-year-old woman

One of the oldest woman in the UK believes that the secret to long life is eating lots and lots of porridge and most importantly staying away from men.

Secret to long life is avoiding men: 109-year-old woman

Coffee may protect against skin cancer

Drinking four cups of coffee a day may protect against malignant melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer...

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